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May 172017
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Pillar Articles

Farming the Story Fields

Clear the weeds of old limiting stories
and plant the seed of the story you choose to live.

In the Pillar Article What is Story ALchemytm, you discovered that very early on in life you inherited or created Story Fields for almost every aspect of your life.


You learned that this Story Fields are just like the stories your mom told you when you were a child. They have the 5Ws: who, what, where, when and why. You understood that the reason why you are full of old hidden stories is because that’s the way your brain makes sense of and stores reality.

So you have hundreds of inherited Story Fields from your race, family, culture, nation and community and they are embedded in your psyche, influencing how you see and interpret the world now.

I hope that you remember that these are not just “story files” stored in a drawer in a dark corner of your mind. Bare in mind that once your mind decides that a Story Field works to address reality, it installs it as a Neural Map. From then on, any similar situation is interpreted and responded to based on that blueprint.

The image I gave you was to imagine that your mind is a farm and each of these Story Fields is a field planted there. Some were planted before you were even born! Some are still yielding fresh vegetables. Some fields are rotten. And others are just obsolete and do not serve you any more.

Two Types of Story Fields

Still, when you meet reality, your mind instantly sends your consciousness through the Neural Maps created by the familiar Story Fields –whether they are appropriate or not. You often are not even aware that your subconscious –which governs about 95% of what goes on behind the scenes– just rerouted a possibility into the blueprint of an old problem… you just see a problem!

Of course, many of these old learned Story Fields are useful and help you understand the world, society and yourself. Without them you would be lost and would not know how to make sense of anything.

Limiting Story Fields

However, many of these Story Fields are limiting. They are based on False Beliefs, wrong or biased interpretations or facts that are no longer valid. I call these Limiting Story Fields.

Examples of a Limiting Story Field:

  • The parents do not trust outsiders. The family is very closed-in and protective. You are warned not to trust outsiders, especially if they are from another race, country or culture. This is xenophobia at its best and racism at its worst. This Story Field will keep you from expanding your circle of friends and even clients and it contributes to war, hate crimes and other social problems.
  • Your mother’s divorced made her distrust men and she often talked about how men are not to be trusted. This Story Field works behind the scenes, preventing you from finding a partner who can be trusted.

Limiting Story Fields create Set PointsPsychic Fences that do not let you go beyond the parameters of the old story.

You may call yourself an introvert or shy without realizing that you are limited by a story of distrust to “outsiders.”

Or you may not trust men and field that it is perfectly justifiable given the men you know. But has it occur to you that the men you notice or attract have the same MO because you are trapped within the Set Point of your mom’s story?


Prohibitive Story Fields

Other Story Fields are even more damaging: they are fear-based defensive views of the world or judgments, punishment or prohibitions imposed on you at an early age or under duress.

These Story Fields have intense emotionally-charged Psychic Fences that detonate any time you try to overstep their boundaries, triggering massive stress. They fence you in, holding you prisoner of the past. I call these Prohibitive Story Fields

Examples of a Prohibitive Story Field:

  • The parents do not educate the girls in the family because in their time women were meant to marry and they see it as a waste of money.Even in the past, this was unjust; but now it is simply obsolete and a violation of the girls’ human rights. Now you know better and paid for your own education, but you don’t seem to get a good paying job. This Story Field is still operating undercover, sabotaging your professional progress.


  • You family and community insist that art does not “bring home the bacon” and your parents do not allow you to choose it as a profession. Every time you are creating, they start their campaign about how it is a hobby, not real service or work. They make you feel bad about yourself and they implant the belief that art has no value other than to make things pretty.Now you struggle with a soul-eating job during the day and do your art at night and during the week-end, as a hobby. You dream of earning a living from your art, but those are pipe dreams, are they not? Your soul is waging war against that learned Prohibitive Story Field that does not let you see your possibilities.

Why you struggle with your Dream

The bad news is that these old Story Fields often operate behind the scene without your choice or awareness.

They cause all kind of mischief, for example they:

  • Distort your perception of reality.
  • Keep you playing small.
  • Limit what you perceive as possible.
  • Distort your perception of yourself.
  • Keep you meeting the world from a scared, defensive stance that creates massive resistance to change and opportunities.
  • Sabotage your Free-choices.
  • Make your Dream feel far away.
  • Make you doubt your gifts and value.
  • Keep you playing to other people’s tunes and beliefs and
  • Interfere with your genuine feelings and the frequencies of your Soul Signature.


Farming the Field

The good news is that stories can be rewritten.

This is what I learned about stories:

“Stories are the only imagined structure that can lay down actual memories, as if you had experienced the event directly in real life. This gives story the alchemical power to rewrite reality.” ~Maria Mar~

This has massive implications.

If the learned stories that are limiting you right now are old, rotten or unwanted fields, you can always clean them and plant something else. You can Farm the Field.

In fact Farming the Story Fields is much easier than getting rid of a bad crop and planting something else.

How can Farming the Story Fields be easier than replanting? Logically, it would be much harder.

  • Unlike a bad crop, Story Fields are invisible to the naked eyes.
  • If your identity has been attached to the Tiny Story, you won’t even SEE it. I could point it out and you’ll be looking around going “Who? There’s no one else here but me!”
  • Tiny Stories are subconscious and operate without your awareness. They are cloaked. How can you change what you are not even aware exists?
  • And even if you get to spot a Story Field, what can you do to change something that happened in the past or is happening in your psyche, not in the current situation? That’s like trying to drink the water in an oasis that is only a mirage!
  • How can you get help to deal with a situation that no one else sees? Your Story Fields are like ghosts. They keep you struggling alone against invisible forces.
  • And even when you recognize them, Tiny Stories are often planted with life or death urgency in the child that is trying to survive in a new world. When you try to change those patterns, your amygdala sounds the danger alarm and your system goes into red alert. Massive resistance is triggered.

All of this is true, but here’s the fun part about stories:

  • The creator can turn the invisible into visible with a twist of the pen… or brush. In your case, the pen/brush is your perception. While you cannot see stories, beliefs and responses that remain cloaked, you can spot their “symptoms” —what I call the Traceable Responses. In Pillar Article #3 –coming up next– you will learn how to make your Tiny Story visible.
  • Just as you attached your identity to a Tiny Story, you can detach it and attach it to your Great story. In Pillar Article #4 you will learn about how the Story Fields steal your true identity and how to reclaim it. You will also examine your self-perception in Pillar Articles #6 and 7.
  • You can take a special type of action to dismantle your Tiny Story. In Pillar Article #9 you will discover what type of actions you can take when your current actions are not working.
  • You are not alone fighting ghosts from the past! You have a legion of allies and supporters available to you that help you see the opportunities and inhabit your potential and in Pillar # 8 you will meet your Creation Partners.
  • There is a way to address and redress your Tiny Stories that will minimize resistance and maximize the power of your creativity. You will take off those Tiny Stories as if you were taking off an old dress. Guess what this path is?…
  • Play for transformation! And that is what I help you do! In Pillar #5 you will find out how to use Shamanic Story Journeys to change your Tiny Story and in Pillar #12 you will discover a treasure chest of play tools to change your Tiny Story and live your brilliance.

And some advance stuff…

  • I will also help you access two Sacred Feminine Powers that will help your transformation from Tiny Self to Great Self with ease and grace. Stay tune for this shamanic secrets from the Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom in Pillar Article #10.
  • Finally, learn to see the big picture by borrowing the Eyes of the Shaman and learning how you are creating your world now and how to create the world you want. This will come in Pillar Article #11. This is advance stuff!

The bottom line here is this:

I help you employ your creativity —including journal writing, art journaling, story journeys, creative writing, movement, voice and fun arts & crafts projects to Farm your Story Fields and plant the seed of your new story: You living your brilliance.


Next: Primary Responses

Discover one way that you can spot your hidden Story Fields and change destructive habits and ineffective actions.


Stay tune!

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About Maria Mar

Maria Mar is a Sacred Storyteller and shaman who champions you to change your old limiting story to create the new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. She helps you awaken your magic, express your creative genius, embody your purpose and live your potential now.

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