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May 162017
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Pillar Article


Primary Responses

In the Pillar Article What is Story Alchemy, you discovered that behind the problem you face, there is an invisible story holding you a prisoner of the past. You discovered that very early on in life you inherited or created Story Fields for almost every aspect of your life and that these old stories interfere with your best intentions to live your brilliance now.


You now know that those Set Points you’re bumping against and the places where you doubt yourself, play small or hold back are probably hiding a Tiny Story. These are the learned, limiting Story Fields that have been embedded in your subconscious mind as Neural Maps. You also learned that those maps reroute your perception of the present into the limits of the past.

By now you also know that these Story Fields are hard to spot because they are invisible, attached to your identity and embedded into the way you see the world. You just don’t know they are there!

Lastly, I told you that we can Farm the Story Fields, to clear out the old Story Fields and plant the seed of your new story.


Making Visible that which is Invisible

So how do you make the invisible visible? How can you see those hidden Story Fields that keep you playing small and doubting yourself?

When you meet a situation, the circumstance is visible –though the hidden Story Fields that make you respond according to the program in your Neural Maps is not.

Since the old stories may be distorting the way you see the situation, it’s not smart to focus on the situation itself –which is what we usually do. So what do you focus on instead?

When you meet a situation you usually respond. Unfortunately, most of us respond with programmed reactions called Primary Responses. These are the immediate and consistent responses that are triggered when certain types of situations or stimuli impact you, triggering the Neural Maps containing your old stories.

For example:

  • When you feel that someone is criticizing you, you become The Rebel and question them.
  • When you feel that someone is rejecting you, you pull back and enter isolation.
  • When someone questions you, you become defensive and start firing your credentials at them like bullets.

If you respond in these ways immediately and consistently given a similar situation, then these are your Primary Responses.

The Shaman Hunter simply tracks down what is visible: your response. Since your Primary Response has been programmed by the story, tracking it down will lead to the story itself. It’s like tracking a pesky animal to its lair!


Your Primary Responses

Your Primary Responses fall into several categories.

  • Manifest (can be seen or felt).
  • Traceable. These are not so obvious but they can be followed, usually through the Manifest responses, like footprints on the soil that lead to the lair of the animal.
  • Discernible responses are hidden and not so easily spot as Manifest ones, but they can be accessed through the Manifest and Traceable footprints, though you’re going to have to do some detective work here.
  • Cloaked. These  responses –as well as the story itself– are invisible. This is the prize we are after. Once we find them, the game changes. However, we need to get to these responses through the Manifest, Traceable and Discernible footprints; so there’s some digging to to.

There are two types of Primary Responses: internal and external.

Most of your internal responses are cloaked or hard to access unless you are trained as a Shaman Huntress. But some are Traceable.

While you may not like learning that you’ve been responding to life in an automatic, unexamined and usually not freely-chosen way; now you have a trail that can easily lead you to your hidden Story Fields.

The bad news are also the good news

Primary Responses are learned and programmed. This means that they are knee-jerk responses; hard to control and usually you are not even aware that they are part of a learned pattern. This means that they may fly by you without you even noticing!

But this also mean that they WILL be triggered. They are the mine fields in your Story Field. They detonate immediately upon stepping into a situation, leaving little time for conscious choice. Once you know how to spot them, they lead you straight to the Story Field!

Recognizing your Primary Responses

Most Primary Responses are usually invisible to you because you’ve learned them early on and have identified with them so much that you can’t distinguish them from who you are or from “reality.”

I call this Cloaked Footprints and they include your Beliefs (the Why in your Story Field) and your  Primary Identity (the Who in your Story Field. )  I will talk more about identity below and in Pillar Article #4).

However, there are several types of Primary Responses that are important for you to recognize because you can track them down easily. This Manifest Responses then lead to the Traceable Responses and so on until the whole Story Field unravels.

Let’s take a look:

Manifest Responses

  • Primary Reactions: These responses are visible. They include what you do, what you say and the posture, gestures and movements that carry it out. If your Primary Reaction is to rebel, for example, you may square your shoulders, back away and counter-attack whenever a new situation or a familiar scenario strikes.All you need to do is stay awake and on the look out for your Primary Reactions. You become a witness to the way you respond to life. Do not try to fix anything. And please, do not judge or shame yourself. You need to be compassionate with yourself. Remember, you learned to act this way early on. Give yourself credit for doing the tracking work. After a while, you will see the patterns, and then you will start spotting your Primary Reactions with no difficulty.


  • Primary Emotions: Emotions are waves of electro-magnetic energy that operate from the Emotional Energy Body. This is a fluid (vs structural) Energy Body. It is adaptive, spontaneous and works like a multi-colored energy cloud spontaneously flowing and responding to life. But even within those streams, there are programmed emotions that become primary. Some people respond primarily from fear. Others from love. Some respond immediately with placating emotions that seek to bring back the system to stasis. Yet others, with rage.


Since emotions are highly charged, they amplify the potency of your attention. It’s like ramping up  the volume to the universe!As you become a witness to your response to life, you will become aware when certain emotions are triggered by a situation and eventually will see a correlation between certain situations and certain emotions. Now you are on to something!

Tracking down your Primary Reactions and Primary Emotions, you can begin to see the patterns of a story. It’s like watching a field from an airplane. You don’t know what is planted there, but you can spot the field and see the rows.

What you will be able to see are probably the Traceable Responses.

Traceable Responses

  • Primary Thoughts: These are the habitual thoughts running through your mind all the time and those triggered by certain type of scenarios. It sounds funny, but you don’t think about these thoughts. You just have them and don’t even know you are thinking them! Therefore, you are attracting these frequencies by default, without realizing it. Some common Primary Thoughts are: “It sounds too good to be true,” “I’m not ready,” “Impossible,” “That’s never going to happen,” “What if…” and “I’m not good enough.”Once you can spot the Primary Thoughts triggered by certain situations, you begin to hear the story. Great work!


  • Primary Set points: This type of Primary Responses are hard to locate —not because they are invisible— but because they are usually Blind Spots. Set Points are installed limits to your potential.For example, if you have a Set Point for how much you can earn, it’s hard to increase your yearly income. Even when you manage a salary raise or additional income stream, a problem shows up that uses almost the exact increment you just managed, leaving you in the same income bracket! That area of your life unconsciously and automatically regulates itself within your Set Point.Like electrified fences, Set Points keep us in the Comfort Zone within that area of life and keep expected dangers out… except they keep growth, opportunity and success out too!

Once you can spot the reactions, emotions and thoughts it will be easy to recognize the Set Points.

They are usually attached to a recurring problem, like insufficient income, not sharing your gifts with the world, professional stagnation and other places where you are holding back or not progressing.

If you write the manuscript, but then do not format it or publish it –there’s a Set Point there. If you study and get good grades, but never do the thesis and never graduate, then there is a Set Point there.

Spotting the Set Point exposes the Story Field easily as the Set point is a direct consequence of the story you hold.


Discernible Responses

  • Primary Expectations: Expectations set the field for your manifestation. When your immediate expectations is that you will be attacked, tricked, ridiculed or hurt; then that is the energy you will attract. You attract this energy via the Law of Attraction —because of resonance. But also because you will behave in ways that generate those responses in others. The events you attract then become evidence that these expectations are right, and cement these Primary Responses, creating more of the same.

You are usually not aware of your expectations, but as you become more proficient tracking down Primary Responses, you can begin to observe the moment before you go into certain situations and check what you are thinking and feeling. Through those Manifest and Traceable Responses, you can begin to recognize your expectations.

  • Primary Interpretations: These are scripts you have learned. Like an actor, you carry them with you and when you meet a situation in the present that reminds you of one of these scripts, you take out the story and play the roles you have been assigned. These interpretations, together with the beliefs, thoughts, set points, emotions and identity assigned to you within the script constitute a Story Field.

Most of us habitually interpret reality according to our learned Story Fields. In this sense, we are reproducing the past constantly, as we cannot see new possibilities.So how can we spot our Primary Interpretations? This is trickier because until we find the story, we do not recognize that it is a story. So what do we track? We track our Manifest and Traceable Responses. Let’s say that you are focusing on why you keep hiding your gifts from the world. Then you can do the detective work.

  • What is my Reaction? What do I do? I keep my gifts hidden.
  • What is my fear? Why do I do this? Because I fear people will mock and reject me and I won’t be accepted.
  • BINGO! You are now very close to the story. You are hiding your gifts because you believe that if you show them, people will not accept you.
  • Have I interpreted people’s actions in this way before? Well, when so and so did not call me back after I told him that I was psychic. But what if something else happened? Why didn’t I call him back just to check?

You can see that we are getting very close to the source. Once you realize that your expectations and interpretations are not necessarily objective reality, the world shifts. Your perception clears and you begin to spot how your beliefs are influencing the way you see and respond to the world.

Cloaked Responses

  • Primary Beliefs: Like interpretations, beliefs carry a cause-and-effect story. “If this happens, then this will happen.” or “If I do this, then this will take place.” Beliefs become self-fulfilled prophecies because you are feeding the script your attention and therefore magnetizing its energy into your life.

A belief is the conclusion you drew from the story you created during the source episode that lead to the establishment of your Story Field. When you hit you belief, the story unravels. It is like discovering that the protagonist of a story was fighting the antagonist because she believed that the man had killed her father. The pieces fall into place.Now there is only one more thing to discover. But it is the single most important piece. If you do not change this, you cannot change your story, no matter how clear it is.

  • Primary Identity: Identity is the bottom-most layer of your subconscious. It is foundational and overrides beliefs, values and everything else. When you attach a Story Field, belief or interpretation to your identity, changing it threatens your very existence. It becomes solid, like a street blockade rerouting traffic.

This is what Manifestation Masters mean when they say that you need to detach from certain expectations or beliefs. You need to detach your identity from that response. You need to realize that they are not part of you, just responses that can be changed. In fact, the true you —your Sacred Self— is probably buried under that learned Primary Identity.

The core work in changing your Tiny Story is changing the Primary Identity that you created as you attached who you are to the story. The rest is easy!

That is what I help you do. To release your Tiny Self and fully embrace your Great Self, your Sacred Self, who is an expression of divinity and therefore holds infinite potential.


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