Jun 292014
Prayer: May I Awake

Sunday Prayer
May I be aware of my blessings,
for there are always blessings,
many blessings
that I often take for granted
like the air that gives me life.
May I receive the gifts,
for there are always gifts,
many gifts,
that I reject and refuse,
like the change that brings me
close to what I desire.
May I allow the miracles,
for there are always miracles,
many miracles
that I ignore or minimize
like the strength
that suddenly soars
from the depth of my being
in my weakest moment.
May I awake to Grace.
Maria Mar(c)2014
New York, New York
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May 192014
Don't bang your head against that wall:BEND it!

This is part 3 of the
Use Your Gifts Towards a Higher Calling  Series
See part 1
See Part 2
STEP 3: Transmute the WALL into a BRIDGE

Eliminate the attachment to negate from your vocabulary and mindset.
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Eliminating the negatives does not mean to be in denial or to become a Positive Polly (Pollyanna).
Shamans understand that perception creates reality. The reason you are seeing an insurmountable wall is not because there is a wall or it is in fact, insurmountable. Your beliefs and learned limitations are interpreting your circumstances right now and BUILDING this wall.
That’s why you don’t have to take a hammer to it or stay imprisoned behind it. There is a third option. BEND the wall into a Bridge.
To do this, first you need to let go of the negative interpretations that are painting your situation as an obstacle. By assuming responsibility as a creator, you BEND the wall toward you.
You say “this has to do with me, I’m creating this.”
The second way you BEND the wall is precisely by bending your perception.
“If I an creating this with my interpretation […]

Mar 072014
Stories to celebrate Women's History Month

Three magical stories
from the Sacred Feminine to celebrate
Women’s History Month with your girlfriend!

As a priestess of the Goddess, I love to create stories where the gifts of the Sacred Feminine unfold, wrapping around you like the scent of fresh roses, inspiring and uplifting you and awakening the Goddess in you.
For Women’s History Month I want to celebrate your Herstory by giving you a discounted bundle of three stories, all with strong female characters facing doubt and challenges. Not only I’ve discounted the bundle, but for this month only, I’m giving you a “Give one, Get One” (two-for-one) discount, so you can share the stories with your best friend.
These Sacred Stories Transmissions are a combination of good fiction reading with shamanic journeys. They transmit new frequencies and open new windows of possibility in your psyche, allowing for instant changes gracefully unfolding without time or effort, which is what we all need in these complicated, accelerated times.
This story bundle includes:

Joy and the Goldfish (fantasy)- this is the first story in a series called MagicMark your Life Story created to help […]

Feb 262014
You miss what you don’t receive!

I’ve been observing that many people ~way more than I had realized~ do not KNOW how to receive. They have issues asking for help, delegating, receiving, collaborating or being vulnerable enough to engage others to support them. They may even be actively repelling what they want without even realizing it! If the fine Art of Receiving is lost to you, then what you are missing or not manifesting may be a direct result of what you are not receiving.
You may be unknowingly generating an impoverishment in your relationships, wealth, success, love and even in your health! You may be working hard to manifest on the one hand and on (and with) the other hand, rejecting all the help the universe is providing you to make your dreams come true.
In this article series I’m revealing what the Art of Receiving is, how to activate it and how to employ it in the improvement of your relationships, wealth, success, love and health.
Busting the Seven False Myths About Receiving
Under our incapacity to receive, there are several False Beliefs or myths operating. I […]

Feb 132014
The World you Dream

I was participating in a webinar series for Social Entrepreneurs facilitated by Ryan Eliason and was deeply moved by the vision he inspired us to seek during the first webinar. I’ve been ambivalent as to what to use as the  motivator for my New Year Growth Plan. Should I focus on being specific with the numbers in my goals or nurture a compelling  vision, that taps into my desire and ignites my passion? Ryan helped me understand and heal my ambivalence. His prompt to create a compelling vision remind me of the difference between my Sacred Feminine and my Sacred Masculine.
Making goals I can measure is practical and convinces my logical mind  and Sacred Masculine that I’m doing something “real”.
But “real” for my soul, my Sacred Feminine is something totally different. It is about a compelling vision of my gifts transforming the world to make it the world I Dream of.
It is about moving my heart into action through inspiration and about feeling passionate enough to get up every morning singing and dancing because I’m doing what I’m doing.
Ryan Eliason […]

Feb 102014
Monday Meditation: Interpretation

A friend called me early today. She woke me up.
“Have you seen outside the window?”
“No, I just opened my eyes. Let me see.”
I went to the window and was captured by a sense of awe, by the magic of a world dressed in white, the trees slowly dancing to a silent music, the sky vibrating with tiny snowflakes that joined into a luminous mantle as they reached the ground. Their beauty was breathtaking.
“There’s a snowstorm. It’s a mess out there. I didn’t bring my snow boots, so I’m stranded. It’s going to be like this all week. What a disaster!”
My friend kept on complaining, but her comments were so incongruent with the beauty and the wonder of the world I was seeing, that I hurriedly said goodbye.
I sat by the window contemplating the silent white trees with a smile. An immense feeling of gratitude swell up from my heart and spread through my body.
So much beauty.
The presence of The Divine.
How magical the world is!

And then it dawned on me that we often protest the strongest when we face the greatest […]