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Mar 172015
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Is this You?

Are you trapped inside your Caterpillar Self or

ready to fly into your Butterfly Self?

Self-assessment tool

butterfly-metamorphosis2Each of the areas below has 10 items, each worth 1 point. The more points you have in any area, the more your Caterpillar Self is dominating and your Butterfly Self is being held back.

Click to here read about your Journey from Caterpillar Self to Butterfly Self

A. Power, Career and Money

1. There must be a key ingredient missing from your Power Pie because you really don’t feel powerful —though you know that you are not powerless.

2. You feel like the Brave Dutch Boy, perpetually with your finger in the hole, dealing with emergencies and crisis. How can you take time to strategize, to reflect on your career, to create systems for your business?

3. You can’t find a way to position yourself in your field. What is your uniqueness? What value do you bring to others? How are you different from other experts or service providers?

4. Being the boss for you seems about sending others to do the real job while you spend your time thinking. Is that why you are passed for promotion? Is that why even after creating a business you treat yourself as an employee?

5. You are paid less than men in your same position and with similar qualifications, or you haven’t even investigated. You simply accepted the first salary they offered you without negotiating.

6. You haven’t asked for a raise in ages.

7. Your relationship with money is a love-hate, hunger-anger relationship.

8. You thought that if you did your job well, the supervisor would notice and you would get promoted. But that’s not what’s happening.

9. At the rate your money is growing, you won’t have enough for your retirement years. But what can you do?

10. The only way you know to grow your money is to work more hours.

Caterpillar feels like an incomplete being. She works hard and is always ravenous, with an insatiable hunger that does not end; yet she cannot believe that she could fly, so she keeps crawling.

Break free from old programming that holds you back and get your well-deserve, rightful piece of the pie!

B. Success, Visibility, Fulfillment

1. You struggle every time you have to present something or stand up for your opinions in a meeting.

2. You feel intimidated by all the competition, loud voices and confidence that the men in your company display in meetings, so you stay quiet.

3. You feel that you are not ready or not good enough yet to come out into the world with your company, brand or project. You keep getting more certifications and fixing this and that before you step into visibility.

4. You have done excellent projects, are well-known in your field and are seen as an innovator. Yet, you do not FEEL like a success.

5. You are not doing what you love to earn money. Or you are not doing it in a way that makes you happy. Others may see you as successful, but you are not truly fulfilled (fully filled)

6. You do all the work and others take the credit.

7. You can do 10 times better than those men playing in the big stages of your field. Yet, you are afraid to go for that center-stage position. You hold back. You play small.

8. You see your dream or goal as something “out there” —far away, that you have to work very hard to achieve.

9. You are not there yet, you cannot claim success.

10. You are afraid that success will come at too high a price: loss of love, rejection, loneliness, overworking, self-betrayal.


“Let me camouflage myself so that others can’t see me and eat me,” is Caterpillar strategy. She stays hidden, working in invisibility; looking at radiant butterfly flying and getting all that nectar, and sighing. “Let me work a little harder, try a bit better,” Caterpillar says. Secretly, she believes that she doesn’t have what it takes.

Stop waiting for perfection and embrace your Imperfect Perfection. You are perfect for your purpose right now, just as you are. Shed the Caterpillar Identity and step up!


C. Self-expression, Creativity, Your Unique Gifts and Value, Your Life Purpose

1. You struggle with expressing your message. When you try to say it you sound fake or it sounds pretentious.

2. You know that you have a strong message. You know it because you have a passion. But you don’t have clarity about what your message is. The truth is that you haven’t taken the time to figure it out.

3. You cannot believe that your message is that important or unique. Probably there are dozens of people saying the same thing. Probably everybody knows this. It’s just common sense, not such a big deal, right?

4. You enjoy your gifts so much! You love to write, do arts and crafts, draw, sing, play music, tell stories, explore the stars, study cell behavior… whatever it is that brings you fully alive. But that could never be a way of earning a living, right? Work is dull and based on duty, not delight.

5. You long to share your gifts with the world to make a living. But you are clueless on how your talents could become a concrete service. So you keep doing something else to make money while you figure it out. But you don’t have that much time left to figure it out.

6. You see people who are making money from what they love to do. It’s obviously possible. But it doesn’t seem real that YOU could make this happen. (Why? It’s as if you did not DESERVE it.)

7. You are going to finish or publish your book, to open a website to sell your art, to create a blog to share your message. Sure, you are thinking about it. You spend most of your time browsing the internet and studying others who have done it. But you are not ready. You need to do more, learn more, prepare more. (Why? You don’t feel that what you are and what you know is enough.)

8. What is the value you bring to the world? That sounds so big. All you do is design jewelry, make clothing, help people heal. What’s the big miracle on that? Then thousand others do it. Sure, your stuff looks different. But that doesn’t mean that you know the unique value and style you bring, the brand you ARE.

9. Tooting your own horn seems arrogant and conceited. How can you go out there and tell others how good you are or why they should buy your services or products? You feel slimy and vain.

10. What does it mean, to embody your purpose? When you look at women like Oprah you see how she is a Goddess. She is the expression of her purpose. She is the brilliance of her highest potential. Not you. There’s a long way to go for you. But secretly, do you ever see yourself there? More likely, you feel that you can do more or do better. But you don’t feel that you can BE your brilliance.

Caterpillar Self works hard, but invisible and unrewarded. She keeps procrastinating the embodiment of her purpose, though her Soul is crying to share her gifts and do meaningful work that ignites her passion. She does not feel good enough.

Learn how women have been trained and seen as Caterpillars and what you need to release your Caterpillar Self and join the Butterfly Women who are creating a powerful change in the world.

Learn how to become Butterfly Woman, so that you can illuminate the world with your brilliance while you live and work ecstatically.


D. Leadership, Influence, Authority

1. Are you allergic to the word “leadership”?

2. Do you associate it with control, pyramidal hierarchy, manipulation and greed

3. Or do you associate it with too much hard work carrying the weight of the world?

4. Do you feel that in order to be a leader you need to be bossy, competitive or a control freak.

5. Is it hard for you to speak authoritatively, even when you know what you are talking about?

6. Do you shrink when others question your authority or the validity of what you say?

7. Does authority seem something that overwhelms you, that’s too big or heavy for you?

8. Do you distrust your experience, knowledge or expertise?

9. Do you fail to see your impact of influence in the world?

10. Do you want to help others, to reach more people, but shy away from taking a stance and positioning yourself as a leader in your field?

Caterpillar grows enormously. It releases its old skin five times, growing up to 300 times its original size. But as long as it sees itself as an ordinary Caterpillar, it will not grow its wings from the inside out. It will not realize that it is butterfly.

Become a  Butterfly Leader and change the world by following your  heart. Become an influential force in the world without losing your soul, selling out or carrying other people’s weight.


E. Relationships, Time, Attention, Happiness


1. You are an extra in the movie of your life and everyone else has top billing.

2. Most of your time is focused on other people.

3. You have not shared your dream, purpose or true self with anyone, you keep it hidden from family and friends. You are undercover in your own life.

4. You have no one who supports you in your dream. You are the support of everyone else in your life. But you have no support for yourself.

5. Your calendar is full of things you do for others and with others. YOU are absent from your own calendar. There is no appointment there for self-care, for writing that book, for creating your dream. Or if you put it, you give it up for anything else.

6. You feel guilty when you take time and space for yourself.

7. The only way you get attention for yourself is when you create drama.

8. You are afraid that if you share what you really, really want with your loved ones, they will not accept you.

9. You don’t personally know anyone who is doing what they love and living the life they want.

10. You frequently complain, but you are not changing your habits, time management or relationship dynamics to change that which you do not like in your life.


Caterpillar Self is an extra in the movie of her life, where everyone else: boss, husband, kids, parents, friends and neighbors get priority… all except her. She has no time for herself or her dream… and she is wilting, hurting, exhausted maybe even sick.

If this is you, break out of your shell and grow wings! 


  • What is the transformation possible for you?
  • Can you really create the life you dream?
  • Can you really share your gifts with the world and make a living?

Start to release sacrifice and struggle and allow delight into your life, so that you can be the light by following delight ~becoming a Butterfly Woman.



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About Maria Mar

Maria Mar is a Sacred Storyteller and shaman who champions you to change your old limiting story to create the new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. She helps you awaken your magic, express your creative genius, embody your purpose and live your potential now.

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