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Apr 182015
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Dream Express Oracle

Dream Basket


This is the Oracle I use to play in the Book Signing Party
for my novel, Angelina and the Law of Attraction. Read more below.



What are you willing to give in order to create your Dream?

Is your desire at the level of want or at the level of commitment?

This is an Air card, connected to Spirit and vibrational frequencies

Dream Express Oracle


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My new inspirational fantasy novel is out, and I am celebrating through fun Book Signing Parties both locally in New York and globally online.

Here’s a preview of the Dream Express Oracle I am using to present this magical story to those who attend the Book Party.

Card:Dream Basket

Chapter: No 12- The Shadow Castle


Angelina wakes up in a road surrounding a castle that seems to be the same face she left behind in the train; but is in fact an old castle. Dragonfly Diva is nowhere to be found. As Angelina explores this dark castle, she sees her DreamSelf –her future self? being taken prisoner by some Shadows. It is then that Angelina learns that this is her Shadow Castle and that her DreamSelf is flickering out of existence. She has at the most three days to get her out of that fortification. But it’s simply impossible. The security is impenetrable!

Excerpt: Once upon a time a woman who was questing for her dream, offered an empty basket, and then proceeded to fill it…
The basket reaches its lofty goal and easily slips into the empty plate.
“I made it!” Angelina exclaims, relaxing her body —that now feels three feet taller.
The Alignment Effigy lazily opens its stone eyes, a blind blue light piercing the blindfold and showering Angelina.
“The Dream Basket!” The Alignment Effigy declares, coming to life with a crackling noise. “A powerful object. I accept.”
Angelina is pleased with herself. She’s about to step down when the Alignment Effigy asks:
“What are the keywords?”
“Wha…” Angelina is about to say, but an invisible gag muffles her voice.
“Don’t say one word!” Dragonfly Diva speaks into her heart. “Anything you say will be considered an answer. Think carefully back. Remember your Dreamlife Vision. Speak seven keywords that embody that vision. Do not hesitate. Do not lie. She will know the truth. If you do not speak the truth, she will cut off your head with that sword in a flash.”
“Fine mess I’m in,” Angelina thinks.
But there’s no time for doubts or antiques. She closes her eyes, takes a deep breath, remembers her DreamSelf and speaks.

“Exuberance,” Angelina states unequivocally.

The plate with the Dream Basket drops six inches down.

“Magic,” Angelina clearly pronounces.

The plate with the Dream Basket drops another six inches.

“Insight,” Angelina softly says.

The plate with the Dream Basket drops six inches again.

Words. Stories. Writing. This is essential. But what word to use? What is the key in her writing?

“Naming,” she exclaims, the word leaping out of her lips into the Dream Basket, which drops another six inches.

“Three more. I need three more,” Angelina thinks, her sweaty hands trembling. “What is important? What?”

“Stay in the vision,” Dragonfly Diva whispers inside her heart. “Move towards the warm center.”

“Presence!” Angelina cries out joyfully.

The Dream Basket immediately descends.

“Words truly have substance,” Angelina thinks as the plate drops a half foot down.

“Soul,” Angelina whispers without a doubt.

The plate with the Dream Basket drops another half foot. The plate with the cannon ball is now only six inches below the plate with the basket.

Angelina’s heart is pounding madly.

“That’s it!” Angelina knows, but just as she is about to speak, she pulls back.

“This is two words,” she thinks. “That must be wrong. They’re supposed to be one word. A keyword.”

“Release doubt,” Dragonfly Diva speaks inside her mind. “Know from within.”

“A…Ancestral Heart,” Angelina says, concentrating on the warm trunk and the wisdom of the Ancestral Heart.”

The plate with the Dream Basket descends as the plate with the cannon ball ascends. The ball emits a metallic cry as the Dream Basket catches up with it.

The effigy seems to smile.

“Well done, Angelina Semidey,” the Alignment Effigy says. “You have achieved balance. I can now answer your question.”



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