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Aug 072014
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Shamanic Teachings


Are you Domesticated into Failure?


This week I want to share with you one of the essential shamanic concepts I teach to help people break free from the limitations that hold them back.

This is the concept of the Domestication Trance.

Groups, cultures, societies and even institutions usually adopt a shared Consensus Trance that homogenizes the culture so that they can work together. Some examples of this Consensus Trance may be:

  • We belong together because we are all equal
  • We are superior than those other people
  • If we do this, we are good; if we do that, we are bad
  • Work is a virtue

Chief among the Consensus Trance is what some shamans call the Domestication Trance. You can see it as the Shadow of socialization.

Socialization is a process that helps you as a child to make sense of the world, to develop values and character, live in community, share your gifts with others, help others and work in collaboration. It allows you to become a responsible, valuable citizen in the world.

Unfortunately, together with this gift, comes a Shadow aspect of socialization. Your elders, family, culture, community and even the culture of your time also pass on to you false beliefs, old, outdated interpretations, negative expectations, prejudices, inherited fears and other limiting perceptions that are embedded in your childhood’s psyche.

This Shadow Inheritance keeps you from growing, from being who you truly are and from tapping into your full potential. This part of socialization is what some shamans call the Domestication.

Once you begin to see the world according to these interpretations, you are trapped in the Domestication Trance. Now you are an adult and believe that you are finally free to make your own decisions and create the life you want.

However, as you grow and build your life, you notice that your life does not go according to plan. ):

  • You do not do things you truly want to do.
  • You avoid things you desire.
  • You sabotage your own plans.
  • You keep repeating habits that are detrimental to your happiness.
  • You work hard, but your actions are ineffective.

As a result, you feel that your dream is far away, perhaps impossible. You feel inadequate and you wonder why others succeed and you keep failing.

Imagine the Domestication Trance as a neighborhood map that you inherited. It shows you how to chart your way through life, but only following the paths that your family, elders and culture have discovered and approved.

The problem is that life moves forward, not backward. If you follow a map of the past, you can’t address the present in the way you want and you can’t create a different future. You keep repeating the past in the present. You are trapped!

But because you learn to interpret specific things within specific scripts, you can’t see new ways to respond to these situations.

Most people live in a world they inherited and truly believe that this is an objective reality. They do things the way that they were taught to do them, even if they are not getting the results they want.

You need to develop the practice of Conscious Living.

Become conscious of your habits. Become conscious of the thoughts running through your head all day long. Become conscious of the emotions that you entertain most often. Become conscious of the tiny voice within you that shows you a different way, of your intuitive wisdom.

As you develop Conscious Living, you begin to see new possibilities because you are not taking your habits and beliefs for granted; as reality.

You are conscious that this is just a thought, an interpretation, not reality. You realize that what you are feeling  just an emotion you respond with often (your Primary Emotion), not necessarily what others intend for you to feel.

This consciousness is the first step for personal growth and a requisite for Personal Freedom.



I am working right now in a course that helps you free yourself from the Domestication Trance and other layers of learned limitations that hold you back. Get in the mailing list and I’ll send you a discount coupon when the Take your Goddess out of your Suitcase Course is ready.


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About Maria Mar

Maria Mar is a Sacred Storyteller and shaman who champions you to change your old limiting story to create the new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. She helps you awaken your magic, express your creative genius, embody your purpose and live your potential now.

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