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Dec 222018
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No. 10 in the Series of Magical Christmas Gifts 2018

Magical Christmas Gift:
The Magical Christmas Ornament


  1. Now: Smile gently, thinking of things you love or something funny that happened, until your smile feels for real and shines in your eyes.
  2. As you hear my words and see the image of the Magical Christmas Ornament, consider what you are grateful for, what you want to celebrate at the closure of this year and what you want to intent for next year.
  3. There is a Christmas Creative Project for when hanging the ornaments in the Christmas Tree.

When you are ready, scroll down.

Here it goes:

The Magical Christmas Ornament brings you the gift of gratitude. Gather your awareness and bring into your consciousness the many blessings that this passing year has brought into your life, from the fact that you are breathing to any small or big miracle in your life. Choose the thing that fills your heart with overflowing gratitude. This is your Christmas Gratitude Ornament for this year.

The Magical Christmas Ornament brings you the gift of joy and celebration. What has brought your heart joy this year? What are things that you deeply appreciate in your life? Choose the thing that delights you the most and that you want to celebrate at the closing of this year. This is your Christmas Joy Ornament for this year.

The Magical Christmas Ornament brings you the gift of intention. What does your heart want to do in the coming year? What do you want to enjoy? To create? To be or become? To bring into others’ life to fulfill your purpose and shine your Essence into this world? Consult your heart, for it will go to the Essence of what you want to feel and experience. Keep it clear and simple. This is your New Years Intention Ornament for the coming year.

The Magical Christmas Ornament brings you the gift of celebration. It invites you to use creative ceremonies to bring the people together or to uplift your spirit into the joyful frequency of these Holy Days.

By the way, you can make these ornaments from cardboard as a fun creative project to hang on your tree as a Christmas Tree Celebration.

Merry Christmas!

See Arts & Crafts Project instructions below if you want to do a creative ceremony for when you hang your tree ornaments.

Christmas Arts and Crafts Project

Create your Christmas Joy and Gratitude Ornaments and your New Year Intention Ornament to hang on your Christmas Tree.

You have three options for the Ceremony.

  • If you will have too many people, people you do not know or not enough time, do the ornament shapes before the ceremony. Then the participants simply choose an ornament they like and write their stuff on it.
  • If you will do this is a small, intimate group or with your family and they would enjoy doing the ornaments –but the Christmas Tree Ceremony is part of festivities and dinner, so that you don’t have that much time; then divide the ceremony into two parts. Do the ornaments with the kids or with those who wan to do the creative part the day or morning before the festivities.
  • If you will do this by yourself or a few others and you want the creative project to be the highlight, then after the Christmas Dinner transform the table into an art workshop.  Tell everyone the time they have to create the ornaments and speed up the process by having everything ready in trays or baskets, using stencils, stickers and other ready-made materials. Bring the ceremony to the foreground by reading the text above and reminding everyone of the intention. Make it happy by adding delicious Christmas treats and music. Each person can create an additional ornament for those who cannot attend the creation ceremony. Then do the Christmas Tree Ornament Ceremony as the closing of the event.


  • Printer or printed shapes. Make them big enough to write inside.
  • Cutout ornament shapes
  • Cardboard (from cereal boxes, for example)
  • Scissors, glue, rulers, pencils
  • Glitter and sparkly stickers
  • COLORS: markers, crayons, oil pastels crayons, color pencils,
  • Christmas stickers, clipart and stencils

Creative Project Process:

  1. Print the cut-out shapes: Find templates for Christmas Ornaments that are large enough and blank inside. Print them in black ink printer and cut out the shape.  Click here to find free templates. Make sure they are large enough and blank inside so that people can write on them. You can also draw them  and then cut them out. You may want to cut out each template twice, for front and back of each ornament. Of course, you can have several ornaments with the same shape.

    Examples: Heart, stars, house, moon, circle, figure eight, butterfly, rain deer, tree ornaments, bulbs, Gingerman, snowman, etc.

  2. Lead people through the  process described above. Give them private time to go through it in a piece of paper and to polish it until they are happy with the three statements: gratitude, joy and celebration and New Year Intention.
  3. A. Create the ornament: Once you cut out the shape for each  ornament, paste it onto a cardboard and cut the cardboard to fit the shape. You can either paint the back of the cardboard or paste the same shape on the back, so that it will look good as it swings on the tree.
  4. B. Color the ornament: color it using your favorite media. If you have too many people or a short, festive ceremony, then paint each ornament yourself or with your kids in advance. Use  Christmas colors, such as green, red and gold. Leaving a blank space at the center to write on. Or have labels people can stick on the ornament. Decorate on both sides, but leave only one for the text, so you can use glitter and fun Christmas stickers on the back side.
  5. C. Decorate the ornament: The front side, where the message will go, needs to have a blank space for either writing or adding the sticker with the message. But you can decorate all around with Holiday doodles, stickers, glitter, etc. The back of the ornament is totally available for you to draw, add sparkles and make it really eye catching.
  6. D. Optional: Create additional ornaments. If you are doing the ceremony before the event and there will be more people attending, each participant can create an additional ornament leaving the writing space blank, so that others can participate quickly.
  7. Write the message for the Christmas Ornaments. Write down something you are grateful for in the first one. On the other ornament write down what brought you joy and you want to celebrate this Christmas.
  8. Write your message for the New Year Ornament, write a clear sentence that captures the Essence of your intention for the coming year. Emphasize the feelings you want to feel and the experience you want to enjoy.
  9. Make a hole at the top of the cardboard and string a ribbon through it.

Now you are ready for the Christmas Ornament Ceremony.

Christmas Ornament Ceremony

  1. Form a circle of people around the tree. People can be seating, so it’s comfortable. Place some low volume Christmas music without lyrics.
  2. Christmas Gratitude Ornaments:
    1. Each person shares the message they wrote out loud, lays hands on it and blesses it, pouring their gratitude on it. Then they  pass it around so that others can enjoy it. As each person receives it, they lay their hands on it and bless it. Then the person gets it back and hangs it on the Christmas Tree. (If there are too many people, or if there is no time or people don’t know each other that well, you can skip the passing it around. People need to have the option of not sharing their message out loud, so let it be known that it is OK not to do it.)
    2. Repeat for the Joy Ornament.
  3. New Year’s Ornament:
  4. The round for the New Year’s Ornament allows each person two choices:
    1. Do not read your intention out loud, but ask people to send it love and support by chanting this as the person hangs the ornament:
      May your intention spontaneously manifest
      for your joy and the good of all.
    2. Or they share the message out loud, bless it and pass it around. Then each person blesses it and says the words out loud too.

At the end you can all celebrate with champagne or the usual Holy Day treats.

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