Feb 182015

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Mother Earth Totem
Enjoy this exquisite wood carving by Veronica (Ronnie) Sexton. I see it as a totem calling us to the Healing of Gaea.
Here are the words of the artist.
“Mother Earth-Gaia, She who has given us every meal that we have eaten, the air that we breath the water that we drink. In ancient times we knew this and we worshipped and honoured Her. We knew Her rhythms and Her cycles. The leaves set in resin represent Autumn one of the four seasons. Just as there are days in the week, seasons in the year, we are now living in the age of Kali Yuga the last of the quarter of a larger cycle. We are living in a time of great change and destruction on this planet. The rocks that sit in drops are the tears of sadness for the rape and abuse caused to Mother Earth-Gaia almost to the point of Her complete destruction.
“The sculpture Mother Earth is carved as a reminder of the never ending love She has for us Her children. We have free will, so […]

Oct 052014
Prayer: Your Life Prayer

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Sunday Prayer:
Your Life Prayer

This is a prayer that you can create and recite every day to align yourself with your brightest potential and generate the vibrational frequency for the life you want to live. This prayer helps you to live the best version of you. You will find the questions that guide you to create the prayer below this example, which is my Life Prayer.

 My Life Prayer

I walk in peace and presence.
I am Love.
I vibrate at the frequency of health and harmony.
I bring the gifts of magic, freedom and creativity.
I see the beauty.
I receive the wonder.
I ride the magic
and write the poems.
I grow in wisdom
and dance in grace
speaking the stories that my soul wants to tell.
I serve spiritual creative women who long to share their gifts with the world
I create Butterfly Waves
that awaken humanity
to its brightest potential
and heal this beautiful Earth.
I receive flowers, wealth, allies and appreciation
to support me in my journey.
I am the Dream Alchemist
Maria Mar
Maria Mar (c) 2014
New York, NY
Instructions to write your Life Prayer:
1. Copy the questions or copy/paste the table with questions and samples.
2. Answer each […]

Oct 042014
Poem: The Song of Grace

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Saturday Poem:
The Song of Grace

 Sing it. Clap with the words. Enjoy!


Don’t run, dance!
Dance! Dance! Swing!
Swing! Swing! Drum!
Drum! Drum! Sing!
Why go through life
with rush and routine
when you can ride
the magic that is?
The magic that shines
in all that is.
The magic that comes
deep from within.
The magic that is
your Sacred Being.
Don’t run, dance!
Dance! Dance! Swing!
Swing! Swing! Drum!
Drum! Drum! Sing!
Why go through life
with grief and hunger
when you can create
all that you long for?
You are the creator
You are the star
And you have the grace
to live the joy
the joy that lives in
your Sacred Being.
Don’t run, dance!
Dance! Dance! Swing!
Swing! Swing! Drum!
Drum! Drum! Sing!
Laugh it out loud!
Maria Mar (c) 2014
New York, NY

This poem is the intellectual property of Maria Mar(c)2014 and is protected by international copyright law. No copy/paste, appropriation or distributions by any means is allowed. Please share this poem with friends by using the share buttons on this page. Thanks!

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Sep 202014
Poem: The Search for Greatness

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Saturday Poem
The Search for Greatness
She longed for it as she longed for the next breath.
That Greatness.
But when she attempted to walk towards it,
she felt like a little girl inside mama’s big high heels.
Yet, how alive she felt
as she gave each wobbly step!
Yes, she was scared.
She often thought “I must be crazy!”
After all, must people around her thought
that she had lost her mind reaching so high.
What if they were right?
She carried a huge, heavy bag of doubts.
It had was torn at the bottom,
so that at every turn, on every big move
a stream of doubts escaped
and threatened to drown her.
They muffled her voice.
They made her slip and fall.
They pushed her into dark places.
At these times she had to stop
and mend the seams of her bag,
hunt down the scattered doubts
and dump them back into the bag.
The labor was grueling.
It slowed her down.
It made her wonder if
she would ever get there…
To that place of Greatness.
And one day like every other day
she woke up with the clear realization
that she was that Greatness.
That she had been born into it.
That she was made from it.
That it unequivocally […]

Aug 022014
Requiem for a Tree

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Saturday Poem
Requiem for a Tree

It was as if it had never been there.
The ground was leveled,
so that no wound could be seen;
no gaping hole where it had once stood.
All the branches were surgically removed;
no stub left standing to give away the crime.
They thought that the job was finished.
The tree was no more.
But the Earth has memory.
They thought that once removed,
the tree was gone forever.
But the ferns that had grown under its shade
wilted and died of sorrow.
And the delicate flowers that had answered
the invitation of its shade
were now burnt by the merciless sun.
And the water that was kept on its leaves
now fell relentless, making puddles
and flooding other flower beds.
And soon the garden was no more.
They thought that once removed,
the tree was gone forever.
But creatures have memory.
The squirrels that played on its branches
grew restless and jumped into windows,
scared the neighbors
and were put to death.
The crows that did their covens
under its green temple
sought other places of reunion
and no longer cleaned the place of carrion,
so the stench grew.
The birds that flocked to the tree
to make my morning a glory
flipped their wings and circled in […]

Jul 292014
A thing of Quality

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Tuesday Tip
A thing of quality
A thing of quality is well planned.
It fits the environment like your glove fits your hand.
The details are well taken care of without breaking its flow.
It is created with ease and grace and it reflects this ease and grace as you see or interact with it.
Even when it is out-of-the-box, unusual, subverts the usual perception, rocks the boats or breaks the rules, it is presented with a kind of beauty that exalts the senses, opens the mind and pleases the imagination.
That is a thing of quality.
Are you creating things of quality?
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