May 192015
Do you Need to Create a Chrysalis?

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Do you Need to Create a Chrysalis?

I want to share with you the magic of my most recent shamanic performance that took place on Sunday, May 17th in New York.

I just emerged from my ceremonial chrysalis and did a magical Butterfly Dance.

This was an in-depth ceremony for me as well as a shamanic performance and journey for the women in the audience.

I first wrote a poem and then danced it. The poem was a shamanic journey through the process of creating my chrysalis, feeding on it to become my dream and finally emerging as my embodied potential.

“But what is this chrysalis?” you may ask.
In nature, the chrysalis is the new skin that the caterpillar builds in order to nurture and protect its transformation into butterfly.
The Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom teaches us that women also need to create a chrysalis to nurture and protect our transformation. Throughout time, there have been different ceremonies, rites or special places for women to do this, from the Moon Lodge to the Red Tent.
If you are right now undergoing a change —or even […]

Mar 172015
EVENT: You've Come a Long Way, Sister

Reading Time: 6 minutes

You’ve come a long Way, Sister
It’s Time to Come ALL the Way
Join a new generation of women of all ages
who are leading from the Sacred Feminine,
creating waves of delight that change the world
This is a provocative, humorous and uplifting spoken-word performance that combines interactive theater, poetry performance and a transformational journey.
Created by storyteller-shaman Maria Mar (the Dream Alchemist) this performance has her trademark combination of liberating truth-telling, soul nurturing and refreshing humor.
What is “You’ve Come a Long Way, Sister?”

It is not a workshop.
It is not a class.
It’s nothing that adds more work to your to-do list.
It is an entertaining show created specially for you as a woman.
It is also a shamanic journey and ceremony to help you create the internal conditions for your success, happiness and embodied purpose.

See Maria Mar playing different characters, interacting with her Inner Selves… even her Inner Caterpillar! You’ll get hearty laughs… but don’t be fool by the fun. There’s powerful transformation going on beneath the humor.
Watch Maria Mar reveal patriarchy’s dirty laundry and laugh your heart out at her comments about the “serious” great men […]

Mar 172015
Butterfly Woman Emergence

Reading Time: 12 minutes

Butterfly Woman Emergence

Go from hard-working, struggling, hungry Caterpillar Self to Butterfly Woman, living and working ecstatically as she spreads her gifts to heal the world.
What is a Butterfly Woman?
A Butterfly Woman is a spiritual, creative woman who gathers her talents, gifts, passions, skills and experiences —including her wounds, challenges and “mistakes”— to embody her life purpose while earning a living from it. She is deeply committed to making a BIG change in the world.
An important part in Butterfly Leadership is that it comes through collaboration and self-expression, not through controlling resources, bossing others around or sacrificing the Soul to earn power or prestige.
Butterfly Woman leads in the same way that the butterfly serves. She follows her bliss, doing what she loves for a living. In so doing, she spreads wellbeing and empowerment so that others can do the same.

By following her delight, Butterfly Woman is the light that illumines human beings into an evolutionary leap and helps save the planet.

This woman deeply values her gifts and owns her self-authority. She commits her life to leaving a legacy and positively influencing […]

Mar 172015
Self-assessment: Caterpillar or Butterfly, which one are you?

Reading Time: 7 minutes

Is this You?
Are you trapped inside your Caterpillar Self or
ready to fly into your Butterfly Self?
Self-assessment tool

Each of the areas below has 10 items, each worth 1 point. The more points you have in any area, the more your Caterpillar Self is dominating and your Butterfly Self is being held back.
Click to here read about your Journey from Caterpillar Self to Butterfly Self
A. Power, Career and Money
1. There must be a key ingredient missing from your Power Pie because you really don’t feel powerful —though you know that you are not powerless.
2. You feel like the Brave Dutch Boy, perpetually with your finger in the hole, dealing with emergencies and crisis. How can you take time to strategize, to reflect on your career, to create systems for your business?
3. You can’t find a way to position yourself in your field. What is your uniqueness? What value do you bring to others? How are you different from other experts or service providers?
4. Being the boss for you seems about sending others to do the real job while you spend your time […]

Mar 162015
ARTspiration No. 60-Caterpillar Growth

Reading Time: 2 minutes

ARTspiration No. 6-
Caterpillar Growth

“To become Butterfly the Caterpillar needs
to stretch her imagination
until she grows out of her confines.”
Maria Mar

Extended Tip:
A lot of us want to achieve success and manifest our dreams, but refuse to change or release old learned limitations. This refusal is nothing short of a choice to stay trapped in what you do NOT want! Caterpillar is hungry and she eats ravenously. This is about satisfying your hunger for growth, wisdom and freedom. As Caterpillar grows, she does not fit into her old skin anymore. She needs to molt. She grows a new skin from within. Then she releases the old outer skin, and now she has room for growth. This is the second instar, the caterpillar that emerges after a mold. Caterpillars often go through five such cycles, growing about 300 times their original size. this is about releasing your psychic exoskeleton, your old limitations, stories and beliefs so that you can grow into the freedom, success and potential you long for.
For more information on the Butterfly Leadership and the Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom, read below.

To […]

Mar 152015
ARTspiration No. 59-Butterfly Wings Grow from Within

Reading Time: 2 minutes

ARTspiration No. 59
Butterfly Wings Grow from Within


“Butterfly wings grow from within.”
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Maria Mar

Extended Tip:
When we want to fly to our dreams, many of us tries to find the means outside. We do things to change things in our external environment. But it does not work like that, and Butterfly shows us why. Our wings grow from within, through Internal Actions, like allowing, receiving, releasing, embracing. They grow through our change of perception and the release of old stories. They grow by us embracing and owning our gifts, authority and influence in the world. For more information on the Butterfly Leadership and the Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom, read below.

To find out more about the Butterfly Woman Leadership, click here.
The Butterfly Woman Emergence Program champions and guides women to make waves that change the world by sharing their gifts, embodying their purpose and living and working in delight. Read more here.

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