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Aug 272012
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“I don’t have the money” is the NO 1 Myth that steals your dream

The common saying is that it takes money to make money. But when you want to make your dream happen in your life or when you are creating changes to live your purpose, this common sense may not make sense. It may become a myth that steals your dream. Here’s how that happen and how to burst that myth so you can bloom where you are planted.

No money- no 1 myth that steals your dream

The number one reason many women give as to why they are not “there” yet (“there being where they want to be, living their dream) and why they are stuck “here” (“here” being wherever they are that does not reflect their goals and dream) is that they don’t have money.

I don't have the money is the NO 1 myth for not doing your dream


  • “I don’t have money to pay for the services I need to put a website.”
  • ” I don’t have money to get a virtual assistant.”
  • “I don’t have money to get the training that I need.”
  • “I don’t have money for a coach to get support.”
  • “I have to stay at this awful job because how will I pay my bills if I quit?”

The list goes on.

But here’s the truth. If everyone needed money in order to make money, there would be no self-made millionaires, no people who went from homeless or broke to entrepreneurs, rich and famous. The truth is that there are many who achieved this transformation. If you enroll in my free Dream Crossover Video Course, you will discover my own journey from homeless to artpreneur and the story of four individuals with similar transformations who are millionaires today.

If you ask some of this great women and men, they will not tell you that what allowed them to triumph was money because they had none when they started. They will say things like:

  • Faith
  • Believe that you can make it
  • A clear vision
  • Self-love and the absolute knowledge that you deserve your dream
  • Give value. Be generous. Give what you have now.
  • Connect to people.
  • Find good mentors and role models.
  • Follow your bliss

See how different this perception is? They had no money, but they did not give away their power to money. They knew that they were the creators of their life. They used their Creative Faculties and Spiritual Powers to ignite their success.

The Magic Starts Where you Are

When you don’t start the dream or the transformation you need in your life or business because you don’t have the money, you are giving away your power to money.

Money is a tool, it is not the mastery.

People create and generate money. Money does not create your dreams. You can have all the money in the world and not create your dreams. Seat on a couch with a pack of bills, and you’ll see what I mean.

You already have the talents, gifts, intelligence, passion and purpose that you need in order to make your dream a reality. You were BORN with it because you came equipped with what you need for your life purpose.

You already have everything you need to make your dream come true.


You don’t have to become a star. You are ALREADY a star. All you need to do is to allow your radiance to shine into the world. Once you share your unique magic, you will attract the opportunities you need.

The magic starts where you are!

Dream-Making Alchemy

To make your dream happen, you need to follow this spiritual formula:

  1. Tap into your Unique Transformational Value; that unique change that you create in the world with your gifts and talents. (This is your life purpose.)
  2.  Be clear on what that change is, find a way to express it and package it that is true to your personality and resonates with your tribe. (This is your Uniqueness.)
  3. Share your embodied dream with the world in a service, event, product or free offer. (This is your service.)
  4. Connect to the people who need this service and build a genuine, valuable relationship. (This is your marketing and networking.)
  5. The money flows from that. People connecting to each other generate affluence.


That’s what I call sharing your “WOW Salsa” ~the embodiment of your dream in your unique fabulousity that you share with the world. Here’s an image I created to illustrate this:

Begin by sharing your gifts with the world and your dream will follow.Then, once you have that money that comes from your connection and service as you deliver your life purpose through your talents, you can invest that money to make more money to improve the way you are delivering your gifts and to create the quality of life that you dream of.

Not the other way around.

How do you feel now that you are not giving away your power to money? Do you feel naked? That’s because you have dropped your excuses. You are left with your true power: the power to make the choice that delivers your life purpose into the world NOW.

To find enjoy more infographics and discover more about how to make your dream and live your purpose, visit my FREE Dream Crossover Video Course at: http://www.dreamalchemist.com/dreamcrossover1.htm

Free Dream Crossover Video Course


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About Maria Mar

Maria Mar is a Sacred Storyteller and shaman who champions you to change your old limiting story to create the new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. She helps you awaken your magic, express your creative genius, embody your purpose and live your potential now.

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