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Dec 172013
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So many of us are held back by feelings of inadequacy when in reality we are perfect for our purpose, doing our very best and serving others with great value. The problem is not inadequacy. The problem is that we are using the wrong measure for our value and our success.

This is especially true of spiritual creatives and women, of inspirers, healers and transformers and of out-of-the-box creative geniuses ~like you and me. (Take a deep breath and let it in.)

  • If you want to measure the overall dimensions of a ball, do you use a straight, rigid ruler? No!
  • You get a soft measurement tape, like those used for fabric; a measurement that BENDS.
  • If you want to measure running water, do you use inches or centimeters? No!
  • You must use a measurement that is SENSITIVE to the weight, as well as to the speed and strength of the flow.

The same is true for your unique talents and gifts.

You cannot measure the value and effectiveness of what you do with standard formulas and numbers.

When your gift to the world is spiritual, emotional, transformational or creative, you cannot try to measure it with the straight, rigid rulers of quantifiable data or the same criteria that others ~like business, weight loss or financial~ services use.

Many spiritual creatives that are inspiring, beautifying and spreading love in the world feel that they are not doing enough and are not “really” doing service because they are not providing “results” ~and by this they usually mean measurable results, like more clients, less inches in the waist or more wealth.

In a creativity blog conversation I participated a while ago, a creative woman said “though as an artist I don’t provide a highly valuable service, like savings lives…”

Why is she comparing herself to an ER worker or a fireperson? What she, you and I give the world is just as valuable. We each have a gift, and we were designed to have the talents, disposition, personality and likes or dislikes that makes us perfect for our purpose. We don’t have to compare ourselves to anyone else!

Your needs and ambitions are not the measures of your value

It is good to have goals. It is inevitable to have needs. That’s human.

But in our society I notice a tendency to measure our value, worth and success based on our goals and needs. This leads only to feelings of inadequacy. Your needs may drive you. Your goals help you grow. But your worth lies at a deeper level.

If you are an artist in any field, you may want to reach millions of people and you may need to sell a number of pieces or books per month. That may be your financial goal or ultimate expansion goal. But that’s not the measurement of your worth or success.

If it were, you would write a bad book, slap three brush strikes together or do a 1-minute jiggle and sell them as art. You would spend less time in the quality so you could dedicate the rest of the time in reaching quantities. Why don’t you? Because the quality of your art, your creative process, your connection to life and to others, your presence and essence are the core of what you offer… and that’s not quantifiable.

Rather, you may want to measure your service in the degree to which you inspire your clients, in the degree to which you open their eyes to new perceptions, in the degree to which you entertain, make them laugh or help them get in touch with their humanity ~depending on your topics and style.

If you are a spiritual worker, like a spiritual teacher, energy healer, shaman or minister; measure your success in terms of how you connect your clients to their soul’s truth and help them value and honor their essence; on how you help them get in touch with their own self-healing, wise spirit.

There are ways of knowing that you are being effective in your impact, influence and service to the world.

  • Ask those around you or those you have served.
  • Get testimonies from clients, readers or fans.
  • Consult your own heart. Is it fully filled? Satisfied? Full of love? Grateful?
  • Look at the way you affect your community and environment. Is it a better place? More beautiful? Peaceful? Healthier? Loving? Harmonious?

By all means, find a way to know how you are doing. That helps you to know how you can grow and serve better.

But by the Goddess” sake! Don’t use a straight, rigid ruler to measure the depth and breath of your value.

The measurement that BENDS, that captures the INVISIBLE and RESONATES with the soul is the perfect measurement.



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About Maria Mar

Maria Mar is a Sacred Storyteller and shaman who champions you to change your old limiting story to create the new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. She helps you awaken your magic, express your creative genius, embody your purpose and live your potential now.

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