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No. 9 in the Series of Magical Christmas Gifts 2018

Magical Christmas Gift:
The Magical Christmas Tree


  • Now: Stand up and make sure that you can stand and follow the guidance while you read about the Magical Christmas Tree.
  • As you hear my words and see the image of the Magical Christmas Tree, follow the guidance to stand in alignment with the Magical Christmas Tree.
  • There is a Creative Christmas Project that you can do with your family/group as you set up your Christmas Tree.

When you are ready, scroll down.

Here it goes:

I am your Magical Christmas Tree. Stand tall, for you are a bridge between Heaven and Earth.

  • Inhale gently into your vertebrae, feeling the air you breathe flowing through each vertebra, separating any crunched vertebrae.
  • As you exhale, feel your body relaxing, your spine releasing and enjoy all the empty space within you.

I am your Magical Christmas Tree. You are carrying a burden that you do not need to carry. Drop it!

  • As you inhale, bring the crown of your head slowly and gently floating upwards without lifting your chin.
  • As you exhale, allow all your body to “hang” down towards earth. Feel the lightness of your being.

I am your Magical Christmas Tree. You are carrying way too much weight as you walk your days. Let the Earth absorb it.

  • Bend your knees lightly, legs slightly apart and feel that all the parts of your soles touch the ground: toes, ball and heel and all the periphery of the feet. Now balance your weight evenly among all the points of your feet.
  • Keep the previous alignment in your crown and spine. Your weight is now being redistributed through your skeleton. Feel how a lot of your weight is now being carried by Earth. You no longer have to do the heavy lifting!

I am your Magical Christmas Tree. You are playing small because you are shrinking your true stature. Unfold your greatness!

  • Inhale as you feel your sternum lifting gently up so that there is no slouching or crunching of your chest. Avoid a curve on your lower back as you lift your sternum towards the sky.
  • Exhale as you feel your pelvis opening up so that there is no slumping of your stomach and pelvic area. You may want to gently swing your pelvis back and forth and then drop it at the center. Feel a clearance and lightness in that area. Your entire torso is now feeling lighter, uncluttered and open.

I am your Magical Christmas Tree. Stand tall. You are made of Earth and Stars.

  • Feel that you are open and shining in the world, like a Star.
  • Feel that you are connected to Heaven through the crown of your head and to Earth through the soles of your feet.

I am your Magical Christmas Tree. Stand with me in connection to all the creatures of Earth Mother and Sky Father. Feel all your gifts and talents. They are the ornaments shining in you! Feel the love within you it is the beautiful string of light illuminating these holidays!

You are made of light. Illuminate the world with your Presence!

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Alignment Movement Creative Project

You can do this Tree Alignment Movement as a family ceremony after you set up the Christmas Tree, before placing the ornaments.

  1. Copy/paste the text above leaving enough space between paragraphs. Cut out each paragraph, numbering it. If you have few people, include the bullets as part of the paragraph. If you have a large group, separate each bullet as a separate paragraph. Make sure the numbering is right, so it all makes sense!
  2. Have everyone stand in a circle or semicircle around the Christmas Tree
  3. Distribute the pieces of paper among the participants for everyone to guide the process. Number 1 goes to the father or elder male to start the ceremony. The last paragraph goes to the mother or elder female to start the ceremony. In all women groups, the First number goes to the youngest female in the group.
  4. Each participants is looking at the Christmas Tree, breathing and aligning with it, with its joy and celebration, while feeling that they are a bridge between Heaven and Earth, connected to all Earth Creatures and enjoying the gifts, talents and love in them as shining ornaments and lights.

Tomorrow you will get your Magical Christmas Ornament and an Arts & crafts project and ceremony you can do while hanging the Christmas Ornaments.

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