Nov 232013
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There are 5  Trouble Trapdoors through which your Inner Thieves come and go as they sequester your happiness and evolution. Today I will share the fifth Trouble Trapdoor: Placebo Happiness. It steals your Genuine Joy.

The Trouble Trapdoors

These trapdoors are nothing inherently evil. Quite the contrary. They are normal areas of life. That’s why it is so easy for the Inner Thieves to sequester your intention, energy and attention.

When they do, normal activities that are usually beneficial to your happiness and evolution, become fear-based acts that feed your Shadows and sabotage your best intentions.

Today I will share the second Trouble Trapdoor. In the next three days, I will share a trapdoor per day.

The first trapdoor is food. Read about it here. The second trapdoor is sex. Read about it here.

Trouble Trapdoor No. 5: Placebo Happiness

Whether to engage in it or repress it, to abuse it or depend on it, to seek it from a place of emotional hunger or to reject or avoid it in judgment; happiness is the fifth trapdoor through which the Inner Thieves come and go, sabotaging your happiness and growth.

We all seek happiness. The pursue of happiness is protected by our constitution in the USA. Without happiness, everything else is futile.

Happiness means different things to different people, but in every case there is a sense of:

  • Genuine Joy, even ecstasy
  • A filling of the heart that gives us a sense of emotional fullness
  • Gratitude and appreciation
  • Enjoying what you are doing
  • A sense of being enough, being worthy, being OK
  • A sense of harmony and inner peace
  • Magic, inspiration, passion, excitement
  • A sense that all is well, that life is as it should be

When your Inner Thieves sequester the state of happiness, it becomes fake. Instead of seeking, discovering and engaging in states, activities and relations that bring fulness to your heart, you engage in Placebo Happiness that is a substitute for the real thing. This is the core of addiction.

  • Alcoholism
  • Drug Addiction
  • Sex or relationship addiction
  • Consumerism
  • Obsessive dieting, exercising or beautifying
  • Shopaholism
  • Obsessive partying and socializing
  • False fun where you are doing things to have fun, but they are not really bringing you joy, just taking away the sense of depression or boredom
  • Thrill seeking

Instead of true happiness, most of us seek the outer signs of happiness in a desperate attempt to find a happiness that keeps eluding us because happiness is an inner state, a choice, an intention of the soul that translates into an attitude towards life and a selection of where to place your attention and how to appreciate your experience.

The Inner Thieves use the Trouble Trapdoor of Placebo Happiness to steal:

  1. The power of our emotions to connect us to the flow of life
  2. Our own life lessons and personal growth by numbing our pain, and making us fall asleep in a trance
  3. Genuine friendship and intimacy
  4. Harmony and health
  5. Ecstatic living and working
  6. A meaningful life
  7. Spiritual guidance and the experience of being protected and guided by our Spiritual Guides
  8. Genuine Joy


 Action Tips

  1. Be happy. Simply make the decision to be happy for no reason or for all reasons. Choose to be happy.
  2. Practice gratitude and appreciation.







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