May 232014
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The Princess with the Empty Treasure Chest


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The Flute of your Soul’s Song

“Dressed for my journey?” Rayna asked. “What journey? I have no plans…”

“That’s the best way to travel,” Inlakesh said as she put out the fire in the hearth and signaled Rayna to put the Pearls of Self-love back in the treasure chest.

Soon they were deeper into the woods, collecting mushrooms, leaves and nuts and filling the raft with wood for the fire.

“Where did you get the freshly baked bread for the breakfast?” Rayna asked, trying to be as tactful as possible under the circumstances.

“Magic, of course!” Inlakesh laughed as she pulled out some eggs from a hole in a tree. “It’s all around us!”

“Couldn’t you make some of that magic so we can have a nice dinner tonight?” Rayna asked as politely as she could. “It’s been ages since I eat anything but nuts, mushrooms and leaves.”

“You consider having magic on your side, and all you can think of is being invisible and getting your next meal. Can you not see beyond your nose?” Inlakesh admonished Rayna just as she collected a bunch of acorns, throwing away the ones with broken shells.

“These will make lovely dough,” she mumbled.

“It’s easy for you to say!” Rayna complained. “You can make bread appear out of nothing. But I have no such powers!”

Inlakesh broke into gales of laughter. She was laughing so hard that the acorns fell to the floor. Holding her side, she too fell to the floor, howling with laughter.

“Did I say something funny?” Rayna muttered between her teeth.

“Hilarious, I would say!” Inlakesh stated, letting a small bark escape as she got up and gathered the dispersed acorns.

“Here, take a look at my Magic Mirror, and you’ll see how funny you are,” she suddenly instructed; producing a silver round hand-held mirror from the large sack hung across her chest.


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