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Allow the gifts of life to activate the MAGIC of gratitude

The fourth virtue of Gratitude is your capacity and choice to ALLOW the gifts of life to operate their miracle in you and change you and your life.

You have many superpowers that allow you to create the life you want and to generate the alchemy to transmute the lead of problems into the gold of opportunities.

NOTE: In the next Daily Inspirational Words for this week, I’m revealing the other virtues, one a day.

The first one is Recognition, the second one is Appreciation and the third one is Receiving.

In spite of this superpower, many of us waste the gifts of life because we believe that gratitude is just about saying thanks or feeling appreciation. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

If we stay there, we are like the person who receives a valuable gift, a gift that can change their life, and they politely say thanks and then throw the gift in a dark corner of the house and forget all about it.

To allow the gifts of life is to go beyond seeing, appreciating or receiving them and to allow their energy to inspire, heal and transform us, transmuting our energy frequencies and lifting up to our best potential.

Let’s go back to that old neighborhood street that we crossed in the first virtue.

  • Seeing and appreciating the beautiful roses and smelling their fragrance uplifted your frequency into harmony and peace. If you allow this change, your day and even your life can change. You can release stress and embrace new ways of relaxation. You can explore the frequency of love that emanates from roses to love at a higher frequency.

  • When you appreciate the brightly painted pink stucco house among the brown brick homes, if you allow the Medicine of this moment, you can realize that you are hiding your true colors and that you want to express your uniqueness in the way you dress, live or in your business. This can lead to the awakening or expansion of your creative genius.

  • As you walk past the grandmother swinging in the rocking chair of her porch, knitting socks for her tiny dog while she sings of times long gone, you may allow yourself to visualize your old age. She makes it safe for you to embrace your senior years, and in doing so you may realize that you’ve been avoiding planning for these years because you are afraid of old age due to negative beliefs. This may allow you to break free of stereotypes of old age and plan for a peaceful, productive, healthy and wealthy old age.

  • As you go past the restaurant where the dog-loving owner put out a large bowl for the dogs in the neighborhood, you may realize that you want to have a dog, but you are afraid it will die, like your first childhood dog did. In allowing this truth in, you may realize that you are carrying that memory because you weren’t taught how to mourn. This may lead to you getting a dog or dealing with unfinished business with your dead ancestors. Either way, your life has changed because you allowed this instant in.

  • Now you go past the food shop that displays bright organic vegetables, beaming with health. In a second, a revelation strikes you. You are seeing the energy field of the food! How come you usually can’t see it? The answer leaps at you: because usually the food is so dead that the energy field is fading. In this second you are able to fully feel and own your desire to improve your diet! Why? Because you allowed the magic of this moment and the energy of the vegetables into your consciousness.

  • As you cross the street, the semaphore counts down to let you know how long you have. As you allow this kindness in, you fully appreciate being an able body that can cross the street leisurely in 7 or 9 counts. Your stride picks up and you feel healthier and stronger. This translates into a desire to exercise more often and keep up your health.

  • Finally, you go pass the school yard and hear the laughter of the children playing and singing. At this moment, already joyful and renewed, you wonder what would happen if you live your life like children, filled with wonder, joy and imagination. Allowing the miracle of this moment, you make this your New Year’s resolution, and your life has taken a turn towards miracles.

As you see, Allowing is a deeper degree of Gratitude that enables a moment of blessings or a small gift of life to transform your life, awaken your gifts and unleash your radiance.

We are all one. You are in the universe AND the Universe is in you. Anything that happens in your life is both, an external event and a mirror to internal processes that may ignite the alchemy that generates transformation, manifestation and healing in your life.

In the “Il Postino: The Postman” ~ a 1994 Italian film directed by Michael Radford that tells a fictional story in which the real life Chilean poet Pablo Neruda forms a relationship with a simple postman who learns to love poetry. As the friendship progresses, the postman begins to change his perception of life after awakening his capacity to see poetry. One day he asks Neruda:

Do you mean to say that everything that happens in life is a metaphor for something else?

That’s exactly the experience you will begin to access when you allow life to unfold its mystery, speak its poetry and show you the metaphors that are its living language.






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