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Sep 072011
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Are you unable to manifest what you want?

Knock, knock!

If the door to your Dreams is not opening…

Get the Key!

If you are finding it impossible to make what you want happen in your life, it may very well be that you are not available for it.

Would you stay in the house of a hostess who has not made a loving space for you? I imagine you would not. I imagine that you would leave as soon as possible, feeling unwelcome.

In the same way, the Universe cannot send the energy of what you desire if you do not open a space for it in yourself and in your life.

The first Alchemical Key to open the flow of the Law of Attraction is availability. You cannot even begin to attract what you desire if you are not available for it.

Why? What does it mean to be available to what you want?

What is Availability?

Let’s go back to our opening metaphor. You have been invited to this person’s home. She pleaded with you to please come. She said she wanted and needed you. But when you get there, no one answers the door. Actually, there is a sign on the door that says:

“I’m not available right now.

I’m too busy doing XYZ.

Come back later.”

How would you feel? Unwanted. Tricked. Confused. Conned. Would you come back later? Not a chance!

The same will happen to that which you are summoning. You are calling in for something; be it your soulmate, prosperity, your life’s purpose, health or something else that you long for. You pray, visualize and do affirmations. But all of these actions create a similar situation; what you desires is “out there.” It is removed from you and you need to magnetize it somehow.

If you call in, but are not available when the energy begins to flow towards you, then your acts are saying that this dream or desire is not only NOT a part of you now; but it’s unwanted, foreign and even dangerous. You are repelling the frequencies of that which you profess to want.

“What do you mean ‘my acts.’ I’ve done nothing,” you may argument. Closing off emotionally and energetically is an action. It is an Internal Action.

Internal Actions are a type of actions generated by the Sacred Feminine, or your Shakti Energy (as opposed to your Sacred Masculine or Shiva Energy). Because we are so misinformed about power, we usually believe that the attributes of the Sacred Feminine make us too vulnerable and end up closing them off or devaluing them as weak.

When we do not want to be vulnerable or fear rejection, we close off, making ourselves unavailable. But availability is not just an “attitude.” It is not just “trying or thinking” about doing what you want. Availability is an opening of the heart chakra. To be available you need to be receptive.

Both Availability and Receptivity are Internal Actions stemming from a place of welcoming. Why would you invite something, but fail to receive it?

Because you are afraid.

Fear makes you unavailable

When you fear rejection or failure, for example, you close off. You may not believe that you are unavailable, but the minute an opportunity or ally moves close, you will repel it. Sometimes you may simply not see it.

Mary’s Story

Mary wants a boyfriend. She’s 30 years old and she’s had only one boyfriend. She keeps praying and visualizing a boyfriend, but nothing happens. She’s beautiful, sexy and a good person. Why doesn’t Mary have a boyfriend?

All I had to do was walk a couple of blocks with Mary to find out. She closed-off her energy field to any man that looked at her. There was a Fear/belief combo embedded in her Energy Field that pushed her attention away from potential boyfriends. When the man looked at her, Mary’s eyes and attention would move in the opposite direction automatically. She never even realized at a conscious level that the man was there and she was looking away!

The belief that we spotted was a polarity or Inner War between love and power. Through her Domestication Trance Mary learned to fear that men would take away her power, that she would lose her freedom if she married. This was ingrained unconsciously, so that Mary did not know she had this war inside. But the war acted subconsciously and automatically to close her off and repel any potential boyfriend.

When you close off you literally constrict your energy flow, blocking the flow of life. The Law of Attraction is part of this flow, so you are blocking what you are inviting forth.

Another key fear that makes you unavailable is fear of change. What you want is different than what you have, or you would not be longing for it. Therefore, it will create changes as it approaches. You will have to change things inside and around you if you want this.

But if you are attached to your habits and confused them with your identity, when change approaches, you will repel it. You will make yourself unavailable for what you want.

This begs two questions:

  • How are you not available?
  • How do you make yourself available for what you want?

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How do you activate the first Alchemical Key in your life, to open the flow of the Law of Attraction? How do you activate the Availability Key?

I’ve included three tools in this premium content to help you do just that.

  • · Article (below)
  • · Audio (60 minute MP3)
  • · Visualization Screensaver Art (easily downloadable)



Get the Key to your Dream!


To find out how to make yourself available, let’s examine six ways in which you make yourself unavailable for what you want. You need to find out how you are doing any of these. You can’t change what you do not see! Once you recognize how you do this, activate the Availability Keys below each Unavailability MO to release this blockage and make yourself available.


Unavailability MO 1: You are not in the present.
The flow of the LOA, just as the waves in the Field of Infinite Possibilities, follows your attention. If your attention is not here, then the waves of potential of your DreamSelf find themselves in a non-localized future or past. They cannot reach your present. They can only reproduce more of the past, or bring you more encounters like the ones in the past. If you want a new or better experience, you need to let go of the past. But what about the future? There are many potential futures, but they only vibrate to the frequency of the present. It’s like a tuning fork. Your potential tunes into the attention frequency of now. The present tunes-up the future. If you are focusing in the future, you may be avoiding the present. Are you scared? Are you judging and pushing yourself? Then you will tune into that type of future, and not the one you desire! In a word: unless you re-write the past in the present, you will get more of the past in the future.

Availability Key 1: To make yourself available for what you want, develop the power of your Presence. Be fully awake and present here and now. There are three habits that help you do this.

  • Breath of Life: Practice full, deep, slow breathing with your full body. You can do this in meditation, movement awareness, yoga or any other discipline that you like. Then bring this habit into your life, so that you catch yourself the moment your breathing becomes shallow. Constricting your breath is a sign that you are closing off.
  • Touching the World: Become a master of using your six senses to appreciate the beauty of this world, touch the truth and the texture of what is and enjoy the present moment. Writing poetry about your day helps you develop this art.
  • Developing Attention: Since energy follows attention, you need to be attentive to where you place your attention! Develop a habit of quickly bringing back your attention to the here and now.

Conscious Presence takes years to develop, and you need to practice it often every day. Once you have it, however, it brings the power of the Wizard and the Alchemist to your life. Watch how easily what you desire flows into your life!

Unavailability MO 2:You are not physically present. Your thoughts take you out of your body.
Only when something is localized in time and space can it become tangible and visible in our Earth dimension. Therefore, the flow of the LOA seeks the vibrational energy pattern of your body, already localized, in order to bring you more resources and allies. Your Energy Field is made of your thoughts, beliefs, emotions and expectations. The “tighter” these are held by you every day, the more “solid” they become. They become the software that runs your flow. If your thoughts constantly take you out of your body, however, you are like a runaway hostess. You have invited the guest, and then you’ve left the house! Your attention and thoughts cannot be localized in the present, and therefore you cannot manifest, for manifestation takes place as the non-localize waves arrange themselves in a localized spot, in the present.


Availability Key 2: Develop Body Intimacy

Practice a body discipline that you like and that helps you to communicate with your body. Most people have a dictator-rebel war in their relationship with their bodies. The mind wants to tell the body what to do: exercise, diet, look this way, don’t do this, don’t want that. Then the body rebels by wanting to do everything the mind represses.

To make yourself available for what you desire, you need to consciously inhabit your body. Instead of trying to control your body with your mind, trying to shape it to an ideal image, listen. Your body has an organic wisdom. If you become receptive to this wisdom, you can experience the dance of your cells, understand the language of your organs, feel when there is an imbalance in your systems and experience the patterns in your Energy Field. This will allow you to heal, transform and cultivate your energy patterns to attract what you want.

Listen to your body’s wisdom. Connect to your BodySoul to feel and honor your Personal Truth. Enjoy the creative expression of your body. Delight your body. Yoga, belly dancing or any type of dancing, Chi Gong or other gentle disciplines that stretch and energize the body while creating body awareness are your allies.


Unavailability MO 3: You are not receptive. Consider your vibrational frequency, which is related to your emotions. This charge magnetizes what you desire. If you are always running, in the “doing” mode; if you are constantly out of your body, thinking of the next thing to do, then your cells are spinning in “fast” mode. In that mode, there is little empty space to receive new input. Not to mention the damage you do to your cells by being always “on” –give it a rest! If you are always on guard, trying to prove yourself, talking, giving opinions, judging and trying to convince others, you are not receptive. What are you so afraid of?


Availability Key 3: Develop the Power of Receptivity

Practice deep, active listening. Deep listening is a way of listening with your whole being. You listen in breath. You listen with all your senses. You listen to the feelings and truth communicated in the voice and its vibration, rather than just the words. You listen with your eyes, to perceive the gestures and body language. And you especially listen with your heart, with deep empathy and compassion. Active listening is the practice of giving your undivided attention to the person who is speaking. You acknowledge that person through nods and other body signs. You affirm or confirm that you are listening by words such as: “I see. I hear you. I got it. Yes.” You encourage the person to be more descriptive with prompts like: “Yes? How’s that? What do you mean?”


Be receptive to beauty, truth, feelings and interactions by opening your senses and heart to your environment. See that new flower in the garden. Pay attention to what people are wearing. See how people’s eye, hair and even skin tone changes with emotions. Observe the changes in your street or community.


Unavailability MO 4: You make no time for yourself or for what you want.
Women are trained to be “other focused.” Because of this domestication, it is likely that you feel weird or even guilty when you give yourself attention. If all your time is filled with doing things for others, talking about others, worrying about others, then you are not present to yourself in your life. Your attention is not centered in your core, in your soul. If this is happening to you, then you are not opening a space for what you want in your life. You are not realizing your purpose. How can you manifest your dream, if you give it no attention, no thought, no time or space?

Availability Key 4: Give yourself permission to be and to be happy

Women are often led to believe that we are here to nurture others. While nurturing is a gift that women bring to the community life, it is not our only destiny. There is no reason why you need to choose between love for others and love for yourself. Quite the contrary.

Your self-realization and cultivation is the greatest gift you can give to your loved ones. You are here in this world to realize your full potential. It is through your own cultivation, growth and fulfillment that you give your best example and gift to the world. Open a space within your cells, consciousness and heart to receive the very energy you are summoning.

To become available for what you want, include yourself and your dream in your calendar. Take time to develop a long-term plan for your Personal Dream and goals. Create strategies and seek allies. Use as much as you can in your weekly time for your dream, wellbeing and life purpose. Make your relationship to yourself and to your dream a priority in your calendar. Don’t leave yourself or your Soul’s purpose for whatever time is left after you take care of everyone and everything else, for there will be none, and you will be leaving yourself out of your life.

Unavailability MO 5: You make no space for what you want in your life.
Women have a beautiful gift that comes from our womb wisdom. We are inclusive. We want to nurture, to bring into our embrace those we love, to incubate their potential. That is a great power in itself. But it is often used against our own dreams. We need to stand in our center, and from that core, from our self-hood and Personal Dream, invite others to share our space, each in their own center.

If you find yourself not having a space to create or to simply be and take a breather, then you are stealing space from yourself, your dream and your power. You are stealing power from yourself. You may be complaining that you don’t have privacy, that others step all over you, take up your space, invade your house, call-in at all hours, talk you to death while they won’t listen, etc. Don’t blame others. You are ALLOWING this to happen. You are stealing your space and using them as excuse not to empty that space for your dream.

Availability Key 5: Sacred Space

To be available for what you desire, create a Sacred Space for yourself. This is a priority, private, only-for-you space and time. There you can do your deep breathing and relaxation, your yoga or other relaxing, health-giving body practice, your journal writing, your thinking, your self-reflection, personal growth practices and dream strategies. Do it at least twice a week, at least 4 hours a week, at the same time and space. Book it in your calendar. Allow absolutely NO ONE in that space. Create a physically clean, warm, beautiful and comfortable space for you at that time. Close the door. Reclaim yourself.

Unavailability MO 6: You give away your power to fear.

If you allow fear to crowd your personal space, then you are closing the flow of life. Fear closes the heart and repels the blessings in the Great Mystery that is life. It puts you on guard. Defensive living closes the flow of LOA. Worry is like fear.


Availability Key 46: Joyful love

The antidote to fear is love. Whenever fear creeps its ugly head full of “what ifs” other terrible expectations, embrace the wonderful possibilities of the moment. Fall in love with the present. Fall in love with the beauty of the people and environments around you. Fall in love with yourself. Embrace the adventure of life as you embrace the passion of romance.


The antidote to worry is joy. Whenever worry wants to take control and keep your mind running instructions and scenarios of doomsday, laugh. Become aware of the absurdity of trying to control every detail of the future. Laugh with abandon and allow the possibilities to unfold. A good sense of humor melts away all worries.


Opening your cells to be available for what you want is a cleansing. You release what crowds your Energy Field and mind, whether it is worry, fear, caretaking, rush, over-thinking, overworking or selflessness. You make yourself empty so that you can become pregnant with your dream. Then your dream begins to vibrate strongly in your Energy Field. It is liberated in your DNA and your cells, it runs freely and joyfully through your thoughts ad emotions, and it summons the flow of the River of Life, bringing in all that resonates with your emotional vibration.

If you recognize that there is no space for the flow of the LOA to alight or for the energy of what you desire to take shape in your environment, it is time to open that space. Breathe deeply. Empty yourself. Relax, dance, sing, and trust that the Universe is on your side. Celebrate yourself and your life. Make yourself available for your Dream!




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Audio and Visualization Tools

I invite you to make a space in your life to become available. Below you will find two excellent tools to do this. Take an hour to go in a journey to open a space in your cells for what you desire. Download the visualization screensaver with my original art. Once you learn these tools, practice them at least three times a week for the next 4-6 months. This will make them part of your transformational repertoire, giving you the Key to your Dream!


Make Yourself Available for what you Want

Becoming Available

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