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Mar 172015
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Butterfly Woman Emergence

Go from hard-working, struggling, hungry Caterpillar Self to Butterfly Woman, living and working ecstatically as she spreads her gifts to heal the world.

What is a Butterfly Woman?Butterfly-Woman-artnuveau-golden

A Butterfly Woman is a spiritual, creative woman who gathers her talents, gifts, passions, skills and experiences —including her wounds, challenges and “mistakes”— to embody her life purpose while earning a living from it. She is deeply committed to making a BIG change in the world.

An important part in Butterfly Leadership is that it comes through collaboration and self-expression, not through controlling resources, bossing others around or sacrificing the Soul to earn power or prestige.

Butterfly Woman leads in the same way that the butterfly serves. She follows her bliss, doing what she loves for a living. In so doing, she spreads wellbeing and empowerment so that others can do the same.

By following her delight, Butterfly Woman is the light that illumines human beings into an evolutionary leap and helps save the planet.

This woman deeply values her gifts and owns her self-authority. She commits her life to leaving a legacy and positively influencing the world through her gifts, not her self-effacement.

To share where you are in the journey from Caterpillar Self to Butterfly Woman, use this self-assessment tool.

Let me share with you the Butterfly Woman philosophical foundation that allows you to open your wings and fly into your delight.

One: Self-centered Generosity

Throughout history, woman has been the first slave in almost every culture. As a result, she has been domesticated into slavery as service. This leads to the confusion between servitude and service.

In servitude, you are less than the person you serve. Your worth comes from serving them. In service, you are equal to anyone in human worth and you service as an act of love, to fulfill your divine purpose.

When you inadvertently fall into your learned stance of slavery an Inner War between Self and Others is activated.

  • If you take care of yourself, you feel selfish.
  • If you pay attention and fulfill your own needs and desires, you feel that you are somehow betraying other people’s needs.
  • If you are happy, you feel that you are stealing this happiness from others.
  • If you shine, lead, stand center-stage, get full credit or get well recognized and remunerated, you feel that you are doing this for your ego, not really for others.
  • If you benefit from a project, you feel that you are taking advantage of others; even when they benefit the same or more than you do.

Within this Inner War, the only thing way to be good, loving and in integrity is if you sacrifice yourself on behalf of others; whether they are your family, clients or community.

This posture leads to the perception of self-centerness as selfishness. We even say that a “self-centered” person is selfish.

But let me ask you this: if a person is not self-centered, where us her center?

The body shows you what happens.

In other words, if you are not aligned with your center (which by the way is connected to Earth Mother’s center), then you have to lean on something or someone.

Emotionally it is the same thing. If your reference point to make decisions is not your own fulfillment, satisfaction, nature and desire; then it most be other people’s expectations.

This is a recipe for co-dependence. When you are not self-centered, you are by definition other-centered.

The Butterfly Woman is a self-centered woman who lives and works in Ecstasy and lusciously creativity. She follows her Soul as her own Personal Compass. She makes decisions considering her own wellbeing as well as the wellbeing of those around her; for she understands that Oneness includes herself.

I + You x Divinity = Oneness

In the Butterfly Woman’s formula for Oneness, “I” stands for herself. “You” stands for everything outside herself: her family and friends, those she serves, her peers, the elements and creatures of earth and the cosmos. Divinity stands for the presence of the Divine in everything. That’s why it is a multiplier. Without the “You” there is no oneness, there is only a lonely, separate, powerless “me.” Yet, without the “I” there is no oneness either. In fact, the entire equation collapses because Divinity is embodied through you to be able to see through your eyes and live through your experience.

Therefore, Butterfly Woman seeks to:

  • Shine her Essence in all its radiance to illuminate the world.
  • Fill her heart with overflowing delight by following her bliss and doing what she loves for a living, and
  • Stand in alignment with her True Self, following her Soul as her Personal Compass.

Butterfly Woman offers her happiness as her gift to the world. In doing so, she gives the highest quality of service, one forged in joy, love and Personal Freedom.


Two: Peacock Humility- Presence as Power

The Butterfly Woman is grateful for the gifts that The Divine has given her; whether they are creativity, talents, skills, strengths, virtues, experience, her blessings of even mistakes that become wisdom. As a result, she values her gifts and knows the value she brings to others. Therefore, she is not humble in the sense of playing small.

Peacock Humility is the humility of valuing the gifts you have been given and sharing them from a place of self-love, dignity, excellence and self-value.

Peacock has an ugly derriere. But it doesn’t go around pointing at it as a way to be humble or to solicit sympathy.

Instead, Peacock showcases its genius by showing off the intricate, beautiful design of his feathers.

It is the male peacock who does this, and this where Butterfly Woman learns from the Sacred Masculine. She learns to stand in her value, showcase her genius and be visible in her unique strengths.

Butterfly Woman assumes her Butterfly Leadership by:

  • Standing in her self-authority, in the understanding that self-authority is hers and cannot be taken away from anyone and that authority over others is a temporary permission given by others in an act of trust.
  • Irradiating her Essence in full strength through her Presence, understanding that the Sacred Feminine definition of power is Presence; for in your presence everything that you are, know and embody walks with you and speaks for you. This power does not depend on others and cannot be taken away, therefore it does not lead to competition, war or fear.
  • Shining in unabashed visibility, so that in her luminescence she illuminates others to their own radiance and becomes a beacon for humanity’s evolution without having to erase herself or play small,
  • Practicing Peacock Humility (instead of Humbug Humility), to dignify the value of her gifts, expertise, talents and purpose, and
  • Broadcasting her message to the world through the way in which she gathers and share her unique gifts in the form of a service.

Butterfly Woman is not shy to demand remuneration, grow her money, expand her finances and accept the respect, salary and honor she deserves.

At the same time she is compassionate, honoring of others, collaborative with her peers and nurtures other people’s gifts and strength. She knows that the love and trust of her people is her most valuable treasure and she neither gives her power away to money nor prudishly repels it.

Butterfly Woman may be the boss or work alone; but in both cases she understands that power is not control, but the truth of her Presence as it emanates her Essence to illuminate others.

Three: Imperfect Perfection

A Butterfly Woman is not perfect. At any given time, she may be challenged to grow in one or more areas —whether it is her skills, finances, health or visibility. But she is clear that she deserves success, happiness and fulfillment and she is committed to manifest these conditions by loving herself, following her heart and sharing her gifts courageously, lovingly and joyfully as the path to her self-actualization.

A Butterfly Woman does her best while refusing to judge herself on the basis of perfection because she knows that she is imperfectly perfect.

In other words, she is a work-of-art-in-progress. Yet right now, just as she is –warts and all she is perfect for the purpose for which she has been created. The concept of Imperfect Perfection substitutes judgment, shaming and procrastination, so that she embraces where she is at any given time and moves ahead to express her gifts unapologetically.

Four: Butterfly Waves: Collaborative Leadership

She is also working with others directly or indirectly to make a BIG difference in the world. She is conscious that she is part of the Butterfly Waves changing humanity.

This may take the form of an organization, a movement or a project where people collaborate.

But perhaps this is the time for Butterfly You to do what you love, enjoy your own company, do it alone or with others who support you. Many women come to a point in their development that they need to do their Solo Act.

This may be an artist establishing her own studio and going for her solo exhibitions. It may be a writer who goes her way, seeking to find her own structure and delivery for her writing business. It may be a healer who needs to create her own system. It may be an organizer that has a unique vision and is called to find her own path to it outiside the organization.

In any case, however, Butterfly Woman is aware of two things:

  • She can work alone, but she is not alone. She is part of the human, earth and cosmic movement and she is clear of the role, unique value and expression she provides within that movement.
  • She is may work alone, but she does not have to be unsupported. She can ask for help. She deserves and can reach out for support; from mentorship, coaching, consultants, technical support, sponsors or friends who support her, she is ready for and engages the support she needs.
  • No one succeeds alone. She reaches out to others and exchanges value, giving and receiving as she is part of a synergy that enriches everyone’s life, and
  • Whether she works solo or collectively, she is part of a movement that is creating Butterfly Waves to evolve humanity and heal our planet. This movement brings the gifts of the Sacred Feminine into balance with the gifts of the Sacred Masculine (more familiar to us now due to centuries of Patriarchy) with the intention of balancing, healing and enriching human culture.

These criteria help her choose her partners, audiences, movements, associates and the events where she joins others who are also creating Butterfly Waves. This collaboration is part of her influence in the world.


Five: Vulnerability as Power and the Blossoming of the Sacred Feminine

A Butterfly Woman’s main strengths are her Female Powers:

  • Her vulnerability, as she understands that vulnerability is the power to dive into her loss to find and nurture her love.
  • Her creative expression, as she understands that her genius is the gift she came here to give to the world.
  • Her deep loyalty to her soul, so that she can here the Infinite Whisper of the Goddess Divine guiding her to her purpose.
  • Creating a better world is her North Star. She is aware of the influence that her Presence and gifts generates in the world.
  • Her heart’s delight is her compass. She understands that her delight is the signal of her heart leading her to her best potential.

Embodied Purpose

Butterfly Woman embodies her purpose fully because she owns her value and loves herself unconditionally and without judgment. She believes that who she wants to be is who she already is, and she seeks through choice and action to release learned limitations and become her brilliant self, her Butterfly Self.

She understand that one’s purpose is seeded in one’s Soul at birth and is what makes one happy, and that is how you can detect it.

She also understands that everything she needs to fulfill that purpose is within her already, as the oak is in the acorn.

She further understands that her entire life is her Life Purpose Sacred Blueprint. Her life is the laboratory that has allowed her to polish the Gem of her Sacred Self. This includes mistakes, trauma, emotional wounds and learned limitations.

These experiences teach her:

  • Who she is not,
  • What she does not want,
  • What causes her pain,
  • Who she came here to serve, and
  • What diminishes her potential.

Once she recognizes the function of these challenges, her own nature, values and potential come into the foreground to help her transmute those old limitations into a more polished, stronger Butterfly Woman.

Through her unconditional self-love, her trust in her heart’s wisdom and her dedication to her own healing, Butterfly Woman is able to gather her gifts, talents, passions and causes into a form of service to others —a service that expresses her deep care for humanity,

Butterfly Woman knows that embodied purpose is a purpose that is lived, inhabited and practiced every day for her own delight and others’ benefit.

Therefore she knows how to:

  • Gather her gifts coherently into a specific form of service,
  • Recognize who this service is for and how it helps them,
  • Create a container for that service (whether it is a project, business, practice or an organization),
  • Create the systems, flow, delivery and communication to connect that service to those who need it, and
  • Build a Sacred Funnel(s) into her service, so that what she gives comes back to her in the form of resources, people and conditions that allow her to earn a living and live according to her wishes.

This means that Butterfly Woman does three things to receive what she needs from the embodiment of her purpose:

  • Gives herself Emotional Permission to generate, have and enjoy the money, resources and success she is working for,
  • Designs a strategy to generate those resources, and
  • Takes consistent choices and actions (both Internal and External Actions) to exchange her services for the right remuneration, recognition and benefits that give her a good living.


In short, Butterfly Woman  influences the world with her very Presence, her creations and her collaborations. She does what makes her happy and makes a good living doing it.

If you love the Butterfly Woman Principles, you too can stop playing Caterpillar Self and become Butterfly Woman by joining the next Chrysalis, the next cycle in which I guide spiritual, creative women through the journey from Caterpillar Self to Butterfly Woman.

Become Butterfly Woman and give yourself permission to be happy, fulfilled and successful on your own terms.

You can become Butterfly Woman in this fun, magical and heart-nurturing journey with storyteller-shaman Maria Mar.

How does this Program help me?

This program champions and guides you as an emerging Butterfly Woman to blossom into your Butterfly Leadership by cherishing your gifts and sharing your gifts, message or passion to make a BIG difference in the world.

It also gathers Butterfly Women to collaborate in the creation of Butterfly Waves that advance humanity and heal planet earth.

This program:

  • Makes it emotionally real and realistically possible for you to assume your creative genius and brilliance, experiencing the Butterfly in you and feeling your Inner Wings, so that you can flourish into your full purpose with ease and grace,
  • Helps you release the Caterpillar Identity that holds you back and keeps you playing small
  • Takes you through the 13 steps from Caterpillar Identity to Butterfly Self using the way you learn and change as a woman: storytelling, arts and crafts, journal writing, emotional and sensory immersion and conscious living exploration.
  • Helps you believe in and express your True Self, getting rid of doubts that make your dream or potential seem so far away
  • Helps you detect those Blind Spots where Shadows hide to keep you spinning the wheel in place, procrastinating or feeling insufficient and to shift from those places into your Essential Qualities and organic strengths.
  • Guides  you to explore how to share your gifts with the world while making a living and to embody your life purpose,
  • Helps you listen to your heart to trust what gives you delight and from there, to fully receive, design and experience an ecstatic work and life,
  • Helps you give yourself the Emotional Permissions to deserve, do, have and be your success and give yourself the support you need, and
  • Champions you to become an influential force in the world through the female way of heart-based wisdom, graceful conscious living, the radiance of your Essence, the activation of your creative genius and the path of co-creation.

How does this happen?

The wonderful thing in this program is that I will walk you through it using the Female Way of Learning, Leadership and Living.

  • Storytelling for a sensual immersion and empathy activation
  • ARTchemy (arts and crafts as alchemy) to use your visualization, imagination, intuition and creativity and activate your delight.
  • Shamanic journeys of deep relaxation and immersion that
    change your vibrational frequencies and take you to different
    mental states
  • “Show, don’t tell,” where I share with you my own journal, my own journey, step by step in full color, so that you can use it as a model to turn your Caterpillar into Butterfly.
  • Access to the Book of Answers, so that you can post weekly questions that I answer. In this way you can work at your pace and yet not alone.
  • Group collaboration and support in monthly meetings that include guided ceremonies (At the Silver Level)
  • Private, secured Journal that you can share with me for intimate consistent help (At the Gold and Platinum Level)
  • One-on-one private mentorship (At the Platinum Level)
  • 2015 Collective Chrysalis, a safe, loving and creative ceremonial chrysalis and support group where we all meet for ceremonies, sharing stories, supporting each other and Q&A.

You have your choice on three levels:

  • Bronze (DIY): For women who are independent and have great discipline and can take a one year program and follow it alone, without sabotaging themselves, forgetting or procrastinating. Recommended for people with previous experience in personal growth. Includes weekly personal answers from Maria to your questions so that you are helped as you go along.
  • Silver (Group)– For women who recognize the importance of group support and need a supportive community and for women who love ceremonies. Also for women who know that they need accountability to keep moving steadily towards their dream. Only 30 women per year.
  • Gold (Premium Group)- For women who love journal writing and want to have Maria Mar’s constant guidance and feedback as they are creating their Art Journal in their transformation. Includes 10 months access to the Guided Journal Writing Program, a private and secured online journal where you have the choice of submitting one weekly entry for Maria Mar to read and comment on. Only 10 women per year.
  • Platinum (Mentorship)– For women who are committed to embodying their life purpose by gathering their gifts, talents and passions into a service, practice or business through which they can earn a living and want deep, private and customized attention transform their gifts and purpose into a business or practice in a year. Private, live face-to-face sessions and ceremonies included. Only 4 women per year.

Next Chrysalis Cycle starts in June 2015

Join the Waiting List here.



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Sign up for the live storytelling performance that takes you through the journey from Caterpillar to Butterfly:

You’ve Come a Long Way, Sister…

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Maria Mar is a Sacred Storyteller and shaman who champions you to change your old limiting story to create the new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. She helps you awaken your magic, express your creative genius, embody your purpose and live your potential now.

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