May 292014
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Hang-out with the Experts

Misa Hopkins

7 Insights to your Self-Healing Miracle


Internationally recognized self-healing authority and bestselling author Misa Hopkins reveals newly rediscovered ancient secrets about why people don’t heal… and how you can reclaim your power and health through self-healing techniques!


Feeling wild joy!

Maria Mar

I am bursting with joy and gratitude as I introduce you to a great healer and good friend, Rev. Misa Hopkins.

Some years ago I was blessed with the opportunity to interview Misa for a series of podcasts on the Self-healing journey.They are seven in-depth conversations between Misa and myself. I’m not just asking Misa questions, I’m talking with her about my own healing experiences and my knowledge of the healing process as a shaman. This means that you are getting TWO experts’ knowledge in a loving conversation that is a delight to hear.

Now Misa Hopkins has generously made these podcast series available to my readers right her in my blog at no cost to you! Enjoy!

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of 7 Healers Talks about the Self-healing Journey




About Misa Hopkins

Misa Hopkins has healed her own chronic illnesses, and a condition for which there is no known cure. In her process of healing,  she discovered that the process itself is a path to spiritual awakening.

Her life took a dramatic turn when her mother left her death bed after Misa sang an unknown Native chant to her that seemed to speak to her mother’s own little-understood Native heritage.

Ten years later, after living a quiet meditative life, studying with Native elders, learning from enlightened masters of various backgrounds, and offering classes and healings for many people with different conditions, Misa wrote the book, “The Root of All Healing: 7 Steps to Healing Anything.

The book is based upon her own experiences and the observed experiences of people she met throughout her life that were healing from life-threatening conditions.

With the help of a competent doctor, a therapist and numerous alternative healers, Misa healed from a condition in which she was producing as much testosterone as a male in puberty. On her own, and under the observation of a doctor, she healed a collapsed fallopian tube, and most recently she used sound medicine to heal from the onset of multiple sclerosis. With each condition, Misa had to bring loving compassion to the root causes in order for true and lasting healing to occur.

Now, using her background as a teacher and healer, along with her intuitive abilities, she provides practical insights to help people unlock the spiritual mystery of self-healing.

Through her loving support, people around the world are discovering the root causes of their illnesses, owning their natural abilities to heal, and embracing the Divinity within themselves.


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 Two Healers Talk in-depth

in a 7-interview audio series about

the Self-healing Journey

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  1. How your  subconscious needs may be keeping you from healing.

  2. Are you secretly resisting the very healing you seek? Find out how this can happen!

  3. Why you should not push yourself into healing with your will power. It can make you worse!

  4. When do affirmations NOT work in your healing process and why connecting to feelings is more powerful.

  5. How do you connect to your  creativity and intuition and how does this help in the self-healing journey?

  6. The role of judgment in disease and how to release judgment to quicken your healing process.

  7. Why forgiveness means understanding with compassion and letting go of your role in the woundedness that generated the transgression ~and how this Medicine helps you heal.


The offer of the Free Report is over and the URL mentioned in the podcast no longer exists.  However, you can get this new report:

Beating the Odds

10 Beliefs that can short-circuit your Healing






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