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May 262015
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SERIES: Dream Creation: From Desire to Embodiment

This article is part 4 in a series of four articles. Part 1 here. Part 2 here.  Part 3 here.


What Makes your Dream happen



If you believe in overnight success, miracles that will sweep you into fame or things that happen all by themselves, go call Tinker Bell.

(She’ll tell you to bug off and not waste her time.) LOL!

In the previous articles in this series, we already ascertained that wanting is not enough. We proved that Dreaming is not enough. And we established that the only way to manifest that Dream of yours is to eat it; to make it an integral part of you.

We also explored that the next step after you swallow your dream is to chew it, and this means to make a choice:


But what is Commitment?

Imagine commitment as a banquet. What happens when you seat down to dinner?

What follows is the short menu for your Dream Banquet.


Identity and fluidity = Your plate

If the food looks too alien, your whole body will reject it.

In the same way, you will only accept a serving of that which agrees with your Self-perception of who you are.

You need to center your identity —not in the Tiny Self— but in your Infinite Self or in your DreamSelf, that part of you that is already your dream. She lives in your Soul. Connecting to your Soul allows you to feel that seed of potential that seeks to grow into your Dream.

By the age of seven our identity has become what shamans refer to as the Primary Identity. It is solid. Anything that does not reinforce it is seen as life-threatening. If you are too solid to change, your Dream will not happen.

You need to become fluid. Practice being like water. Here your Sacred Feminine is the path. Learn to flow, to improvise, to allow the Unknown, to release control. Practice until you become fluid. This allows you to shed the old, limiting aspects of your Primary Identity that you need to release in order to reveal the radiance in you that already is your Dream.


Dream Discipline = Serving Bowl

You cannot eat at the banquet if the serving bowl is empty. If the hostess forgot to put food in the table, there is no banquet!

If you do not dedicate consistent, well-planned time, space and attention as well as strategic and inspired actions on behalf of your Dream, this is like dipping your spoon on an empty bowl or passing the serving tray to the next guest to then realize that your plate is empty.

Even the simple act of eating demands taking one bite after the other.

I work towards Acts of Power that allow me to quantum leap into my potential. But these great Acts of Power are not “doable” —they cannot be done. They are complex processes.

In order to execute them I need to chew them into smaller, doable Tasks of Power. Then I know what to do when.

A Dream is not executable. You need to create Dream Tasks to take strategic, consistent or inspired action to make your Dream happen.

To break a Dream into Dream Tasks you need utmost clarity. I will talk about this shortly.


Connection = Hands

It’s hard to eat without hands. It’s even harder to make your Dream come true if you do not connect to like-hearted beings, allies, friends, supporters, readers, fans, audiences, peers and many others who can support you or create synergy with you.


Faith, Believe and Conviction = Aroma

The aroma of food is invisible and intangible, yet it reveals its chemistry. Animals —and that includes us— smell the food before deciding if they will eat it. This allows our nervous system to discern if it is beneficial or toxic.

The strength of your faith, your deepest belief in your Dream and your conviction on its inevitability are the aroma that triggers the passion and commitment to do your Dream.


Clear, Focused, Unwavering Intention = Fork

Once you decide that you will do your Dream, the clarity of your intention is your tool to bring it closer to you —whether that’s a fork or chop sticks!

A focused, unwavering intention broadcasts a clear, strong signature into The Universal Field. It attracts all that you need to take each of those Dream Tasks.


Perseverance and Resilience = Knife

If the food is not easy to chew, you need a knife to cut it into smaller pieces.

This is your perseverance and resilience.

People who have no backbone or who give up at the slightest difficulty cannot manifest their Dreams. People who are easily persuaded or intimidated by naysayers or bullies rarely do their Dream. People who are addicted to comfort and avert risk at all cost will not make their Dream come true.

You do not need to struggle. But there is effort involved.

The other extreme of this is those who force the big piece of meat down their throat and choke on it. Those who work hard instead of smart, who are addicted to struggle, fight and control will turn their Dream into a nightmare. You cannot eat a knife! Ouch!


Willingness to learn = Mouth

If you are not willing and eager to learn new things; if you want to be in control all the time, be the one who knows it all, always be the master or if you will not accept instructions, teachings, new ideas or coaching —then you have no mouth to ingest your Dream.

The other side of this is the person who is always the student but does not assume their expertise or knowledge. That is a mouth that is always hungry to eat but cannot close to chew the food. It will dribble out and make a mess! Yeak!


Passion = Taste

If you do not enjoy your food, you will eat as little as possible. The same is true of the process of Dream Creation.

It is essential that you savor each little morsel of success in order to ingest your Dream food abundantly, until it becomes part of who you are.

If you seek outward acceptance or are so perfectionist that you cannot feel or celebrate the sweet tiny advances you make in your Dream Journey, then you will quit before you get there. Who wants to travel a difficult road if there is no reward in it?


Action and Creation = Teeth

As I said before, your teeth grind the food into edible portions.

In the same manner your actions and creations are the grinding teeth that allow you to make a BIG Dream into reality, one step at a time.

I see a lot of people who have big dreams, but they are like the caterpillar who dreams of being butterfly —yet refuses to build a chrysalis. It’s not going to happen.

It’s not necessarily that you have to start small. But you have to start right where you are. You can only bloom where you are planted.

When you keep on dreaming of winning the lotto or being discovered but do not take practical actions or do not engage in the creative process that builds your vision, then you are a guest with no teeth. You will only be able to ingest soup. You will dream big but only do what comes easy.


Receiving, Allowing and Transformation = Stomach

Now we come full circle to the beginning of this series.

You need to allow your Dream to grow inside you. You need to allow whatever transformation is going on in your life right now.

Your transformation is the gardener that digs out the weeds and tilts the earth so that the seed of your potential can grow inside you and blossom in the world.

  • If you call it a problem, your transformation will not feed your Dream. You will not be able to perceive the lessons or opportunities flowing towards you right now.
  • If you deny that there is anything wrong, unwanted or interfering with your dream, the weeds will grow unseen until they drown your Dream.
  • If you do not receive and allow whatever is your truth, your limitation, your Dream will not reach your stomach.

I know this is counter-intuitive. You think that if you accept your limitations then you are being self-defeating, negative or a conformist.

But I am not asking you to fit into your limitations or to bend out of shape to congeal them.

The fact is that if you are running against a blockage, then you are ALREADY bent out of shape by something that is interfering.

Denying that it exists is the way my super fixes things in the apartment. I call him to fix a light source which keeps burning my bulbs. He doesn’t find anything wrong with it, so he says: “get cheaper bulbs.” LOL!

When you deny you are resisting and avoiding.

You cannot release what you do not accept.

You cannot change what you cannot see.


And if you look at what needs transformation as a problem, a deficiency in you that needs to be fixed; and then get angry and frustrated at it —you are judging yourself and this hardens your resistance.

So what do you do?

You accept your limitations, fears and interferences —even if you do not fully understand them. You love and accept yourself unconditionally WITH these limitations.

Then you lovingly shift into your DreamSelf. You shift your attention towards your creativity, your uniqueness and your blessings.

You identify with this greatness within you and lovingly release your limitations.

When you love yourself unconditionally, even as you recognize your imperfection, something miraculous happens.

Those parts of you that were holding on to those limitations for dear life feel seen, appreciated, loved and understood. They no longer fight or struggle. They let go.

You grow into your Sacred Self. You BECOME your Dream.





* I spell Dream with capital “D” to distinguish your Soul’s Dream and life purpose from acquisition dreams or sleep dreams.

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