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Feb 042014
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When we go back to harboring old judgments, resentments, grudges and pride we destroy the bridge that we called forth in our prayers, for that bridge is often build from relationships, encounters and occasions that at first seem disagreeable or even hostile to us.

Most of us see faith as our relationship with God that allows us the stamina and persistence to persevere against any odd and that builds a bridge to The Divine for the delivery of miracles.

Many of us go to our place of worship and renew our relationship and faith in God consistently.

But once we are out of the reach of that holy mantel, we diminish and dismantle this faith by acting in habitual ways that make us small, instead of helping us grow into our Divinity.

When the rain falls

When the rain is falling, it jabs and stabs our skin. It wets our clothing. It makes us shiver. It’s often uncomfortable and even inconvenient. But that inconvenient rain gives us life, fills the water reservoirs, nurtures the plants that sustain us and renew the atmosphere. When the rain falls it is a renewal and celebration of life.

The same can be said of many things that we may not like.

Think back. How often did you lament a situation as negative because it brought you pain, only to see it later, in hindsight, as a blessing that helped you grow, get over personal limitations or release an attachment that was limiting your potential?

When you hold on to judgment and resentment, you weaken your relationship with The Divine. Judgment hardens the heart and closes the mind and imagination. How will God communicate with you?

When you judge others because they are different, see things differently or have wronged you in some way, you are turning your back on The Divine.

The Divine speaks to you through precisely those people:

  • Those who are different,
  • Those who see the world differently,
  • Those who would choose the opposite path to yours
  • Those who take actions that offend you.

They are part of your growth. They are a gift, though it is not wrapped with pretty ribbons.

These people who upset and offend you are here to:

  • Rattle your cage so that you realize how you are keeping yourself prisoner
  • Help you open your heart to unconditional love and acceptance for yourself and others
  • Open your mind to new ways of seeing things that gives you new alternatives
  • Examine your own choices and path, so that you can understand yourself better and course-correct where needed
  • Point out your Blind Spots, Toxic Fields, Breaking Points, Attachments and other limitations that evict you from your potential
  • Helps you practice tolerance so that you can sustain diversity
  • Helps you get off your high horse and be humble enough to know that you are not perfect and your way is not the only way.
  • Look at your own fears, limitations and attachments, so that you can set yourself free .

When you judge these people, you are telling God that you believe that you are so perfect that you are above receiving his messengers. That you are above Divinity and do not need any teaching; that you are better than Divinity and whereas The Divine forgives and accepts with compassion, you can judge, reject and set yourself above others.

When you carry resentment and grudges, constantly blaming others for the past, for what they did to you and never examining your own steps in those relationships or the lessons you can learn from them; then you are breaking all the bridges that The Divine is sending you. No wonder you can’t see the miracles!

Resentment is toxic because it muddles the waters of love, compassion and mercy and your own expansive capacity to understand new ways of thinking and being.

You then drink constantly of those toxic waters, which grow ~stagnant and polluted~ in our being. You get sick emotionally, then spiritually and then physically.

That is why forgiveness sets you free.

Here are four things that you can remember when you are tempted to judge or feed your resentment:

  • Forgiveness is an act of faith that tells God that you are listening, that you understand your limitations and are willing to receive guidance and revelation, though you may not understand or appreciate the form it takes at the moment.

  • Forgiveness shows The Divine that you are willing to grow into your Divinity through compassion, understanding, tolerance, mercy, self-responsibility and respect for diversity.

  • Forgiveness is an act of self-love and self-healing. It is the willingness to release attachments, relationships and emotions that are toxic and harmful in order to live in harmony with creation.

  • Forgiveness is a willingness to release control over others, to let go of the past, to detach from your habitual opinions and perceptions long enough for The Divine to show you a better way.

  • Forgiveness shows the universe that you are growing into your highest frequency of love and wisdom. The Universe responds magnetically to your emotions and choices, bringing more love and wisdom into your life.

  • Forgiveness sets you free.



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