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Jan 102014
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Have you heard the saying “How you do one thing is how you do all things”? Let’s examine how you deal with the “Sorry, wrong number” scenario when it’s you dialing. You may get some good ideas on how to recognize the difference between obstacles and opportunities.

Let’s go down the list of the usual ways of handling your communication once you hear the dreaded “Sorry, wrong number” on the other side of the line.

The Rude Fool

The Rude Fool hangs up immediately. She does not hang around to apologize, rectify or investigate. In fact, she is so annoyed that as she hangs up, she’s probably insulting the person on the line and the phone, too.

The Rude Fool is a blamer. She lives in the defensive. The world is against her. Any mistake is a conspiracy against her. She is stuck in the narcissistic developmental stage and it’s all about her.

The Rude Fool seldom learns because she does not recognize her steps in the game. She seldom achieves success, love or happiness because she does not connect with those who can support her or those whom she is here to serve.

The solution is simple. Don’t be a Rude Fool.


The Apologizer

The Apologizer immediately apologizes. “Oops! I’m so sorry!” She is still apologizing when she hangs up. … and then she’ll call the same number again. Once she gets the same person in the line, she again apologizes, more profusely this time.  She now uses the incident to feed her guilt, sense of insufficiency and attachment to drama. And she will not try to get this person again! Instead, she’ll tell the story to everyone who’ll listen as proof of her dramatic fate.

The Apologizer uses guilt to avoid taking risks and stay in her Comfort Zone. She uses mistakes as evidence of the impossibility of her dreams.

The Apologizer is trapped in the past, still playing the role of Victim, even though she’s not a helpless child any more. She sees life as happening to her. She does not own her power as creator or influencer.

The solution is simpler yet. Find out what you did wrong so that you can correct it.


 The Practical Caller

The Practical Caller is undaunted by the voice at the other side of the phone.  She takes matters on her own hands immediately.

“Sorry, but can you tell me if I dialed this number: 212-123-4567?” She asks.

“Oh, no. This is 212-123-4569” the voice on the other side clarifies.

“Oh, thanks. Have a good day!”

The Practical Caller dials again, being careful this time, and gets the right number.


 The Co-creator

The Co-creator gets immediately curious because in every obstacle she recognizes the possibility of an opportunity.

“Sorry, is this the office of Dr. Miracles?” She asks.

“Lots of people dial this number because his number is similar, but his ends with a 9, not a 7” the voice on the other side clarifies.

“You know what it could be? The Co-creator says. “He’s business card has a very tiny font for his telephone. I could barely see the numbers.”

“I thought it could be something like that,” the voice replies. “We get at least 3 calls a day for him.”

“That must be really annoying,” The Co-creator says.

“It interrupts me constantly while I’m writing,” the voice says.

“You are a writer? Me too! What a happy coincidence. I write fantasy, what do you write?” The Co-creator says.

“Fantasy too. I’m starting to wonder if it is a coincidence. My name is Fanny, Fanny Owen and yours?” Fanny says.

Maria Mar, please to meet you Fanny,” the Co-creator says.

“Oh my God, I just read your latest novel, Angelina & the Law of Attraction, and I loved it!” Fanny says.

“Really! That’s great to hear. Why did you like it?”

“I loved the way that the protagonist quests to reclaim the part of herself that carries her Dream. I’m thinking of joining your Dream Express membership to quest with the protagonist,” Fanny says.

“Now I know this is not a coincidence, Fanny. Are you working on manifesting something?”

“Yes, I’m using the Law of Attraction to manifest my purpose-based business so that I can leave my part-time job and do my purpose full time.”

“Then I hope that you join the membership. By the way, I’m creating a new program specifically to help women with the emotional and spiritual foundation for the creation or growth of their purpose-based practice. If you give me your email, I’ll send you a link to the pre-registration to the Dream Crossover Program, so you can get the early bird special and secure one of the few seats because it’s a small group setting.”

“I have a feeling that this was the true purpose of the call,” Fanny laughs. “I think you had the right number, after all!”

“I agree Fanny, and I’m going to tell Dr. Miracles to make his phone number bigger in his business card,” the Co-creator adds.

“That would be of such help! Thanks!” Fanny replies. “It was a pleasure to meet you.”

“Same here, Fanny. And by the way, could I use your feedback as a testimony in the promotion of the book? I’ll send you the written quote for you to check it before I publish it.”

“I’d love that!” Fanny says.

And so it is with the Co-creator, for she understands how the universe talks and she listens.



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About Maria Mar

Maria Mar is a Sacred Storyteller and shaman who champions you to change your old limiting story to create the new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. She helps you awaken your magic, express your creative genius, embody your purpose and live your potential now.

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