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Book Review: “Brand Legacy” by Angela Mayartis Johnson

Book Review: “Brand Legacy” by Angela Mayartis Johnson

The message in this book is essential to positioning ourselves as artists, entrepreneurs or professionals in this changing economy and Angela Mayartis Johnson explains it very well with a clear process and "Brandercises" to guide you step by step. This book will inspire, motivate you and empower you to express your authentic, best self and connect to your audience in the intersection of shared values.

About the Book
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Title: “Brand Legacy: Make your Mark

Author: Angela Mayartis Johnson

Genre: Non-fiction, Self-help, Business

Topics: Success, Business, Career, Branding, Marketing


The first time someone told me about developing my branding I thought: “I’m not a cow to be branded.” Like thousands of people I was totally ignorant of what branding was.

But as I’ve grown my business I have learned that branding is an essential element in your communication with your audience, your reputation, visibility, credibility and growth.

In the past years, however, I have realized that branding is not just for entrepreneurs, athletes or artists.

People who want to position themselves as leaders, to attract better salaries and ensure good jobs after college —basically every professional— needs to develop their personal and professional branding.

In today’s economy and corporate environment, a resume is not enough. Before people even see your resume they go on line and check… your branding.

In today’s job market, you are not being interviewed for a job. You are a brand with a reputation, uniqueness, skill-set and values that set the field for what you will be paid, how you will be viewed and what position you will be offered.

Here’s where “Brand Legacy: Make your Mark” by Angela Mayartis Johnson comes in.

BRAND LEGACY proofLike many professionals today, Mayartis left the corporate world to set her mark as an entrepreneur, and today she helps college students enter the work market, athletes transition into new lucrative businesses and professionals transition from employees to being their own boss by helping them develop what she calls their Brand legacy.

In her book Mayartis introduces the concept of PCM or Parallel Career Metamorphosis; the process or period of transformation from one state in your career to another via “thorough examination, definition of your life’s purpose, creation of a detailed plan, results-oriented actions and determination to see the transition take place.”

If you are in the job market, if you want out of corporate America to embody your purpose full time by doing what you love for a living; or if your current career is at an end for whatever reason; you need to master the process of PCM and to learn how to develop your branding. This book is your bridge in that transition.

Angela is organized, no-fluff, clear and concise in her delivery. She tells you what you need to do to develop your branding, guides you step-by-step through the process and entertains you with some inspiring stories.

“Brand Legacy” is a success mindset book, not just a business book. It helps you understand, organize and communicate the value you bring into the world in an easy, practical way that also motivates you.

Mayartis understands the point of intersection between your private values, dreams and stories and the values and dreams of your audience. Here are some of the points she makes, in my own words:

  • When you share your values, people recognize you as an influencer. You uplift and inspire them. They become your fans.
  • Knowing your brand and communicating it effectively helps you spot, attract and bond with people who share the values. You make better decisions and walk your talk. You can also sell your service or contribution more efficiently.

One of the concepts that I appreciated in the book was that of turning your negatives into positives.

According to Mayartis, you turn your negative into positives by remembering the negative experiences and how they impacted you and those around you and then turning that into a positive memory as you recognize how you moved away from it or how it made you change in a way that had a positive effect. In this way, you can turn the worst moments in your life into your success stories.

She also remarks that most of us are attached to our weak points and pay more emphasis on them than in our strengths. In creating your branding, you need to change that. She recommends that you spot your weaknesses to counteract them, but not to judge them. You focus on your strength and create strategies to neutralize or even turn your weaknesses into positives.

“In order to effectively establish a lasting brand, you must develop a mindset that you ARE a brand and not just a person… It does not mean that you become another person or that you are self-centered. It means that you are highlighting the things you want others to know about you in order to drive home your brand.”

The brand mindset seems weird at first, but when you follow the process, it is a creative, spiritual process that connects you to your authentic self, your life purpose and to the people you came here to serve.

In an age where every tweet, friend and image you have ever posted online can be seen when someone enters your name in a search engine; becoming brand conscious can be the difference between building an image, career, business and legacy that truly represents your best, or leaving an unconscious trail behind you that is a mismatch of comments and opinions that does not truly represent you.

Mayartis shows you the difference and helps you to create your Brand Legacy. She fully fulfills her promise in this book, which is an easy and worthy reading with “Brandercises” to guide you along the way.


Read more and purchase the book at her website:


I give this book 5 stars!

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

About the author:

Angela Mayartis Johnson is a dynamic motivational speaker who helps athletes discover their passion, brand their niche and build their legacy. Using clearly defined and applicable techniques in her MBA course work, Angela passionately empowers others to overcome fears and create pathways to their future. Mayartis Brand Academy is a speaking/training forum that was created to develop brands, assist entrepreneurs in realizing their dreams and building their legacy. It is Angela’s goal to help individuals define their “Why” and determine their goals, so they can live their dreams and make their mark.



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Maria Mar is a Sacred Storyteller and shaman who champions you to change your old limiting story to create the new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. She helps you awaken your magic, express your creative genius, embody your purpose and live your potential now.

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