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Sep 162014
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Know your Great Give-away


Every great endeavor requires great risks.

SONY DSCIf you are on the way with a great undertaking —a life purpose, higher goal or project— that is extraordinary, this goal often feels larger than you. You can’t see how it will be fulfilled. You don’t know how it will come to pass. If you are undertaking such endeavor, you are by choice a great risk-taker.

That is why most people only formulate “doable” goals —that is, goals that they know they can do because they already know how to do them. They feel safe. They can see the entire landscape at a glance. They know what to do. This keeps them in their Comfort Zone. If they take risks, they are measured risks that do not threaten great loss.

Though these ordinary goals are necessary and good, if that is all you do, then you are stealing your possibilities from yourself. You are wearing blinders. For your greatest vision, your life purpose and your brightest potential are bare glimpses to your logical mind.

An extraordinary goal is very different. It is often seen as madness or unreal by those around you. You yourself feel that it is “too big.” It’s scope is so expansive that you can’t possibly know how to fulfill it.



That is the goal that makes your Soul smile. It also makes your logical mind tremble.

The Sacred Road

This goal takes you into your Sacred Road.

The Sacred Road is a long, arduous road that takes you along your Prime Life Lesson and helps you deliver your life purpose in the most unique, highest possible way that aligns with Divine Design.

But it is not an easy way. It is not a shortcut.

Quite the opposite. The Sacred Road takes a long time and is hard to walk. It is rough terrain. It challenges you to the fullest extent. It often pushes you to extremes that you are certain you cannot surpass. And then you do, and you have been stretched beyond your limitations.

The Sacred Road is the long way around, (though in hindsight, it was the most direct route for the design for which you were made). But it does not feel like that. It feels as if you’re traveling around the world in a never ending circle. You often feel like a dog trying to bite its own tail.

The Sacred Road is the hardest, longest way because it is a way that has not existed before. It is the new path you came here to create.

The Sacred Road threatens and dismantles your sense of comfort, complacency and identity.

Why take it?

Because as it demolishes that old house you call “I” it expands and renews it. In the words of the Persian poet and mystic Rumi:


The spiritual path wrecks the body

and afterwards restores it to health.

It destroys the house to unearth the treasure,

and with that treasure builds it better than before.


That extraordinary goal will take you into a path that will defy all that you know. It will transform who you think you are. It will destroy what you think reality is and then reconstruct it into a larger, more complex, harmonious and wondrous truth.

The Sacred Road is the path of leaders, innovators, geniuses, entrepreneurs, pioneers and visionaries. It is the path of Greatness.

The Great Give-away

An extraordinary goal requires a Great Give-away.

I don’t much like the concept of sacrifice because it has acquired a connotation of self-denial, especially for women. So I will call this a Great Give-away.

A great endeavor requires great risks and a Great Give-away.

When you understand this, you make a choice as to whether you will give this Great Give-away and what it will be.

You are often designed for a specific Give-away that comes almost in-built in you. But you must still choose to give it away. You must also choose to keep going, for at any moment you can leave this Sacred Road.

Once you are clear that this “sacrifice” or obstacle, this challenge or crisis, this condition you are facing on the way to your Dream, with capital D —is simply your Great Give-away to your Greatness; then it stops being a lack, a failure or a short-coming.

It is still difficult, sometimes grueling. It still challenges you beyond what you believe you can endure. It will still test your mettle as nothing else will.

But you own it. It is your choice.

Logically speaking, you could turn away from some types of Sacred Roads any minute.

Some Sacred Roads you cannot leave even if you wanted to. You have to endure them.

Still, you could give up by playing the victim and turning the Sacred Road into a disability, a cross you have to bear.

You can give up by complaining, resisting and rebelling and making it about someone or something else than your spiritual reconstruction.

You could take the easy way out.

But you do not.

You go through the test because you are motivated —not by comfort, rewards or convenience— but by the Greatness calling you from within yourself.

This Greatness wants to come out, to be expressed in the world, to influence the world. It wants to fulfill its nature.

This Greatness defines your BIG WHY.

The end of your extraordinary goal may feel so far away as to seem unreal. Yet, it is the fullest expression of who you are.

That is more important, more vital to you that any pain or deprivation you are now enduring in order to walk your Sacred Road.

In fact, your Great Give-away is the threshold to your Greatness.

If you are a leader, innovator, genius, entrepreneur, pioneer or visionary, I encourage you to know and own your Great Give-away. It is part of the unfolding of the Greatness you are.

When you own your Great Give-away instead of seeing it as a failure, limitation, crisis, disability or deficiency, a vicissitude or injustice— your power as a creator and co-creator increases exponentially.

The long, arduous path becomes an exciting adventure where you consciously gather the tools and strengths you need as an influencer in this world.



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About Maria Mar

Maria Mar is a Sacred Storyteller and shaman who champions you to change your old limiting story to create the new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. She helps you awaken your magic, express your creative genius, embody your purpose and live your potential now.

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