Nov 282013
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Receiving the gifts of life

The third virtue of Gratitude is your capacity and choice to RECEIVE the gifts of life.

You can see and appreciate good things, but you may still keep gratitude at bay by recognizing them only with your mind, without letting them into your heart.

NOTE: In the next Daily Inspirational Words for this week, I am revealing the other virtues, one a day. The first one is Recognition and the second one is Appreciation.

How does receiving work as a virtue of Gratitude?

I have observed that many of us secretly feel that we do not DESERVE what we want or what makes us happy.

As a result, we punish ourselves subconsciously by not receiving the gifts of life.

Other people push themselves so desperately to fill their hunger or lack with things they buy or achieve that they go through life in the haze created by haste ~not allowing anything in.

Others are too afraid to be vulnerable because they have learned that to be empowered is to be in control. They fear that being vulnerable makes them weak. They cannot open their heart to receive for fear of the feeling of nakedness and vulnerability that floods their senses.

Gratitude does not happen in the mind. Gratitude as a superpower happens in the heart. To allow appreciation to be felt in your heart, you need to RECEIVE the gifts of life into your open heart.

We all know that there is a connection between Gratitude and abundance. But few of us know how it happens. It takes place through the value of RECEIVING.

RECEIVING allows you to deeply feel the richness of the gifts of life and therefore to be abundantly filled and nourished by these gifts.

Not truly RECEIVING the gifts of life creates lack, a void or emptiness in our heart and may also lead to depression.





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