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Oct 172012
do your dream now
Reading Time: 8 minutes

I want to do my dream BUT?

Today I am doing a deep dive into a shocking trend I’ve noticed among many women who want to do their dream, live their purpose or share their gifts with the world while making a living. Yes, they want it with all their heart, BUT?

Here’s a real woman’s question that goes to the heart of this trend:

I have no other option but to continue going for my dream. It actually hurts to do things that do not follow my heart. I physically ache and feel sick to my stomach when faced with having to do something that is not in alignment with my purpose. I get depressed, end up not showing up or leaving early, etc. But when I’m doing something that is directly in line with what I want, it becomes effortless. I laugh and share, my heart is full of love and joy. For 25 years I have lived for other people, now it’s my time. I will not accept anything less. But why aren’t I there yet?

I often receive similar questions or complaints. But here’s the clincher.

  • About 70% of these women register for free events where I’m going to be helping them, but do not show up.
  • About 50% of these women show up to my free events, but do not purchase any tool or service, not even a $10 tool that could get them started on their way.
  • About 60% of these women don’t even open or click in the newsletter to which they subscribed, where I share my knowledge freely and offer links to free resources.

And this is true across the globe with many experts, spiritual teachers and coaches. This is the show-up rate for women’s dreams!

They are busy doing WHAT for their dream?

You think that’s bad? How about this?

  • When I ask these women what they are doing for a living, many of them are NOT doing anything to make a living from their purpose.
  • Among the ones that ARE doing something, many of them are volunteering or spending most of their free time helping a cause, friends or family do THEIR dream. But they say that they don’t have TIME to start their own business, write their own book or create their own project or strategy to deliver their message or purpose.
  • Among women as committed as the one whose words start this article, who have done great changes in their lives, including self-growth and tons of time reading and writing; so much so that some already have a clear message, a book or even a blog; a huge number of them have not created a foundation or structure that allows them to deliver their message while making it possible and probable that income from this service flows back to them.

I ask you sisters, what are you thinking?

How do you think the money will come? How do you think your message will get out there? By osmosis?

And here are some more questions for you:


  • What hidden feelings, Internal Actions and beliefs are stealing your energy, attention, time and power?

    Don’t tell me that you don’t have time. Time is not commodity. Time is a creation. You MAKE time for your priorities. You MAKE time for what is essential. Time is the paper in which you write the story of your life. Don’t tell me you don’t have paper while you spend hours in the phone, in Facebook or Twitter, giving your time away to anything BUT your dream and purpose!

  • What is it exactly that you are doing with your heart, your passion, your purpose?

    Are you paying lip service to your Soul while you allow anything to distract you from its cry? Would you believe a friend or lover who said they loved you with all their heart, but never gave you time, never believed you, never supported your heart’s desire and gave you no gifts, no invitations, no celebration, no positive feedback? Perhaps you continue in that relationship, but only as result of not loving yourself enough to leave it and find a community that truly supports your dream and your true value. You are being a lousy lover to your own heart if you spin your wheels in all directions BUT the one your Soul cries for.

  • How can you commit yourself to living your purpose and not invest time, resources, action, attention, energy and money in creating the structure that will sustain your efforts?

    Nothing happens in Earth if it is not localized in time and space. Your dream, your soul’s purpose is a unique, valuable gem. A structure is the treasure chest that contains that gem and keeps it safe. Without a structure that allows it to shine, to be seen, to touch others and to attract the flow of money, the gem of your purpose and dreams is easily stolen or deeply hidden from the world. You call that commitment?

  • How can you go from “here” to “there” if you are hiding in a closet of invisibility, playing small and self-neglect?

    A closet is not a vehicle. Transformation is the transportation to your destination. But transformation is change. Change demands choice. Choice demands action. Each choice and action that you take occupies time and demands energy. Use it for distraction and you don’t have it for commitment.If you observe highly successful people, the ONE thing they don’t tolerate is you wasting their time. They get very cranky. They have a lot of structures and systems in place to save time. They use time wisely and productively and in a way that it delivers what they want out of life. They know that time is the midwife to their dreams. If you want to go “there” then you have to make the choices and take the actions that get you there. And you must gather your power (your energy, knowledge, talents, creativity, attention, time and resources) towards moving to that destination.


  • Are you betting on yourself? Or are you betting to the eventuality that you will lose this race, no matter how hard you try, so you are putting no money on the table?

    When someone tells me that they don’t have money to do the things and engage the support they need in order to go where they want to go; while at the same time telling me that they NEED more money, what I hear at an energy and emotional level is this:

Money is my enemy, not my tool. It prevents me from doing what I want. Therefore, money is bad. But I need money to do what I want, so I hunger for money. But I’m mad that I need money because I hate money, so I’m not going to do anything that can bring me money. Oh, but I’m so needy of money. Without money I am poor. I AM poor. I am the victim of the lack of money and have no power to overcome this poverty.

My answer to this is:

No. It’s the other way around.

You see yourself as poor and that’s why you don’t make money. Most of us see poverty as the lack of money. But that’s just the end result. Anyone can be poor today and rich tomorrow if they do not give away their power to money. If they know that money does not own them; does not determine who they are; does not create their life; then they will be able to transcend the lack of money and will be abundantly rich sooner or later.

And in the meantime, they will not measure themselves by the money they lack (or have). They will not stop moving towards their dream because they lack money. Seeing themselves as creators, they will create the opportunities and resources they need to take the transportation to their dream.

A person like that does not wait for an express train to their dream. If all they find is a donkey, they ride the donkey. But they adorn the donkey with their true colors and sing all the way there; and when they get there, there’s a multitude following them.

But when we are attached to poverty, when we secretly occupy the role of victim and are not willing to let it go; when we believe that money holds the power; not us ~that’s when we are radically poor. That poverty is true poverty, because it will not transcend the lack of money. It will perpetuate itself through generations.

The other day I went to a Bomba concert. That’s an Afro-Puerto Rican dance which I love. In the intermission we were dancing while we waited for a turn to use the toilet. The two women in front of me were talking about a dance class with one of the best Bomba teachers in town. One of them, who had just said that she absolutely adored Bomba, immediately complained because she did not want to pay a meager $25 dollars for a dance class with that fantastic teacher. This dance class included drumming lessons, food and an all-day event. A gift, if you think about it!

The other woman, bless her heart, retorted that they blew $25 any time they went out to eat in the cheapest restaurants and that did not bring the wellness and happiness as dancing did. Still, the other woman complaint: But twenty five dollars! That’s a lot!

What she was really saying was that twenty five dollars was a lot to give herself what she wanted and what made her happy. That she did not deserve this. She would rather give it to someone else. She would rather blow it in any old junk. She would rather use it to eat junk food and make herself sick.

If you want to make a living by serving the world with your soul’s purpose; if you want to blossom into your potential, BUT

  • You don’t take the first step.
  • You don’t make a 100% commitment of your time, attention, energy and resources.
  • You don’t get guidance and support to save yourself years, do it right and stay motivated.
  • You don’t put your money where your mouth is.
  • You give away your power to money without standing in the place of the creator and asking yourself how you can make the money you need in order to get the support and resources you need to give the next step, and then go and DO IT!

How do you think it will happen? Are you waiting for Prince Charming to do it for you? Are you going to keep repeating the ineffective actions you are taking all your life!

Wake up! You got to change! Transformation is the transportation to your Soul’s destination. If you don’t take the transformation, you WILL stay stuck.

And then you ask yourself “I don’t know why I’m stuck?!”

Duh! Sister, I love you, but you need to wake up!!!!

The cry of your Soul will get louder. Your heart will ache more. You will find it more and more difficult to stay in your Comfort Zone, which will become increasingly uncomfortable.

You know why? Because the world needs you. Yes, YOU! This pain and urgency you are feeling is the Earth, the Universe calling you to your full potential which is urgently needed for human evolution and planetary harmony.

It’s time you assume your Personal Authority and take that first step. That next step. That transformation. That upgrade. Take that risk. Take that coaching. Take that program. That one, you know the one I’m talking away because you know in your Soul the next step to take. It’s the one that gives you the most fear!

Take the next step and you won’t be stuck anymore. I promise.

I know my words are tough. But they are not coming from a place of judgment. These are words I have told myself and tell myself every day. These are the words that make a shift from powerlessness to empowerment. They are spoken here with love. Tough love.

What are you saying to yourself, sister?

What are you saying to life, to the universe, to the God that gave you your gifts, talents and purpose?

What are you saying with the choices you make, the actions you take, the way you invest your attention, time and money? Are you secretly feeding the belief that you are not worth it? Do you secretly believe that you should not be happy? Are you secretly feeding the notion that you don’t have a right to be BIG, to dream big, to fulfill your purpose? Do you secretly doubt that you could be THAT important as to influence and transform the world by living your purpose?

Stop being a worrier and become a warrior. Take command of your power and place it at the service of your dream and your soul. That is the archetypal knight, the Sacred Masculine, serving the archetypal Queen, the Sacred Feminine in you.

If this was meant for you, take action right now and register in my webinar to take a shamanic journey with me to Shapeshift into your Dream NOW!

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Maria Mar is a Sacred Storyteller and shaman who champions you to change your old limiting story to create the new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. She helps you awaken your magic, express your creative genius, embody your purpose and live your potential now.

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