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Oct 222012

Reading Time: 2 minutes Grow Wings: You were Born to Fly The Transformation from Caterpillar You to Butterfly You! By Maria Mar As the guest editor for the Fall 2012 WE Magazine for Women, I created a beautiful flip-page magazine entitled Success Alchemy. Here you will take a magical journey to out-of-the-box success with 20 experts who will guide you through the four stages to authentic, unique success. They share their challenges and how they overcame these limitations using their own Success Alchemy. I include the flip page magazine here, opened at my article. You are welcome to browse through it and click it to read more and also download the PDF. Each author is gifting you with a free resource. But the most important thing is that as you read each article, you are taken deeper into a journey to create your unique success blueprint. Here’s a taste of my own article: “We all know that transformation is good. After all, it’s what turns caterpillar into butterfly. We love butterflies! They embody the process of transformation that leads to the blossoming of our [Read more.]

Oct 172012
Inspirational Poem-Butterfly Promise

Reading Time: 3 minutes Butterfly Promise By Maria Mar   She wanted to do her dream, But there were all these important voices Calling up to her, All these things she had to fix in herself before she could take the first step.   She stayed at the bottom of the stairs, looking hungrily at the threshold up there, at the light shining through it. At the promise.   Her many legs worked furiously. She ate ravenously. She gained weight. And then she panicked. She went on a diet. And the threshold up there was still shining. But she had to take care of her weight first. She had to take care of her duty first. So many people calling for her! So many tiny tasks to do. Her many legs hurt with many aches as she multi-tasked angrily.   Her legs were so tired that the steps seemed steeper. Yet she so badly wanted to cross through that luminous threshold, to embrace the light shining through to become light and luminous. Brilliant with the true colors she felt deep in her soul. To [Read more.]

Oct 172012
I want to do my dream BUT?

Reading Time: 8 minutes I want to do my dream BUT? Today I am doing a deep dive into a shocking trend I’ve noticed among many women who want to do their dream, live their purpose or share their gifts with the world while making a living. Yes, they want it with all their heart, BUT? Here’s a real woman’s question that goes to the heart of this trend: I have no other option but to continue going for my dream. It actually hurts to do things that do not follow my heart. I physically ache and feel sick to my stomach when faced with having to do something that is not in alignment with my purpose. I get depressed, end up not showing up or leaving early, etc. But when I’m doing something that is directly in line with what I want, it becomes effortless. I laugh and share, my heart is full of love and joy. For 25 years I have lived for other people, now it’s my time. I will not accept anything less. But why aren’t I there yet? I [Read more.]

Aug 272012
No money-NO 1 Myth that steals your dream

Reading Time: 4 minutes “I don’t have the money” is the NO 1 Myth that steals your dream The common saying is that it takes money to make money. But when you want to make your dream happen in your life or when you are creating changes to live your purpose, this common sense may not make sense. It may become a myth that steals your dream. Here’s how that happen and how to burst that myth so you can bloom where you are planted. No money- no 1 myth that steals your dream The number one reason many women give as to why they are not “there” yet (“there being where they want to be, living their dream) and why they are stuck “here” (“here” being wherever they are that does not reflect their goals and dream) is that they don’t have money.   “I don’t have money to pay for the services I need to put a website.” ” I don’t have money to get a virtual assistant.” “I don’t have money to get the training that I need.” “I don’t have [Read more.]

Apr 032012
Rejected? Don’t take it personally

Reading Time: 3 minutes Rejection hurts. Neglect is painful. Being taken for granted sucks. Getting a response that you do not deserve is upsetting. Receiving defensive reactions to well-intentioned communication is sad. Why is this happening to you? There are several reasons you may be under fire. They can be divided into three categories: Being human It takes two to tango Toxic Relationships In this series of articles you will be able to understand what is going wrong in your communication in each of these categories, what to do and ultimately how this has to do with the integration of freedom and love. In this article, we will look at reactive responses as part of the role of relationships in our human growth. Being human Relationships are one of the toughest growing grounds in your human evolution. They test your intentions. They reveal your values. They polish your character. You cannot control others and if you think you can you are in for a terrible surprise. Every human being is a mystery and no matter how well you think you know him or her, [Read more.]

Mar 302012
Are you missing relaxation opportunities?

Reading Time: 2 minutes How many relaxation opportunities have you missed this week? Check it out! Hi, this is Maria Mar in another LifeByte, a real life story that brings real life lessons. When we learn through others’ mistakes, we save ourselves our own!): A couple of days ago I was at the doctor’s office. The door opens and the nurse calls out a name. –Andrew Collins! The elder man is reading from a tablet and has his ipod on. –“Way to go!” I think, for he’s the only one that’s not stressed out by waiting. The reason being that he is NOT waiting. He’s doing his thing! He calmly closes his tabled and puts it in his bag. Then he takes off his earphones and rolls the cable, and he puts those in his bag, too. His movements are almost Zen-like. The man is consciously taking his time. I could see that this man has made it a point not to rush. I’m admiring the fellow again. “This guy’s smart!” I’m thinking. Then I remember that the nurse is waiting for him. “This [Read more.]

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