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May 072013
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You are the embodiment of

the Goddess Mother Creatress

You are the embodiment of the Goddess Mother CreatressWoman is the human embodiment of Earth as the Goddess-Mother-Creatress force. That is the core reason why patriarchal society has historically treated the Earth as an extension of women —or viceversa; a resource to be owned, exploited and devalued.

This is a series of three posts. Read the first one here.

Earth and woman have suffered similar wounds. These wounds are the result of the devaluation of the Sacred Feminine.

The Fate of Earth and Woman

Some of these wounds are.

  • Rape. Women have been raped for profit and for a false sense of power in men, as the Earth itself has been savagely raped for profits.

I saw the hole they had left in your womb, Great Mother.

They mined the light from your entrails

to crown their own glory.

I cried for you, Great Mother, and for myself.

For I too have been raped and ravaged

for their semblance of glory.

When I look into you ransacked soil and broken stones

I feel the betrayal I carry in my womb and my bones.


  • Taken for granted. Women nurture the family physically and emotionally. Without us, there would be no family, no future and no humanity. But like Earth, our nurturance is taken for granted and sometimes poisoned with violence, devaluation, financial inequality and other forms of exploitation.

The trees were gone, your nerves shattered, Amazonic Mother.

The treesterectomy was massive

It eradicated the miracles of your medicine

the green laughter that made your children happy.

The good food with which you nourished us.

Your love was also exterminated

your luscious, delicious, flowering love

And the rainbow of harmonies, your song

Your beauty was stolen.

All your gifts were gone.

They disappeared

into a few pockets.

They became commodities.

Like me, you served in love

and you were ransacked and enslaved in return.


  • Our human rights violated. Historically women have been reduced to an object that can be owned; and they still are in many places. Our rights have been revoked to keep us as slaves. Even in the modern west world, we constantly have to be on our guard to protect our rights, or they can be taken away again. Just as they’ve done to women; men have appropriated the Earth as a property to be sold or rented. They have appropriated the land, the trees, the gems, and the raw matter for massive profits. Even the seeds have been appropriated for the profits of a few, as if we owned the Earth!

Does their greed have no end?

Every day they take, take, take.

They take the air, the space, the water, land and light.

Little men with big, hungry, endless pockets.

Devouring all the beauty, abundance and love.

And we, all of us, drinking insatiably

without gratitude, without measure,

not thinking, not caring

that we are your children, not your owners.

That when we steal from you,

we steal from our own children.

That when we destroy you,

we destroy ourselves.

We no longer remember that we came from your womb.

We have orphaned ourselves.

I see your amputated body, Great Mother,

your empty wells and dried-up lakes

and I see myself and my sisters,

our bodies shamed and cut off

our youth consumed

every drop of energy, every second,

consumed without return

to pour into this endless hunger

that will not be fed.


  • Our love is abused. Women bring beauty, harmony, relaxation, compassion, love and interconnectedness into our environment and relations; but these gifts can be taken without appreciation and have been used against women, making us feel that we are not entitled to take time for ourselves; that it is selfish. In the same way, we take all the healing, harmony, nurturance, beauty and life gifts from our environment and then waste the resources, diminishing earth and its creatures.

I make a stand today, Great Mother.

A stand for my beauty, my love, my gifts.

I pledge to value them.

I pledge to replenish them.

I pledge to value you.

I pledge to replenish you.

To give generously to myself,

to occupy my physical existence without guilt or shame.

To never again allow my worth to be diminished,

my time to be ransacked.

My gifts to be taken for granted.

I make a stand today, Great Mother

to restore the greatness of


in my heart, for myself,

and in all my children.


Poem by Maria Mar (c)2013


Spring is starting. This is a powerful moment to pause and renew yourself. As you do, bring this reflection into your heart and allow your Heart-based Wisdom to illumine the answer to this question:

How do I train my family and community to appreciate me as a free human, a woman and mother and how does this restore their connection to Earth Mother?


In next week’s post, I will share how you can joyfully assert your Earth-Mother-Woman rights and help your family and community to honor the Sacred Feminine.




Read the third part of this article, “Joyfully Assert your Right to Happiness“.


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About Maria Mar

Maria Mar is a Sacred Storyteller and shaman who champions you to change your old limiting story to create the new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. She helps you awaken your magic, express your creative genius, embody your purpose and live your potential now.

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