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Feb 262014
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I’ve been observing that many people ~way more than I had realized~ do not KNOW how to receive. They have issues asking for help, delegating, receiving, collaborating or being vulnerable enough to engage others to support them. They may even be actively repelling what they want without even realizing it! If the fine Art of Receiving is lost to you, then what you are missing or not manifesting may be a direct result of what you are not receiving.

You may be unknowingly generating an impoverishment in your relationships, wealth, success, love and even in your health! You may be working hard to manifest on the one hand and on (and with) the other hand, rejecting all the help the universe is providing you to make your dreams come true.

In this article series I’m revealing what the Art of Receiving is, how to activate it and how to employ it in the improvement of your relationships, wealth, success, love and health.

Busting the Seven False Myths About Receiving

Under our incapacity to receive, there are several False Beliefs or myths operating. I want to bust those myths today.

Don’t you love that POP! sound? It’s so liberating! LOL

  • Myth No. 1: To ask for help is a show of weakness
  • Myth No. 2: To receive puts you in a weak position
  • Myth No. 3: You should do it all alone and with great effort
  • Myth No. 4: You make it happen
  • Myth No. 5:  Giving is nobler than receiving
  • Myth No. 6: Depending on others is hazardous
  • Myth No. 7:  All I have to do is work hard to make it happen

Myth No. 1: To ask for help is a show of weakness

Many of us believe that to ask for help shows that we cannot cope, that we are not capable of doing the task. We then believe that others will judge us as less competent and weak. They will consequently despise, reject or devalue us.

Wow! That’s a mouthful to digest, and if you’ve been churning this morsel for years in your poor stomach, no wonder you may be developing an ulcer!

The truth to burst that myth

  • The truth is that no one succeeds alone.
  • The truth is that we are all connected and interconnected.
  • The truth is that People ~not individuals~ manifest anything and all things, regardless if it’s one person who wants it.

If you believe this myth, then you also probably believe the rest of the myths. No wonder you are working alone, without support! No wonder you keep going in circles, and can’t go past a set point!

If we are one, and no one succeeds alone, you are in effect isolating yourself and rendering yourself incapable of manifesting your purpose. Let’s use two metaphors to help you see this.

  • A drop in the ocean: You are a drop of divinity in the ocean of humanity. Each drop is a holographic fragment containing the force of all the ocean; but no drop works alone. The ocean’s indomitable power comes from the synergy of all drops working together, creating the ebb and web of its phenomenal power.
  • A cell in the body: Your body is an organism with about 100 trillion cells, give and take. Many of these cells are specialized as organ cells, bacteria and so on. But they work together to keep you living, working, health and growing. When a cell works alone and in isolation, you are in trouble.

You exist in Oneness

These are only two of the infinite examples we can take from nature that show you that everything is interconnected and nothing works alone in the universe. This believe in extreme independence and isolation is behind lots of our current problems, including our separation from nature and our climate disasters.

People ~not individuals~ manifest anything and all things, regardless if it’s one person who wants it… because your needs or desires are a part of ~not apart from~ the needs and desires of the organism called humanity, planet and universe.

So where did you get the idea that asking for help makes you weak?

From the myth of competition and the survival of the fittest which has been toot in the development of patriarchy for the last centuries and now has been proven so wrong in so many levels!

Update your view on receiving by releasing this old false myth.

This False Belief is detrimental to you because it makes you judge yourself as weak for being human and to punish yourself into isolation, becoming incapable of doing what you want to do and what you came here to do.

This False Belief results in you being unable to complete your manifestation or fulfill your purpose and then ~adding salt to injury~ it makes you blame yourself even more for not being able to do it!

Substitute this myth with the truth that you as a human are a social animal meant to work in community, and you are also a drop of divinity working together with all the other drops in the ocean of humanity to create a growingly better universe.

We are one.



Myth No. 2: To receive puts you in a weak position

Once we dismantle the myth of separation, this domino tower of myths comes crumbling down. This second myth makes no sense in a vision of the universe as One.

In a Universe that is One, giving and receiving are simultaneous. Does the water give life to the earth or the earth gives support and a channel to the waters? Do the rocks give support to the trees or the trees feed material to the stones?

There is no weaker or stronger sides in an organism that is sustaining itself.

Why should humans be any different? Only a destructive system of belief that wants to keep us fighting each other to keep everyone weak can offer such lie.

The truth to burst that myth

This is not a metaphor. It is known among energy healers that the right hand is connected to the left brain hemisphere and Shiva energy and emits an outward moving electric flow.The left hand, in contrast, is connected to the right brain hemisphere and to Shakti energy and emits an inward-attracting magnetic flow.

When a healer wants to move the flow through your body, for example, she will place her right hand on the area with more energy or healed energy and her left hand on the area she wants to charge or heal. The energy will flow from the former to the later area.

Distrust, separation and Vibrational Mismatches

The reason why you believe that receiving puts you in a weak position is because you do not trust other people’s giving. You believe that if they give you, then you are indebted and they will want to collect. This would indeed place you in a weak position.

But if you are trapped in this belief, you fail to appreciate that we all need to be needed. The people around you are eager to give to you, to help you. They NEED to do this. If we are not needed, we feel useless and it depletes us.

You both are in a stronger position.

This is true, however, only if you ask from an open heart and with clarity of what you  need and why and if the other person gives unconditionally, also from an open heart and a desire to be of use.

Consider whether you are asking from an open heart and the other can give from an open heart. If the energies match vibrationally, then both are richer. If they do not, that’s when the exchange is unequal, unclear and unhealthy.


Myth No. 3: You should do it all alone and with great effort

Oh my Goddess! This is one of the most destructive beliefs I’ve been challenged with in my life. It doesn’t make it any easier that it is one of the most popular beliefs humans carry.

This belief comes from two sources: the first is cultural values and the second family dysfunction. Of course, one leads to the other.

In many cultures, the extreme individualism of the west is not well-seen, and in those cultures this myth may not have such a stronghold.

But in the west, it is epidemic.

The admiration of the individual hero who is fiercely independent, changes the world and triumphs above all odds is the standard of success in our culture.

Against that superhero standard, our families measure us. But there’s one catch. While they admire superheroes, they don’t support them. Most families want the children to do as they are told, follow orders and conform to the needs of the collective. They actually punish children for doing what they want and following their dreams.

You grow up believing that you need to do it all alone and with great effort, because ultimately you will not only NOT have the support of those around you: they will make it difficult for you to succeed.

That’s a recipe for struggle, oppression and failure… and even if you succeed, you’ll be miserable, so who would want to succeed in this environment?

The truth to burst that myth

The truth is very different.

In every age and culture there have been great men, geniuses or heroes who have challenged the way things are and through genius and persistence have succeeded in changing it.

But they have NOT done it alone. Remember the saying that “behind every great man there is a great woman?” It could also read: “behind every great man there is a community of people helping, supporting and making it happen.”

Most geniuses who make new inventions or discoveries are standing on the shoulders of the geniuses who came before them. They also stand on the shoulders of those workers who implemented their findings to make them usable in different areas, affordable, etc.

I will repeat this: NO ONE succeeds alone.

Alone is an illusion. You are ALL ONE

Don’t get me wrong, achieving anything worthwhile requires effort. But that’s not the same as struggle.

Substitute this belief with the knowledge that you are never alone.

It birthed you into existence for the purpose you desire, gave you all you need to achieve it and brings to you every resource, ally and tool you need to create it…. If you open your heart and hands to receive it.

Alone is an illusion. That is why many spiritual traditions have expressions reminded us of and returning us to Oneness. Here are two:

In’ lak’ esh = “I am another you” or “I am another yourself”. (Mayan)

Namaste = “The Great Perfection within me honors the Great Perfection within you”. (Indian/Hindu)



The next article, You don’t make it happen but you can help it happen, busts the other four myths that stand on the way for you mastering the Art of Receiving.

In the third article in this series, “Are you Receiving-impaired? 10 actions in the Art of Receiving” we will look at the 10 actions that empower you to manifest and I will include a self-assessment tool to check if you are receiving- impaired ~which would disable your capacity to grow beyond a set point, complete your manifestation or attract the right resources.

In the fourth article in this series, Match the Vibration for Manifestation, you will have a chance to go deeper and farther to assess and transform the vibration you are now generating in order to match the vibration of what you want and attract it to you. This is a premium article. $5.00


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