May 262015
Dream Creation Series: Part 4: What Makes your Dream happen

SERIES: Dream Creation: From Desire to Embodiment
This article is part 4 in a series of four articles. Part 1 here. Part 2 here.  Part 3 here.
What Makes your Dream happen


If you believe in overnight success, miracles that will sweep you into fame or things that happen all by themselves, go call Tinker Bell.
(She’ll tell you to bug off and not waste her time.) LOL!
In the previous articles in this series, we already ascertained that wanting is not enough. We proved that Dreaming is not enough. And we established that the only way to manifest that Dream of yours is to eat it; to make it an integral part of you.
We also explored that the next step after you swallow your dream is to chew it, and this means to make a choice:

To commit or not to commit? That is the question!
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But what is Commitment?
Imagine commitment as a banquet. What happens when you seat down to dinner?
What follows is the short menu for your Dream Banquet.
Identity and fluidity = Your plate
If the food looks too alien, […]

May 192015
Dream Creation Series: Part 3: Become your Dream

SERIES: Dream Creation: From Desire to Embodiment
This article is part 3 in a series of four articles. Part 1 here. Part 2 here.
Become  your Dream


So you finally stopped seeing your Dream or purpose as something alien that is far away and that you must “get” with great effort. Congratulations! You accepted your Dream as food.
You also swallowed your Dream, allowing it to nurture the potential inside you that has —and has always had— the power to blossom into that Dream.
Now you need to ingest and digest your Dream.
The previous two stages: acceptance and swallowing were lead by your Sacred Feminine aspect or your Shakti Energy. Now we are shifting into your Sacred Masculine energy, your Shiva Energy.
You do not create something because you want it.
Desire is just the spark to ignite your passion, a powerful force that can move mountains. Yes, but only if you employ it.

Now you must choose whether you will feed your passion to that Dream until it grows.

Believe it or not, must people refuse to feed their passion to their Dream. Instead, they […]

May 122015
Dream Creation Series: Part 2: How to Eat your Dream

SERIES: Dream Creation: From Desire to Embodiment
This article is part 2 in a series of four articles. Part 1 here.
How to eat your Dream


If wanting is not enough…
If Dreaming is not enough…
… then what is?
In Part 1 of this series I said that we need to “eat our dreams.”
How do we do this?
When we eat, we smell, taste, chew, swallow, ingest and digest the food. It then flows through our organs and systems, becoming our energy and our body. We ultimately are what we eat.
Receive the Food
To eat your Dream is to stop seeing them as something “out there” that is far away, unreachable and even alien to who you are now.
As long as you see your Dream like that, you will not be able to manifest it simply because your Reticular Activating System will reject it. The amygdala sounds all alarms when something clashes against your identity. It won’t let it in!
Your energy system rises up to resist it and your fight or flee mechanism is triggered.

Identity threat is one of the core reasons why most people […]

May 052015
Dream Creation Series: Part 1: To Dream is not enough

SERIES: Dream Creation: From Desire to Embodiment
To Dream is not Enough
Today is tough love day here.

It simply breaks my Warrioress’ heart when I see so many of you longing, struggling and hungering for your Dreams or purpose… and then judging and shaming yourself because you are not embodying it yet.*
I often talk about the process of creating and manifesting —and I usually start from the inside out —because that’s how wings are grown. In my experience, without the intentional, emotional and energetic processes that I call Internal Actions— even if you take action, it will be ineffective.
But today I want to focus on something else. I want to reveal to you the force that is probably swallowing your Dream right now. This influence devours the Dreams of millions of people. About 95% of those who are not creating their Dream right now are in the grip of this monstrous force.
Here’s the raw true:
It is not enough to want.
You may want something with all your heart. You may want it so bad it hurts.
But that won’t make it happen.


Apr 192015
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Apr 102009
Are you an Active Dreamer or a Daydreamer: A Self-assessment Tool

Are you an
Active Dreamer or a Daydreamer?
Self-assessment Tool
By Maria Mar©
The first thing that happens when you begin to dream; I mean Dream, with capital D ~to manifest a vision, desire or goal in your life~ is doubt.
The doubt comes from the fact that you are walking into the unknown. It can also come from well-intentions (or not so well-intentioned) people who are “practical” and do not believe in dreams.
But the doubt can also be a flag showing you the wounds you need to heal, the skills you need to develop and the places where you need support.
How do you know if your dream is “Real”, doable and authentic? Or are you really a daydreamer that dwells in fantasy, as some people are quick to point out?
This self-assessment tool will help you ascertain if you are an Active Dreamer ~what I call a DreamCrafter; or a daydreamer. In each outcome, it will give you a 3-step action plan to improve your chances of becoming your dream and offer you resources in my Dream Store for your manifestation.

“Fantasies are […]