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Jan 182016
Do you hurt for your friend like this?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Is this you? Do you hurt for your friend like this? When women repel success Every few months I meet her and the minute she sees me her eyes light with a paradoxical mix of hope and desperation. As she walks towards me I ask myself “Will this be the time?” She barely says hi. She dives into a stream of complaints. You know that string. That’s how your friend goes on and on about what she really, really wants to do instead of the boring or grueling job she now has. You hear it every time you gals meet. You try to help her, but any suggestion you give is met with a “Yes, but…” After a while you get it that she is resisting to take any action on her own behalf, so all you can do is seat there patiently, listening to the streams of complains, wishes and dreams that you know will never happen. You listen because you love your friend. But for that same reason, it hurts like hell and you go home with a [Read more.]

Mar 242015
6 Elements of Stressful Living-Day 5: Povertizing

Reading Time: 4 minutes 6 Elements of Stressful Living and how to Live and Work Stress Free: Day 5: Povertizing This is a series of six articles. Get Day 1: Pushing here. Get Day 2: Rushing here. Get Day 3: Dutifying here. Get Day 4: Judgment here.   Povertization is the act of creating the conditions by which a sector of a population –let’s say women– are and stay poor. Povertizing yourself as I use it in this series has to do with learned limiting beliefs that come out of your own early –or cultural– experience with money and that keep you from achieving financial freedom. It is one of the most powerful and pervasive forms of stress in one’s life and work. Povertizing is the secret denial of money, wealth and financial freedom that we embed in our priorities, choices, interpretations and practices. Povertizing may take the form of splitting what you love to do from how you earn your money, so that you have to work more to get money. It may take the form of not maximizing the income you can [Read more.]

Apr 182014
Q&A: I can't afford your help

Reading Time: 15 minutes Q&A with the Dream Alchemist I’m worried that I can’t afford to get your help!   Today’s question comes from a beautiful woman whose soul is crying to embody her purpose and live a life of meaning. She is referring to my new group: Dream Crossover MasterSoul Group (beta). She took a courtesy session with me and I gave her a conscious living ritual called “Place the Horse before the Cart” to enable her to join the group. I’ve changed some of the question and circumstances to keep her identity anonymous , so let’s call her “Longing Heart” Question “What is the latest news on the group?  How much is the early bird discount? I’m worried that I may not be able to cover it and want to know the fee as soon as possible. Also, I can see a possible schedule conflict about being in the group for live evening meetings. My computer pretty much died and I’m using a laptop someone gave me, but I don’t have access to the outlook email where I kept all the links. [Read more.]

Apr 052014
Join my Dream Crossover MasterSoul Group for women

Reading Time: < 1 minute   Are you a woman at the edge of greatness? Are you hurting inside because you have a powerful purpose, a beautiful talent that you long to express in the world, but find yourself trapped in habits, dynamics or fears that do not allow you to embody that purpose fully right now? Do you have a clear purpose or passion that you’ve polished and feel strong in your expertise, but have no idea how to take this purpose or talent and design a business, project or practice that fully expresses it while generating abundant income for you? If you answer yest to two of these three questions,then you may be a perfect fit for my new Dream Crossover MasterSoul Group, a small group in which I’ll be helping spiritual, creative women to shape their purpose into a practice THIS YEAR.   I invite you to read the rest of my invitation at: http://dreamcrossover.com   Read the invitation and if it fits, Then you can request a 30-minute courtesy session to find out if this upcoming group, starting on April 27, [Read more.]

Oct 082013
How do you own your value?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Why is it so difficult as a woman to own your value? Why do you feel like an impostor, as Dr. Valerie Young revealed in her book, The Impostor Syndrome. If you doubt that the book you are writing will be purchased. If you doubt that your program will make a difference. If you doubt that you really are qualified to fulfill the purpose for which you were created… You are not alone. Women have a Herstory of being excluded as citizens and even humans, being denied the vote and their human rights for centuries. This Herstory is embedded in your cells, transmitted from your female ancestors. Even today, by modern standards, we are still the “Second Sex” as  Simone de Beauvoir observed in 1949.This is your social Herstory, which is then reflected in your family Herstory. Remember when your brother was playing baseball and you were washing the dishes? That’s still happening today. So no. You are not crazy or deficient. You are having trouble owning your value because you have a Herstory to heal and you are healing [Read more.]

May 142013
Joyfully assert your right to happiness

Reading Time: 4 minutes Joyfully assert your right to happiness This spring, joyfully, lovingly and creatively assert your right to be happy as a woman and in so doing, you will help your loved ones to value the Sacred feminine and reconnect to Earth. This is part of a three-part series. Read the first here. Read the second here. Your right to happiness is like laughter. It can be contagious. It is healing. But women have been embedded with the belief that when we are happy we are selfish, that when we do what we want, we are somehow stealing from our loved ones. The opposite is true. Your happiness is the best gift you can give others. Here are five rights that you can nurture in your life right now. The Right to be Be. You don’t have to work that hard. Everything you have to give to the world is contained in your presence, like fragrance in perfume. Click To Tweet The Sacred Feminine teaches that your gifts are embedded in your presence. Breathe deeply. Align with your heart and listen to [Read more.]

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