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Jul 232014
Poem: The crack that hurts

Reading Time: < 1 minute Saturday Poem Vulnerability   The toughness in the rock is enticing to your hurt. But it only makes it harder. The softness of the water pains you as it runs through the gash, but it cleanses it.   The harshness in the knife’s edge invites your fear to strike though you may see a defense it is nevertheless a crime. The tenderness in your tears may leave you open and you may believe that at that moment you are the weakest. But like the water that cleanses you, your tears drain the venom of your suffering and oppression.   That crack that hurts is not you being broken. It’s you being opened. Vulnerability is the power that throws you into your loss so that you can feel your love. So that you can BE your love.    —————————— Maria Mar©2014 New York, NY   This poem is the intellectual property of Maria Mar. It is protected by international copyright law. No reproduction, copy/paste or appropriation. If you want to share it, use the social sharing buttons in this page. Thanks. [Read more.]

May 142014
An Experience: Be in the Flow

Reading Time: 3 minutes I’m working to enrich my awareness of my connection to the Unifying Field and my broadcast to the field in order to fine-tune my manifestation. Last week I decided to dance in/with The Field. My intention was to “give” and to “receive” to allow abundance to flow from me and to me, so that I could more easily and gracefully flow abundance. But when I started dancing in/with the flow, something amazing happened that blew my mind! There was no specific moment to “give” or “receive”. In fact, I could not open my hand to give or receive or stop the hand in that gesture. It was all waves of flow going in and out without freezing at any point, a movement similar to the infinity symbol. I was being guided by a friend who is an expert in movement for healing and transformation and she told me that the movements I was doing were the movements of the heart and circulatory system! I physically experienced that there is no such thing as “giving” to “Other” and “receiving” for “me” [Read more.]

Nov 272013
Gratitude: A human superpower

Reading Time: 4 minutes You have many human superpowers. They allow you to master your creative genius so that you can co-create life on earth and become the master artist of your own unique Masterpiece Life. Gratitude is one of these superpowers, far more powerful than most people see at first sight. Gratitude has five virtues that can activate the magic of your creator power, enriching and deepening your existence. Gratitude is a power of the heart. The human heart is a mysterious, magical organ. Shamans have, for centuries and throughout cultures, alluded to its power. Here are three of these powers that can free, direct and empower you. The Frequency of Gratitude The human heart emits the strongest electromagnetic field in our body. The heart’s electromagnetic field is five thousand times stronger than the brain’s electromagnetic field. This electromagnetic field envelops the entire body extending out in all directions, and it can be measured up to several feet outside of the body. Research shows that as we consciously focus on feeling a positive emotion it has a beneficial effect on our own health [Read more.]

Mar 092013
Women's History Month-From Appearance to Experience

Reading Time: 5 minutes Celebrate Women’s History Month What I wish my Mother had Told me About Being a Woman Part 2: From Appearance to Experience   I’ve been wandering about all the things I’ve learned in my life that my mom did not teach me because she herself did not know. Last week I talked about the power of occupying your space in the world. Today I’ll reveal Secret of Female Power No. 2: Take possession of your body. This is a series on the Secrets of Female Power for Women’s History Month, at the rate of one per week. This is the first article. Read the others here: Women’s History Month-What I wish my mother had told me (You are entitled.) Women’s History Month-Heart-based Female Leadership Women’s History Month-Wearing your Unique Gifts The Goddess Circle   Secret of Female Power No. 2 Your body is the first territory of your existence. Take possession of your own body. Taking possession of your body means: Listening to its wisdom instead of trying to control its appearance to please others. Experiencing its truth as part [Read more.]

Transformation-a poem

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May 222012
Transformation-a poem

Reading Time: < 1 minute Transformation I was again crawling down into the mud, opening yet another wound in the wrinkled, earthen body. Once again I burrowed deeply, Devouring the memories, Releasing the toxins. How ordinary, lowly, disenchanting! How un-heroic, run-of-the-mill: my life. How silly to dream of blossoms in the wind and succulent clouds while stuck to the bottom of the sludge   My heart took insult drumming madly, so feverishly that for a second I did not feel the rest of my body warble into madness. Trembling frantically, I broke down. I became chaos. One by one my old cells died. I was terrified. But in the midst of my panic I became strangely calm. Then I felt elated. I enthusiastically released my old self. I made it easy on death to devour every inch of mud clinging to my being. I was humming a hymn to my death. Humming a high-pitch song. A dream of wings and blossoms. A dream of rainbow colors and eyes that flew into the light. A dream of changing winds and pollination. I became imaginal while my [Read more.]

Feb 112012
Fall in love with yourself

Reading Time: 2 minutes Self-love day is February 13. That’s Monday. What are you going to do that day for yourself? How about falling in love with yourself? Here are some ideas: Make a date with yourself: Take yourself out to an outing that you enjoy. It may be something with you love to do, and can enjoy alone, but perhaps your significant other or friends don’t often want to do it. Ideas? Ice skating, going to see your favorite movie, eating your favorite food at your favorite restaurant, seeing a fantastic show. Dress up (or dress down) according to what you want. Treat yourself like a Queen. Enjoy your own company! Spa Day: You can do this alone or with a group of girlfriends (can get a discount as a group). Go for a fabulous treat on a spa. Make sure to get your favorite type of massage. Then from there, depending on your budget and preferences, include a reflexology massage, a cleansing or detox, a facial, etc. Let someone take care of you. Be pampered. Feel like the Goddess you are! Self-celebration [Read more.]

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