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Aug 302011
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Graphic of a child planting a small plant with the help of the parent. Be a parent to your own abundance.

Be a parent to your own abundance.

Inspirational Story about Creating Abundance

This is a true story. It is a story about the abundance that exists all around us. It is also a story about miracles and means. It is a story to help you place your attention in the cornucopia of plenty that exists in your life right now, even under the financial challenges you may be facing. This story tells you how to starve scarcity and and make abundance grow. The other alternative is to feed your places of scarcity until they grow, eating away your abundance. Which do you prefer?

When things are tough

Some time ago our black and white laser printer died. It was a good Panasonic printer, and I have relied on that brand for many of my electronics. It had printed our beautiful poems. It had carried our babies when they were crawling (I’m talking about our books, don’t be thinking we put the children in the printer!)): It had nurtured our dreams as we planned and strategized.  It had been a loyal printer. But it came to its final days and expired.

Though it had been a good, precise printer while alive, in death it had a really bad timing. At the moment we had every penny invested somewhere. We were extremely tight. Shoe string does not even begin to describe our budget.

The Alchemical Formula: Your manifestation signature

But I laughed and joked with the universe –which is my alchemical formula for manifestation.

–“Hey! Guys! We need another printer for today. Make it with ink, please. Thanks!”

That same day a friend to whom I told the story showed up with a printer. No kidding. His office was remodeling and he saw this  perfectly good printer pass him by in the way to the disposal area. He remembered me.  He asked the boss if they could donate the printer to a small business that needed it. The boss said yes and he showed up at our door with the printer! The Universe always over-delivers. It  never occurred to me to ask for priority direct delivery.

–“It has a half-way ink cartridge,” my friend said as he installed the printer. (Yes, we got installation service, too, for free!)

I smiled when he said that. Perhaps when I asked for the ink I should have been more specific. But I wasn’t about to complain.

The magic of that Hewlett Packard LaserJet printer has been alive for years now. That half-way ink cartridge lasted for months in the middle of our book writing. (And if you are an author, you know how many hundreds of printed pages that is.) But something even more extraordinary happened when it finally ran out.

When we bought the ink cartridge we were again in a tight budget, and my associate, who’s in charge of finances, said in a clear, committed and doubt-free voice (which is her alchemical formula).

–“This printer must last us for a long, long time!”

–“How about forever?” I joked.

This was a personal joke because I am always surprised when any supply ends and she tells me that I think that things last forever.

Miracles do happen. Have you seen your Abundance Miracles?

Well, friends, I am happy to share that it’s been more than a year and this ink is as good as new. We have printed drafts and drafts of our books, ebooks and the other products that have flowed creatively from our inner abundance to create a better world for others as well as for ourselves. We have printed black and white art. We have refined the plans and strategies for our dreams. We have written dozens of letters.

This is the Endless Ink.

To Create Abundance, Shift from Fear to Love

I share this with you because there is a lot of talk about scarcity going on. It is very scary when you lose your job and your resources are dwindling. Our survival instinct kicks in. We become desperate. We begin to act from fear. This is all natural. But there’s one problem with this picture.

Fear closes off your intelligence. I’m being literal. Fear closes off your cells to receiving the environmental clues that the Universe is sending you to guide you to that endless ink. When you look with the eyes of fear, you see only danger. You cannot see your allies because you confuse them with enemies. Fear creates fear. Fear creates wars. Fear does not solve problems. Fear dams the flaw of the Law of Abundance.

I share my Endless Ink story with you so that you create a discipline of placing your attention in RECEIVING the abundance that is knocking at your door, if you only would take out the lock. The lock can be fear. It can also be a belief in doing it alone and all by yourself.

The lock that keeps your door to abundance closed can be a consensus trance. If everyone around you says that there is no money. Do you believe it? If everyone around you says that you cannot make money doing what you love. Do you believe it? If everyone around you focuses on scarcity, disease, betrayal, gossip, envy, negative expectations and a pessimistic view of humanity. Do you believe it?

Believing and placing your attention in negative views and expectations of scarcity steals your connection to the flow of abundance. But it does something equally detrimental. It taints your eyes with fear and places you in the victim stance, struggling against a hostile world. This view divorces you from the Universe that is part of who you are.

Love is the energy sustaining all growth and connection in the Universe. Love is the seed of abundance. Our Universe is the extended version of us. Seeing the Universe as hostile and uncaring is like seeing your arm as an enemy when you pick up a knife and cut yourself. It is you who picked up that knife carelessly. It is you who, not paying attention or going too fast, injured yourself. Because you are co-creating the world at every step, your intentions, emotions, expectations and actions DO matter.

You can create out of fear, which generates contraction, death, conflict, defensiveness, separation, toxic emotions, scarcity and negative interpretations. Or you can create out of love, which generates growth, beauty, creativity, uplifting emotions, connection and abundance.

You are endless!

If this seems to0 abstract, perhaps you can see how real it is if you know about the chakras and the Human Energy Field (something that has been proven scientifically and even recorded in special photographs.) The Human Energy Field is the template for our physical body. Things happen first in our energetic templates and then become solidified in our physical body.

For those of you who know about the Energy Body, you may know that there are seven to ten Energy Bodies extending from our physical body outwards several feet. But have you seen that Energy Body fill an entire room? I have. That’s why I know that we don’t end anywhere. We continue.

You are endless. You are an intrinsic part of the universe. So am I. Therefore, we have available to us all the resources of the universe.

To call upon those resources, you need to do three things:

  1. Open yourself to RECEIVE. Fear closes your cells to the environment. Love opens you up to the infinite resources in your Universe. As you open to receive, be willing to let go of preconceived ideas and old ways of doing things. Be willing to release the past so that you can receive a different future. Be willing to learn and receive help from those who know more and have found new ways of doing things. RECEIVE love and change.
  2. Place your attention on the positive, on abundance, in your blessings. Why? Because energy follows attention, and if you feed fear and scarcity with your energy, especially with your emotional energy, you will create more of it. So focus on any and every blessing and plenty in your life. Practice Gratitude.
  3. Discover your alchemical formula and use it to summon your own Endless Ink, whatever that may be for you!

To find out what your alchemical formula is, you can book a Shamanic consultation with me or you can sign up to my blog. I’m creating a subscription section to share valuable tools with you. This will be the first one, and it’s coming soon. Stay tune by subscribing.

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About Maria Mar

Maria Mar is a Sacred Storyteller and shaman who champions you to change your old limiting story to create the new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. She helps you awaken your magic, express your creative genius, embody your purpose and live your potential now.

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