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May 192014
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This is part 4 of the

Use Your Gifts Towards a Higher Calling  Series


How to Fly: Trust, Play and Leap

If you’ve been following this conversation, you know that I met a woman who wanted to do something similar to what I do: to help women become their dream through storytelling and journeys of transformation. But she wanted to do it through her songs and voice.  We started talking and as we shared, I realized that a lot of her doubts were common to many of my clients and subscribers, so I decided to put together a 6-step journey that outlines how to start the process of using your gifts towards a Higher Calling, to fulfill your purpose.

In Part 1 we looked at STEP 1: Get Inner Clarity.

In Part 2, we looked at how what you believe is the obstacle is not really the true wall that you are facing, and how your interpretations are creating that wall.

In Part 3, I shared how to BEND that wall to create a bridge to your purpose-based practice or life.

And in this last part I will cover the last 3 steps. These are the three things you need to do now in order to fly high into your potential.

Step 4: Trust

In Step 3, I showed you how to BEND the wall by transmuting the interpretations you have about the challenges you are encountering right now. An example of this would be changing this interpretation:

I want to use my poems to transform people’s stories, [BUT I don’t hear the music in my poetry.]

[The BUT statement in brackets is the perceived wall.]

into this new interpretation, with the BRIDGE being the “Therefore” choice in these brackets {}

I want to use my poems to transform people’s stories, {THEREFORE I will take music classes.}

I gave several other possible new BRIDGES.


Basically, the bridge returns the power to you by dissolving the wall into something you can change.


…If when you heard these transmutations, your head was shaking and a list of more negatives was activated, then know this:

You are giving your power away to others
because you do not feel capable of assuming the authority
for your own gifts and purpose.

  • The truth is that God gives the bird wings, and you are no less loved.
  • God has given you the wings to fly into your dreams, purpose and potential.

It is not only up to you, but you are the ONLY one who can change what you do not like, open the closed doors and make your dream happen.

  • You CAN direct, choreograph, musicalize and otherwise own and shape your gift and creativity in any way you want because it is YOURS.
  • You can learn what you do not know now.
  • You can get help, support and complimentary skills from coaches, teaches, peers and other professionals to deliver your purpose.
  • You can expand your reach, make more money and achieve more and greater things.

It is NOT up to your present circumstances. It is up to YOU!

But in order to do all this, you need TRUST.

You need three types of trust.

Trust 1: Trust yourself

You need to TRUST yourself. Trust your ability.You don’t need to be perfect. You don’t need to know everything as it will happen right now. You need to trust two things about you:

  • You need to trust that you were created perfect for your purpose right now,
  • and
  • You need to trust that you have the capacity to learn and grow as you move forward.

Trust 2: Trust Life

Trust that because you were created for a purpose that affects the universe, this universe, who works on ONE intelligence and is active in ONE source (You can call it God, Goddess or The Unifying Field, or whatever you like) ~this universe will help you in that purpose.

To trust the universe or life you need to regain your belonging to that universe. You need to heal your separation and feel that you are part of the universe.

  • The more you can feel how you are part of The Flow, one with The Unifying Field, the more you can trust.
  • The more you can let go of doing it all alone, with struggle and without help, the more you can feel how The Field is part of you and helps you.
  • The more you can trust that you are guided, supported and that you are part of something greater than you, the easier it becomes to trust life.

Trust 3: Trust Divine Source

Above all, trust Divine Design.

God gives each creature the tools to fulfill its purpose.

Understand that not trusting yourself is the same as questioning Divine Source, who created you to deliver this purpose.

Have you ever seen something in nature that was created without the capacity to fulfill its nature?

Even creatures that are born crippled have a purpose, and that is often to inspire us, develop compassion in us and bring the community together, just for starters.

So why would you be the only one without a purpose, or unfit to do its purpose?

Undertand that this is a wound, a distortion of your self-perception.

Understand that even this distortion has value because one you overcome it, you will be a better channel and you will be able to inspire and help others to overcome similar challenges.

So simply trust God and get out of the way. Be willing to be a Divine channel.

Two Ways to Build Trust

There are two ways to build trust.

1. Take the risk. Do it. You will find that you are not alone, you are supported and you are much better than you thought at it.

2. Get help. If you can’t seem to find your way, get help to build your trust step by step.


Step 5: Give Yourself Permission to Play and not be Perfect

The Perfectionist and the Ugly Duckling are Shadows that dance within you in a never-ending, never-forward cycle that steals women’s potential.

The Ugly Duckling tells you that it is not good enough and the Perfectionist tells you to keep on working (alone, without help, in invisibility) to improve it.

While you dance this dance, the men in your field are moving ahead with their offers ~whether they are good, bad or anywhere in-between~ simply because they are not trying to be loved and accepted by everyone or avoiding to be rejected. They trust their skills and knowledge. They feel that what they offer is enough.

What’s holding you back is  your gender baggage expressed within your Personal History.

That’s the story you need to change.

Get over it by giving yourself two permissions:

  • Permission to play, so that you can explore and in the process find new skills. Understand that success is a laboratory. No creative genius has come up with a great discovery without thousands of previous flops. Not even Edison or Einstein! So stop taking yourself so seriously and be willing to explore and experiment! and
  • Permission to put it out in the world even if it’s not perfect. Let me share something with you.  The people who need your gifts are not looking for perfection. They are looking for resonance. When you are authentic and share your gifts, warts and all they identify MORE with you and are more likely to allow you to help them. Your imperfection is part of your purpose!

Step 6: Do it!

And finally you need to DO it. You cannot do it if you do not START.

It’s been said before:

The journey begins with a first step.

So what’s stopping you from taking that step? Get clear on this, and then DO IT anyway.

Do it badly. Do it with fear. Do it experimentally. Do it a first time. Do it nervously. Do it trembling. Do it without being sure exactly of what you are doing it. Do it imperfectly.

But DO it!

You won’t get better until you put your gift and offers out there and get feedback and criteria to improve it.

The bird does not fly just because it has wings
but because it dared to leap and found its wings.


End of series.

Do you want to work this path with me? We can do it privately in a customized journey or ceremony.


Sign up for the free Dream Crossover Video Series here.

To get step-by-step ceremonial guidance to do it, enroll in my Dream Crossover MasterSoul Group.


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About Maria Mar

Maria Mar is a Sacred Storyteller and shaman who champions you to change your old limiting story to create the new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. She helps you awaken your magic, express your creative genius, embody your purpose and live your potential now.

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