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May 212012
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Seven hard ways to TRY and one easy way to GET To where you are going.7 hard ways to TRY and 1 easy way to GET where you want to go

We all have a place where we want to be. It may be a dream, a goal or a life purpose which you are not fulfilling right now. Whatever that dream is, when you look around, you are not living it here. And that’s why you want to go “THERE” ~wherever that desired result exists.

This means that whatever you are doing needs to change and whatever you want is unknown, unfamiliar. It is “THERE.”

And what do you think is the transportation that takes you THERE?

It’s transformation!

TransFORMation is the TransPORTation that takes you from where you are to where you want to be.

But here’s the clincher: Most of us respond to transformation in such ways that we take the long hard path to manifest our dreams. This article reveals what are these long, hard and very ineffective ways that may not even get you there.

It also shares one easy way to get there now.

It we don’t have what we want now, doing what we usually do, then we need to change what we are doing.

This seems obvious when you hear it, but most of us resist the transformation that is happening in our life right now. We are scared of change, so we fight change, even when we know that what is happening now is not what we want. In other words, we resist the change we want!

Change throws us into chaos. It causes pain. It’s scary because it throws us head first into The Unknown. So we resist it.

What we don’t realize is that when we resist change, we are resisting the transportation that takes us from where we are to where we want to be.

Seven Hard Ways to Try

ONE: Resisting change.

When you resist change, you are doing it the hard way. Resisting your transformation means that you don’t get into that transportation. And not getting into that transportation is the number ONE, surest, way NOT to get there fast.

And here’s the second hard way.

TWO: Waiting for the ideal conditions.

You fight with the transportation at hand and keep waiting for another means of transportation to show up. That’s like staying in the middle of the desert because you don’t like the camel at hand!

You don’t like that slow bus, so you don’t get in. You think that your old jalopy could break down, so you don’t get in. You don’t want to pedal that bike uphill, so you don’t get in. You keep waiting for the express train, the Cadillac or the brand new motorcycle. You don’t get into any of the vehicles available to you NOW. You are stuck waiting.

And that’s the second surest way to NOT get there.

Here’s number three:

THREE: Trying to outsmart the Divine Design for your life.

When you judge yourself and find yourself insufficient, or when you believe that you are not your dream or cannot achieve your dream because your don’t have the results right now; you are deciding that you know what your dream and purpose should look like better than God.

If you believe that the difficulty you are bumping into is a “mistake” or a “problem” that you should bang away with a hammer, then you believe that it is not part of your journey. If it is not, then it is a divine mistake.

In any of these cases, you are allowing the preconceived, tiny and limited, learned notions of your logical mind to outsmart the perfect way that the Sacred Design of your life has been woven. Instead of agreeing with that Divine Design by allowing the transformation happening now, you stay stuck complaining that what you have now cannot get you “there.”

FOUR: Pushing yourself like a slave-monger

This is another variation of number 3. The reason you are pushing yourself so hard is because you believe that you are somehow “behind” schedule and you need to run to catch up with time! Why don’t you trust God’s calendar?

All you need to do is the best you can. That’s all God asks. When you do the best you can at each given moment; when you seek help and learn new things to move along, the universe cooperates with you and your reality begins to change.

But when you push yourself harshly, then you are punishing yourself. You are judging yourself. In reality you are judging God. You are saying that God is not good enough and that you need to fix the Divine Timetable for you.

This is not only arrogant, but dangerous. People who push too hard often find themselves crashing into a dream for which they are not ready or manifesting a goal at the expense of something much more precious.

You need to trust in the transformation that is happening right now in your life. You can’t judge it, control it or try to fix it. It is what it is; and it is so for a reason.

Perhaps you need to learn certain things in order to be ready for your dream. Perhaps you need to release learned limitations that are blocking your perception of how you are ALREADY your dream.

By trusting the transformation happening now, you can begin to see the Sacred Design for your life, and by cooperating with that design, you can actually quicken your transformation.

FIVE: Struggling and with effort

Many of us are trained to believe that life is a struggle. There are hard times in our life, sure. But there are also easy times. How come we don’t remember the plenty of easy times and only measure our worth by the hard times?

I have learned that most of the big problems I have faced as an adult have been of my own making. Taking responsibility for our situation, however, is very different from struggle and effort.

When we believe in struggle, we cannot receive Grace. When we get addicted to effort, we can’t see the easy way.

There have been times when something was so easy, that I didn’t trust or value it. So I struggled right past it! Do you relate?

SIX: Working hard doing the same every day

Are you running in place? Do you feel like a hamster in a treadmill? If this is happening to you, then take a step back and observe if you are trying to do things in new ways, learning new skills or coming up with new maps or strategies to get there. Are you getting the help and support you need? Chances are that you are not.

The reason why you are doing the same thing over and over is because there is a limitation or blind spot that does not allow you to see or seek a different route. And the source of that limitation is fear. There is a hidden belief or fear-based emotion that keeps you trapped in limited ways of facing your situation.

Like Einstein said, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome is a form of madness. Ouch!

And the final hard way:

SEVEN: Thinking that you are alone

When you think that you are alone, you don’t see the hand stretching out to help you. You do not ask for help. You don’t trust the resources in front of you.

When you are alone, you cannot see, much less receive the help that the Universe is sending you.

The ONE Easy Way there

Now that you’ve seen the seven hard ways, you are asking: “So what’s the easy way?”

Have you ever wonder how a seed grows into a tree?

It’s the easy way.

  • It RECEIVES all the resources that life offers it. It drinks the water, receives the sun, feeds in the minerals that earth gives it. And it grows!
  • It RESPONDS to life organically, from its innate nature and talents.
  • It ALLOWS itself to grow, to be and to expand into its potential.

That’s the easy way.

When you realize that you don’t have to go anywhere because everywhere you are, life is helping you to become your potential, then you get there the easy way.

The easy way out can be captured in three magical “As”:

  1. Allow your transformation. Catch your transportation!
  2. Access your creativity and potential. Blossom from within!
  3. Accept the resources live is offering you right now. Bloom where you are planted!

An easy way to your dream

I created one easy, happy journey to help you bloom where you are planted.

It’s called the Success Seed Shamanic Journey and it consists of three Audio Meditations that take you through a relaxing, inspiring and life-changing journey to the core of your potential.

There you retrieve the Success Seed pulsating in your Soul. Then you see the Sacred Design for your life, and how everything; including your mistakes, is part of that perfection. Finally, you get new and non-judgmental measures of success.

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So what are you waiting for?

The vehicle to get there is parked right in front of your eyes. (See the blue button below?) It’s up to you to take that transportation into your dream!


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