Jun 042015
In my birthday I am revealing my secret for living my magic


This is day four of my birthday week, culminating on my birthday, on June 8 when I turn 65 years young.

I just published a novel that encompasses my own journey to release the past and embody my purpose. This story is where real life and fiction intersect!

I began the novel when I was left homeless and penniless after a home disaster. As I wrote the story of Angelina releasing her fears and sharing book, my novel got written and now, as Angelina has her happy ending I have mine. I just publish my novel, like the protagonist of my book. I love magic!

In my birthday week I’m revealing the secret sauce of living one’s magic, embodying one’s purpose and becoming one’s dream… in this magical, inspiring and uplifting fantasy.

And I am giving you access to the digital bundle of the novel, which contains ALL digital formats… at a 50% discount!


And the printed novel you can get for a $5 discount also.

Plus a Book Bonus Package of valuable bonuses



Angelina is at the edge of giving up on her talents to […]

Jun 022015
It's my birthday and I have a magic pill for you.

This is day two of my birthday week, culminating on my birthday, on June 8 when I turn 65 years young.

I love magic pills in my life, don’t you? Magic pills are those extraordinary synchronicities, daily miracles and amazing stories that let us know magic is alive in the world.

I have a magic pill for you today:

My pen/stage name, “Maria Mar” literally means “Mary Ocean” because the Ocean is my Elemental Mother. I love the ocean! Well, guess what? June 8, my birthday, is Ocean Day…. coincidence or Sacred Design?

I am celebrating this sacred design with a new fantasy that I wrote, just for this occasion.

NEW! Get this ecological fantasy, Song of the Ocean, especially written to celebrate Ocean Day, which is my birthday! at 50% discount… today is the last day.

You get a fabulous Book Bonus Package, too!


 PDF Format| 138 pages
Plus browser reading from anywhere
Clickable Resources
Embedded with secrets from the Sacred Feminine School of Wisdom
Environmental Tour Included
Storytelling for the family
Includes Optional Book Bonus Package
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By the way, do you like my Ocean Celebration Cake? LOL!

After […]

Jun 062014
Part 5: The Princess with the Empty Treasure Chest

This is a story-in-progress that I am sharing with my Tribe, fresh from the oven. I invite you to help me polish it by leaving me your feedback or reviews in the comments below. To have access, pay with a social media like, whether

Read Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4
Part 5
The Ring of Entitlement
Rayna and Inlakesh were sipping the last drops of coffee when some brouhaha among the trees at the back of the cabin made them jump.
Rayna picked up her club instinctively. But Inlakesh bade her to listen and observe through the northwest window.
It soon became apparent that some sort of bird mischief was going on. Rayna went out, wanting to play with the birds. But Inlakesh followed as silent and light as the ray of sun now falling on the stirring waters in the nearby birdbath.
Before Rayna could interfere, Inlakesh pointed towards a tree that seemed to shake with terror. A burst of sparrows escape the trees as a cry was heard.
“Pay attention!” Inlakesh admonished.
Red-tail Hawk soared through the sky with a piercing cry and then circled above their […]

May 302014
Part 4: The Princess and the Empty Treasure Chest

The Princess and the Empty Treasure Chest
Part 1/ Part 2/Part 3

The Scepter of Self-Authority
The trees were barely shadows against the lavender hues of early dawn. Rayna had walked towards the North for hours, hoping to be early enough that no one would cross her path.
She was closer to town than she had ever been. Inlakesh said that no physical proximity was necessary, that the Soul’s Song would vibrate throughout The Forest and touch all kindred hearts simultaneously. But she had wanted ~had needed~ this proximity.
No voices could be heard. No footsteps disturbed the ground. Only the Nightingale’s song broke the silence.
 Rayna heard the long, intricate song and sighed. She took the ivory flute out of her pocket and fingered it nervously.
“I know, I know,” sang the Nightingale in her heart. “Being the one to lead is not easy. You can only truly lead by example. Therefore excellence is demanded of those who lead. Are you up to the task, Peaceful Queen?”
“I have no choice,” Rayna answered. “My father was the King. My mother taught me that I was the […]

May 232014
Part 3:The Princess with the Empty Treasure Chest

 Friday Story
The Princess with the Empty Treasure Chest
 Part 1/ Part 2
Part 3
The Flute of your Soul’s Song
“Dressed for my journey?” Rayna asked. “What journey? I have no plans…”
“That’s the best way to travel,” Inlakesh said as she put out the fire in the hearth and signaled Rayna to put the Pearls of Self-love back in the treasure chest.
Soon they were deeper into the woods, collecting mushrooms, leaves and nuts and filling the raft with wood for the fire.
“Where did you get the freshly baked bread for the breakfast?” Rayna asked, trying to be as tactful as possible under the circumstances.
“Magic, of course!” Inlakesh laughed as she pulled out some eggs from a hole in a tree. “It’s all around us!”
“Couldn’t you make some of that magic so we can have a nice dinner tonight?” Rayna asked as politely as she could. “It’s been ages since I eat anything but nuts, mushrooms and leaves.”
“You consider having magic on your side, and all you can think of is being invisible and getting your next meal. Can you not see beyond your nose?” […]

Jan 282014
The prosperous poor business woman

So here you are, full of dreams, with great goals and feeling like the dog trying to bite its tail. What’s going on?
You are here, but you want to be there.
You are in the messy place; in that in-between world where part of you longs for your dream so badly and part of you resists it equally furiously. One step forward and two steps back. One leap, and then you hold back. It’s driving you crazy!
Then you begin to doubt.

“If I were a good business person, I’d be rich by now.”
“If I were really a good artist, I’d be invited to show my work in X gallery by now.”
“If I were really an expert, I’d have my act together by now.”
“If I were really a good writer, I’d be published by now.”
“If I were really lovable, I’d have a partner by now.”

And so on.
Now “here” becomes a lesser place, the wrong place to be. Here becomes a proof of failure.
You resist being where you are and push yourself forward, but in doing so you are judging yourself. You are rejecting […]