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Nov 212018
Holiday Book Gift Sales: The Tao of Trees

Reading Time: < 1 minute Holiday Book Gift Sales Ends November 27, 2018. Catch it now! The Tao of Trees Poems to reconnect you to the natural world and your Sacred Self. Give this beautiful illustrated poetry book as a Holiday Gift to a loved one… or to yourself. Beyond its pages, this book is a gift of mindfulness, serenity and beauty to heal and uplift us in these difficult times. Read more and catch the Holiday Sales here. Holidays 2018 Sales When you buy this poetry book right now, you get $5 off from the book PLUS VIP Invitation and free seat in the New Year Tao of Tree Poetry Reading and conversation with poet-artist-shaman Maria Mar Valid only from November 20 to November 27, 2018 Limited number of books available for this sales. Offer only good at Author’s Gumroad online Store and only for the purchase of The Tao of Trees paperback. Read more and get the Holiday Sales Discount here Send to Kindle

Nov 212018
Thanksgiving Greetings: The Secret Power of Gratitude

Reading Time: 3 minutes Thanksgiving Greetings! Thanks for being a reader in my blog! In the coming Thanksgiving celebration we focus on gratitude. But the true nature of Gratitude is not known at a popular level, so I thought to share here today the powerful secret I have learned about Gratitude, that you may practice it during the Thanksgiving and Holy Days ceremonies. I’ve also included another post with an art and poem from my new poetry book, The Tao of Trees. Enjoy! The Secret Power of Gratitude I want to share with you the secret power of gratitude and how to activate it. Gratitude is an emotional alchemy that transmutes the ordinary into the extraordinary and activates the magic inherent in you as a creator. When you activate your gratitude, your heart enters the state of coherence, harmonizing with your mind and healing the endless worries, anxieties and running thoughts that keep you stressed out. But how do you achieve gratitude, especially when you are burn-out, scared, stressed or sad? Here is an easy, quick 8-step practice to activate your gratitude. Close your [Read more.]

Nov 212018
Art and poem: Celebration

Reading Time: 2 minutes Thanksgiving and the Holidays Celebration During these holy days, I want to join you in a celebration of life, love and the beauty in this world. So here’s a poem and art illustration from The Tao of Trees to remind you of the magic of love and the power of gratitude. This is poem #3 and it’s in The Path of Beauty, one of seven paths in the illustrated poetry book. Celebration Yesterday I did not see this tree. I was in a hurry and walk past it. After all, it was just another tree like the many lining my path. Now I stop in wonder. Rain drops hang from the naked limbs, like diamonds glittering in the fingers of creation. Like fairies, they twinkle inviting me to play and pray; filling me with gratitude. This trunk is no longer ordinary. Father Winter’s dazzling garland has transformed this humble tree into a celebration.   From The Tao of Trees, by Maria Mar(c) The Perfect Christmas Gift The Tao of Trees Poems to reconnect you to the natural world and your [Read more.]

Dec 232016
Holiday Giveaway! I am Lovable Giveaway.

Reading Time: 3 minutes “I am Lovable Giveaway” Join the “I am Lovable Giveaway” to win a free, specially autographed copy of my novel “Angelina & the Law of Attraction”. Read about how lovability is the key to manifestation in my holiday post here. How to join the Giveaway: Step 1: Just hit here to email me. Step 2: In your email, include the following: your name, place where you live (New York, New York, USA, for example) and 10 reasons why you are lovable just the way you are. Step 3: Click the share buttons in this blog to share this page in your favorite media. Include me in the sharing and you will get a coupon to get a free copy of the storybook “Santa is Real” (An inspirational Santa Claus story for adults or for those you stop believing in Santa.) Everyone who shares and lets me know gets a free coupon! What do the winners receive? PRIZE 1:The Novel You get either a paperback (USA only) or digital version of my novel Angelina & the Law of Attraction (A Woman’s [Read more.]

Feb 112016
Valentine Gift-The Courage to Love

Reading Time: 2 minutes Valentine Gift The Courage to Love What is your love story? Are you overflowing with love in your life, romantic as well as friendship love? Are you in love? Out of love? Grieving a break-up? Have you given up in love or are you heartbroken? Whatever your love story is, you will infuse it with magic and inspiration in this short video love letter that is my gift to you this Valentine. So often Valentine messages are only for those who have a partner, but love exists beyond the meeting with the beloved. It expands us beyond the relationship. It does not go when the beloved departs. Therefore, this Valentine message is for you no matter what your love story is, if you are in a relationship, alone, going through a breakup, grieving a love relationship or hiding from love. This is a love letter to celebrate your capacity to love, to infuse you with the courage to love again and to inspire you to dive into your loss to grow your love (instead of hiding and protecting yourself from [Read more.]

Jan 182016
Do you hurt for your friend like this?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Is this you? Do you hurt for your friend like this? When women repel success Every few months I meet her and the minute she sees me her eyes light with a paradoxical mix of hope and desperation. As she walks towards me I ask myself “Will this be the time?” She barely says hi. She dives into a stream of complaints. You know that string. That’s how your friend goes on and on about what she really, really wants to do instead of the boring or grueling job she now has. You hear it every time you gals meet. You try to help her, but any suggestion you give is met with a “Yes, but…” After a while you get it that she is resisting to take any action on her own behalf, so all you can do is seat there patiently, listening to the streams of complains, wishes and dreams that you know will never happen. You listen because you love your friend. But for that same reason, it hurts like hell and you go home with a [Read more.]

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