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Sep 122023
"I Have no Time!" How to Handle Anxiety During Crisis

Reading Time: 8 minutes “I have no time to eat… to rest… to take a nap…. to relax…. to take it slow…”… STOP! Read this post to reclaim your time and your peace. This is voice inside us that pushes us into rush, perfectionism and to-do-ism in the name of efficiency during a crisis is just a learned defensive self running scared. It is not reality and we need to detach from its panicky voice to reclaim our time and peace. This voice belongs to an archetypal Inner Self that I call the Rush Whip. It pushes us beyond what is healthy or even possible for us right now. It paints a chaotic picture of the crisis, but it is lying. And we need to step back and recognize its lie so that we can regain authorship of our situation. This is the voice of your egoic mind –which is afraid of the Unknown and therefore tries to control it. It does so by trying to use your logical mind to make lists, take actions and create plans. But because it is doing so [Read more.]

May 272014
What are you sending into The Field?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Tuesday Tip  You are working to manifest, yes… BUT What are you sending into The Field? Are you faking your broadcasting? You are praying, affirming, changing your words and upgrading your thinking. You are doing all of this in an effort to change your reality and manifest your Dream. But are you sending a Counterfeit Broadcast? Author and futurist Dawn Clark talks about the Counterfeit Broadcast as a phenomenon that happens when the story or frequency you are sending to the Unifying Field is NOT the one you intend to send, but the old energy frequency programmed in your psyche that is leaking without your knowledge. Well, how would you know that this hidden programming is still sending its wave patterns to the Unifying Field? You are truly focused in your new intention, how would you even notice that this is happening? Here are some signs that you may be sending a Counterfeit Broadcast: What is See the consistent results you are getting. They are a direct reflection of the broadcast you are sending. If you are still getting the [Read more.]

Jan 152013
Do you need to be perfect?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Do you Need to be Perfect? The Hidden Fear of Insufficiency Many of us want freedom and long to embody our purpose and live our Dream. Yet, we unknowingly resist change, growth and manifestation. This article explores how perfectionism and the hidden fear of insufficiency that prompts it lay a psychic trap that ensnares your greatness. Self-assessment Do you feel anxious when someone you consider an expert or “important” makes an observation of something you could improve? Do you perceive this or similar observations as criticism? Do you break into rapid justification or try to prove that you knew better, do better or are better than that? Do you secretly feel at those moments that there’s something deficient or wrong in you or that the other person feels there is and you have to “fix” that? Do you begin to intellectualize and do other “one up” games designed to neutralize your perceived disadvantage? Do these moments confirm your secret feelings that you are not enough, not ready to be successful or not equipped to launch your dream? Do you take [Read more.]

Jun 202012
Catch the Transportation to your Dream!

Reading Time: 5 minutes Transformation NO 2: Launch your Transformation to catch your Transportation to your Soul’s Destination In this article you will reflect on the ways that you repel transformation and how that keeps you stuck. You will discover why you need to launch your transformation now in order to manifest your dream and how to ride your transportation to your Soul’s destination. This is the second in a series of six articles in which I share the basic MagicMark your Life Transformations. For an inspiring experience of these Transformations, join the Jollification of Transformation Campaign to see the video series and download the gifts. You will also get the free MagicMark your Life Starter Kit. For the full Launch your Transformation! PDF report, which includes deeper insights, more information, practices, Arts & crafts Alchemical Projects and journaling exercises, scroll to the bottom of the article. As I said in Article 1 of the series, Transformation NO 1: Create your life to express your dream, your transformation is the transportation of your soul. Just like a vehicle takes your from Point A to [Read more.]

Jun 122012
Release fear, release struggle

Reading Time: 3 minutes Words of Wisdom Release Fear and you release struggle Shift from fear to love. Click To Tweet Fear triggers control, which triggers the defensive mind. The logical mind tries to find ways to take back control in an effort to survive. The problem is that most of the time, there is no real threat to your survival. The primitive releases a stampede of defensive thoughts that create high levels of stress, impair your discernment and close you off to your spiritual guidance. In this chaotic, fearful state, you are less competent to make good decisions. Yet, you are trapped in an illusion that you are in control. You make terrible choices, push away friends and allies and give in to enemies and manipulation. And you find yourself  struggling. Surrender this control illusion. Release it. Freedom comes from releasing fear and embracing love Click To Tweet . Part 1: Release Fear Release fear from your BodySoul. By practicing deep, slow breathing, relaxation exercises, emptying your mind, meditating or connecting to nature as a consistent practice you can release fear every day. [Read more.]

May 212012
7 hard ways to TRY and 1 easy way to GET where you want to go

Reading Time: 6 minutes 7 hard ways to TRY and 1 easy way to GET where you want to go We all have a place where we want to be. It may be a dream, a goal or a life purpose which you are not fulfilling right now. Whatever that dream is, when you look around, you are not living it here. And that’s why you want to go “THERE” ~wherever that desired result exists. This means that whatever you are doing needs to change and whatever you want is unknown, unfamiliar. It is “THERE.” And what do you think is the transportation that takes you THERE? It’s transformation! TransFORMation is the TransPORTation that takes you from where you are to where you want to be. But here’s the clincher: Most of us respond to transformation in such ways that we take the long hard path to manifest our dreams. This article reveals what are these long, hard and very ineffective ways that may not even get you there. It also shares one easy way to get there now. It we don’t have what [Read more.]

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