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Jan 222013
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Why NOT You? The Secret of believing in your dream


Lady Gaga says: Don't ever stop believing in your dreams.In her weekend concert at Staples Center Lady Gaga paused in the middle of her performance and said:

“Five years ago I was still waiting tables in New York City. Don’t ever give up on your dream!”

Lady Gaga did it. Madonna did it. Oprah Winfrey did it. Salma Hayek did it. Thousands of other women have done it before and thousands will do it after. So why do you believe that YOU cannot do it? This article reveals what makes you doubt that your dream is possible and what steals your passion, leaving you flat, tired and defeated. If you want to get out of that trance, keep reading.

Come on, don’t try to look strong and like you have all your act together. Don’t hide behind excuses, lack of time and “I only have to do this first” scripts. Been there, done that. You can be honest with me. And above all you NEED to be honest with yourself.

Many strong, brilliant, creative and spiritual women look at those female icons and sigh with longing. Why longing? Why not enthusiasm that if they can do it, so can you?

Because you secretly belief that they could. But you can’t.

Myth Busting: Don’t let your Circumstances Ruin your Possibilities

Let’s rewind. Here’s five years before and Lady Gaga is waiting tables in New York City. What would have happened if she told herself: “I had a dream, but it’s not happening. Maybe I should do a reality check and get a real job.”

She would not be embodying her life purpose, inspiring BILLIONS of people to go for their dream and earning billions while having great fun. Ouch!

So you are not living your dream yet. So what? There’s always another day. And another. The dream only dies when you stop creating it every day. And why would you?

Because you are falling victim to a common, disastrous myth:

“I am my circumstances.”


Release this myth every day, with every breath in every act. Make it your mission to debunk it every time it rears its ugly head. That myth is your number one enemy. Not your circumstances.

You don’t have the results you want yet. So you look at your hands and you see them empty.


Your hands have a Sacred Blueprint that holds your:

  • Passions and causes
  • Skills
  • Talents and gifts
  • Experiences, and even your
  • Wounds and mistakes

This Sacred Blueprint is your Life Purpose.

Understand how all of your life is a Sacred Design that leads to your success, reveals your Life Purpose and connects to the service you came here to give, and your hands are no longer empty.


From Homeless to Artpreneur

This is what I did when I found myself homeless, having lost everything, even my clothing and tools. I looked at my hands and cried over what they had lost. But at that moment, my Spiritual Guides whispered:

“Look again.”

As I looked at the lines in my hands, I realized that I had a vast, unique spiritual wisdom, a powerful shamanic training with secrets of how to live an empowered, inspired life. These secrets allow me to see what remains invisible to most people, to transform my limitations into tools for mastery and to live an awakened, inspired life. Wow! How many people can say they have such a gift! I began to feel grateful and blessed immediately!

I then saw my beautiful creations and how they touch people. I saw my poetry and the ceremonial poems I create to transform people. I saw my moving storytelling and my performance skills and talents. What amazing combination of gifts! What a Unique Transformational Value I have; I am able to show people (not just tell, but SHOW) how they can change their lives. I can take them to the journey and make it creative and fun! I can inspire women. I can talk directly to the soul with the language of metaphors. How Yummylicious!

How could I ever have seen my hands as empty? At that moment, like never before, I felt how my hands were overflowing with vast treasures! And these treasures were unique to me and irrevocable. Nothing and no one could take them away, not homelessness, lack of money or any other circumstance. The only thief that could steal these treasures was me.

When I realized this my perception shifted magically. I stopped seeing my homelessness as an obstacle and saw it as my training. I began a new training to become an artpreneur and heal my war between creativity and money.

This shift of perception was so powerful that it motivated me to learn how to do my own websites, design my own products and create my unique services. Voila! I AM an artpreneur, the CEO of my own business where I use my creative gifts to help others, fulfilling my life purpose while making a living and living an ecstatic life!

You too can stop seeing your problems as insurmountable obstacles and see them as advance training for success and as opportunities to embody and deliver your life purpose.


 Your Unique Transformational Value

Look at the design of your life. Include the mistakes and the problems. Include where you are right now. All of it is part of the Sacred Design of your Success and Life Purpose. What does this design reveal?

  • What wounds have you transformed into your Personal Power?
  • What limitations have you overcome?
  • What specific circumstances did you grew up with or met early on life and how did they serve as your training ground?
  • What unique combination of passions, talents and experiences do you have as a result of this?
  • What is your Unique Transformational Value? The transformation that you bring to others in your unique way?
  • Who is going right now through similar limitations and could use your Unique Transformational Value?

Look at your hands again.

They are overflowing with riches.

Now go share them with your Tribe and prosper.



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Maria Mar is a Sacred Storyteller and shaman who champions you to change your old limiting story to create the new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. She helps you awaken your magic, express your creative genius, embody your purpose and live your potential now.

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