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Nov 222013
Reading Time: 5 minutes

There are 5  Trouble Trapdoors through which your Inner Thieves come and go as they sequester your happiness and evolution. Today I will share the fourth Trouble Trapdoor: Power. It steals your Fulfillment.

The Trouble Trapdoors

These trapdoors are nothing inherently evil. Quite the contrary. They are normal areas of life. That’s why it is so easy for the Inner Thieves to sequester your intention, energy and attention.

When they do, normal activities that are usually beneficial to your happiness and evolution, become fear-based acts that feed your Shadows and sabotage your best intentions.

Today I will share the second Trouble Trapdoor. In the next three days, I will share a trapdoor per day.

The first trapdoor is food. Read more about it here.  The second trapdoor is sex. Read about it here.

Trouble Trapdoor No. 4: Power

Whether to engage in it or repress it, to abuse it or depend on it, to seek it from a place of emotional hunger or fear or to reject or avoid it in judgment; power is the fourth trapdoor through which the Inner Thieves come and go, sabotaging your happiness and growth.

Power is the sense of competence, worthiness and ability to respond to life in a meaningful, effective way that enables us to grow and experience happiness and fulfillment.

Without this sense, we feel helpless and adopt a role of victim in life. Fear becomes our rudder and dependence our sail and we cannot grow or experience happiness.

Therefore, power ~like sex and acceptance~ is necessary for our individuation, growth and survival as adults.

But just as sex can be dysfunctional and acceptance can lead to co-dependence, our search for power can lead to substitutes that summon the Inner Thieves.

When your Inner Thieves sequester your need for power, it becomes any of these:

  • Perfectionism
  • Workaholism
  • Attachment to effort and struggle
  • Control obsession
  • Obsession with success, money or power over others
  • Bullying and other violations of justice and human rights (yours or others)

A lot of the stress in our daily life comes from our dysfunctional ways to get a sense of power by controlling everything, pushing ourselves beyond endurance, overworking or over-delivering in an attempt to be perfect.

The Inner Thieves use the Trouble Trapdoor of dysfunctional power placebos to steal:

  1. The effectiveness of your intention and willpower
  2. Personal Power, which includes your humanity, vulnerability and capacity to face your mistakes to awaken your Personal Medicines
  3. Co-creative power and Female Leadership, which are seen as weakness in the patriarchal “control as power” mindset
  4. Balance, relaxation and health
  5. Genuine confidence and authority
  6. Support and capacity to collaborate, ask for and receive help
  7. Harmony, Inner Peace and self-care which go out the window as you struggle and overwork.


 Action Tips

  1. Take some time each day this week to find the power in your Essence and Presence. The definition of power from the Sacred Feminine is PRESENCE. Everything that you know, are and have to give to the world is carried in your Presence and no one can take it away. This relaxes you and helps you release struggle, effort, obsessions and control as power.
  2. Practice co-creation, co-leadership and collaboration this week. Begin by recognizing that life and the Universe, the Divine are your co-creation partners and listen to their guidance and signs. Then expand this to practice asking and receiving help and finding collaborative ways for mutual benefit. Finally, lead go of perfectionism and try co-leadership



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