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You’ve come a long Way, Sister

It’s Time to Come ALL the Way

Join a new generation of women of all ages
who are leading from the Sacred Feminine,
creating waves of delight that change the world


This is a provocative, humorous and uplifting spoken-word performance that combines interactive theater, poetry performance and a transformational journey.

Created by storyteller-shaman Maria Mar (the Dream Alchemist) this performance has her trademark combination of liberating truth-telling, soul nurturing and refreshing humor.

What is “You’ve Come a Long Way, Sister?”

  • It is not a workshop.
  • It is not a class.
  • It’s nothing that adds more work to your to-do list.
  • It is an entertaining show created specially for you as a woman.
  • It is also a shamanic journey and ceremony to help you create the internal conditions for your success, happiness and embodied purpose.

See Maria Mar playing different characters, interacting with her Inner Selves… even her Inner Caterpillar! You’ll get hearty laughs… but don’t be fool by the fun. There’s powerful transformation going on beneath the humor.

Watch Maria Mar reveal patriarchy’s dirty laundry and laugh your heart out at her comments about the “serious” great men who’ve trashed women throughout history.

“This is a savvy, smart performance that will make you think and rethink your collective history and connect it to your own personal struggle.” Corazon Tierra, author and women’s body esteem expert

This is a magical journey that champions women’s awakening to a new type of Female Leadership, the Butterfly Leadership; a phenomena that allows a woman to make waves that can change the world by doing what she loves.

“What’s a butterfly’s job? Gallivanting among the flowers, sucking their sweet nectar. That’s like me being paid for eating chocolate, dancing salsa and drinking red wine. I’ll take that job any day!” Maria Mar

 Invite your best friend and take a trip down memory lane ~our “herstorical memory”~ and discover what’s keeping you from owning your authority and stepping into your greatness.

Enjoy the vision of a  new generation of Butterfly Women of all ages launching their messages, sharing their gifts and  owning their power to influence the world in a heart-centered, self-fulfilling and collaborative way.

  • If you want to share your gifts to make a change in the world.
  • If you long to make a living from what you love.
  • If something holds you back from stepping into your greatness, don’t miss this show.

It will delight and enlighten you in equal parts.

For Women Only


Regular Ticket: $35 USD

At the door: $40 Cash only, please

 Only $35 USD

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Bonus pre-event gift bundle included

Bring a sarong or shawl and a big bottle of drinking water.




Enjoy these Transformations

  • Be entertained, uplifted and illuminated with new insights that interweave women’s history with your own personal struggle and point the way for the 21st century brand of Female Leadership.

  • What old story has been holding you back without you even realizing it? Are you a Caterpillar, working hard, but invisible and unrewarded? Learn how women have been domesticated as Caterpillars and what you need to do to release your Caterpillar Self and join the Butterfly Women who are creating a powerful change in the world.
  • Why many women are allergic to the word leadership, and how you don’t have to be bossy, competitive, self-sacrificing, world-carrying or a control freak in order to lead. Discover the Butterfly Leader, who changes the world by following her heart and doing what she likes. 
  • What is your Caterpillar Self? It is  that learned behavior that keeps a woman feeling insufficient, attached to struggle, plagued by self-doubt, resisting her own authority, staying invisible and playing small while she works her tail off.  Learn how to release the Caterpillar Self’s to become Butterfly Woman, so that you can illuminate the world with your brilliance while you live and work ecstatically.
  • Discover the 13 steps that take you from Caterpillar Self to Butterfly Woman.
  • What is the transformation possible for you? Can you really create the life you dream? Can you BE your radiance and allow it to illuminate the world? Can you follow delight and be of service at once? Can you really share your gifts with the world and make a living? How can you become an influential force in the world without losing sleep or neglecting your personal life?
  • Why you are not living your dream, earning the money you want, embodying your purpose or sharing your gifts in the world to make a BIG difference… and what to do about it.
  • Enjoy a spoken word performance that takes you into a journey from Caterpillar Self to Butterfly Woman with intelligence, beauty, magic and humor.
  • You will laugh, cry and share a wealth of insights, leaving the place uplifted, energized and enchanted into your own Goddess Blossoming!
  • You’ve come a long way, sister. Find out why you have not come ALL the way. What’s the ingredient missing from your Power Pie? Why are you still paid less than men? Why are women still missing from the big stages? Why are you not there yet?We take a look at Herstory to understand how our female psyche and even our genes may still be running in an old story and how to wake up so that we can do what makes us happy while we serve humanity in the 21st Century with a new leadership based on the Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom.
  • Join an uplifting ceremony to go over the first steps from Caterpillar Self to Butterfly Self. Start to release sacrifice and struggle and allow delight into your life ~becoming a Butterfly Woman, leading from delight.


Live Local Presentation

Where: Upper East Manhattan, New York

Private Loft. You’ll get an email notice with the location and transportation instructions when you register.

When: Sunday, May 17, 2015 from 2PM to 5PM EST

Regular Price: $35 

At door: $40 cash*



 Only $35 USD

button-buyticket-yellowClick to get your ticket

Bonus pre-event gift bundle included

Bring a sarong or shawl and a big bottle of drinking water.


Live performance does not include the Butterfly Brief or  BOA access, but the set will be available for purchase at a huge discount.

* We do not guarantee available seats without reservation, as this is a small-group event.


Scroll down to Reserve now.


Global Online Presentation

If you are not in New York, you can still enjoy this spoken-word performance and shamanic journey in an online presentation. It launches on May 21, so reserve a seat and we’ll get back to you. 

The online presentation includes:

  • An online version of the spoken-word performance (audio, video, visuals),
  • The audio-visual shamanic journey broken down in parts so that you can follow with the guidance material
  • A brief ceremony with the first step of the journey,
  • Plus
  • The Butterfly Brief- WHich contains the online version of the performance “You’ve Come a Long Way, Sister” as a downloadable file with tools to use it for your Butterfly Journey (ebook, workbook, visuals in PDF Format and ceremonial guide.) With these tools you can do your transformation at your own pace and  create a Rites of Passage for each stage.(A $97 value)


The online presentation includes one-month access to the Book of Answers (BOA) so that you can post one weekly question to Maria Mar and get the answers delivered to your email.(A $40 value)


The Premium Online Presentation includes all of the above plus:

  •  A 2-hour LIVE Ceremony with Maria Mar to discover where you are  in the cycle and give your first three steps in the journey to Butterfly Woman.
  • Q&A session and conversation after the ceremony.
  • When you purchase the premium ticket, you land on a page where you can book one of the days available for the ceremony.
  • Also includes a serious discount  for the Butterfly Woman Emergence program. (A $197 Value)

Extra Bonus!

One additional month (total of two months) access to  the Book of Answers (BOA) so that you can post one weekly question to Maria Mar and get the answers delivered to your email.(An $80 value)


Scroll down to Reserve now.

Regular Ticket $97 (Online performance and Journey, Butterfly Bried and one-month BOA)

Premium Ticket  $197 (Online performance and Journey, Butterfly Brief, 2-months BOA,  Live Ceremony, Q&A, Conversation)



If the Early Bird Discount is over, get your Regular Ticket Below.

You can also request to host a group or

Use a Venue Request to contact us for your venue, no obligation.


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About Maria Mar

Maria Mar is a Sacred Storyteller and shaman who champions you to change your old limiting story to create the new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. She helps you awaken your magic, express your creative genius, embody your purpose and live your potential now.