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Feb 112016
Valentine Gift-The Courage to Love

Reading Time: 2 minutes Valentine Gift The Courage to Love What is your love story? Are you overflowing with love in your life, romantic as well as friendship love? Are you in love? Out of love? Grieving a break-up? Have you given up in love or are you heartbroken? Whatever your love story is, you will infuse it with magic and inspiration in this short video love letter that is my gift to you this Valentine. So often Valentine messages are only for those who have a partner, but love exists beyond the meeting with the beloved. It expands us beyond the relationship. It does not go when the beloved departs. Therefore, this Valentine message is for you no matter what your love story is, if you are in a relationship, alone, going through a breakup, grieving a love relationship or hiding from love. This is a love letter to celebrate your capacity to love, to infuse you with the courage to love again and to inspire you to dive into your loss to grow your love (instead of hiding and protecting yourself from [Read more.]

Mar 242015
6 Elements of Stressful Living-Day 5: Povertizing

Reading Time: 4 minutes 6 Elements of Stressful Living and how to Live and Work Stress Free: Day 5: Povertizing This is a series of six articles. Get Day 1: Pushing here. Get Day 2: Rushing here. Get Day 3: Dutifying here. Get Day 4: Judgment here.   Povertization is the act of creating the conditions by which a sector of a population –let’s say women– are and stay poor. Povertizing yourself as I use it in this series has to do with learned limiting beliefs that come out of your own early –or cultural– experience with money and that keep you from achieving financial freedom. It is one of the most powerful and pervasive forms of stress in one’s life and work. Povertizing is the secret denial of money, wealth and financial freedom that we embed in our priorities, choices, interpretations and practices. Povertizing may take the form of splitting what you love to do from how you earn your money, so that you have to work more to get money. It may take the form of not maximizing the income you can [Read more.]

Mar 062015
Dreamtime Story:  Toxins and Violence in the Psyche

Reading Time: 10 minutes Dreamtime Story:   Toxins and Violence in the Psyche Author’s Note: This is a stirring, yet real story that took place at two dimensions: DreamTime and real time in my life during the past week. I share it with you because it’s a powerful experience of how toxins become anger, chaos and violence in our psyche. It also lets us know how the universe is in constant dialogue with us and how our body can help us heal our psyche. Murder, She Wrote: Gas Poisoning in the Reel and the Real My studio is adjacent to the kitchen. I don’t have a TV and when I want some television or video entertainment I watch Netflix in my computer. Last week I was watching (again) a rerun of “Murder, She Wrote.” I like good detective movies, but except for this one, all the ones done in the USA have stressful elements, such as lots of violence, car chases and explosions and unnerving music. I do not watch TV like that —especially late in the evening— because I’ve noticed that the vibrational [Read more.]

Jun 122012
Release fear, release struggle

Reading Time: 3 minutes Words of Wisdom Release Fear and you release struggle Shift from fear to love. Click To Tweet Fear triggers control, which triggers the defensive mind. The logical mind tries to find ways to take back control in an effort to survive. The problem is that most of the time, there is no real threat to your survival. The primitive releases a stampede of defensive thoughts that create high levels of stress, impair your discernment and close you off to your spiritual guidance. In this chaotic, fearful state, you are less competent to make good decisions. Yet, you are trapped in an illusion that you are in control. You make terrible choices, push away friends and allies and give in to enemies and manipulation. And you find yourself  struggling. Surrender this control illusion. Release it. Freedom comes from releasing fear and embracing love Click To Tweet . Part 1: Release Fear Release fear from your BodySoul. By practicing deep, slow breathing, relaxation exercises, emptying your mind, meditating or connecting to nature as a consistent practice you can release fear every day. [Read more.]

Aug 202011
Toxic relationships: did you step into one?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Break Free from Toxic Relationships When you step into someone’s Toxic Field it is like stepping into a toxic landmine. It explodes on your face. Get clear and keep clear! What type of Toxic Relationship are you facing? You may be going through a long-term or short-term toxic relationship. Long-term toxic relationships are those you have with highly toxic people. You can’t win in those relationships. Short-term toxic relationships are good relationships that suddenly turn toxic, and you need to find out what went wrong. Your first task is to determine if your toxic relationship is long or short term. That will make all the difference! Toxic Fields Everyone has a Toxic Field. Imagine a war-plagued zone in which the military has planted toxic landmines. Step into any of those landmines, and it explodes. Not only that, but the toxicity spreads throughout the environment for a long, long time. That’s exactly the nature of a human Toxic Field. When you step into that Toxic Field, it will explode in your face. That’s when a good relationship goes bad.  You need [Read more.]

Aug 192011

Reading Time: < 1 minute http://www.dreamalchemist.com/consultations-toxic-relationships.htm Find out if you are in a toxic relationship, what kind and level of toxic relationships and how to address your relationship crisis. Transmute your relationship conflicts into deeper love, personal growth and creative freedom. This short video by the Dream Alchemist gives you a light introduction and some eye-opening caricatures on toxic relationships. Get a shamanic consultation with the Dream Alchemist to break free from toxic relationships. Maria Mar has helped thousands of women and relationships in three continents. Equip yourself with shamanic tools to understand the Sacred Design of this relationship crisis and make the best of it. Read more at: ! http://www.dreamalchemist.com/consultations-toxic-relationships.htm REGISTER NOW! 2-hour shamanic consultation 1 ebook BONUS 3-month access to The Dream Alchemist’s Book of Answers to get all your questions transformed into practical lessons uniquely created for you! REGULAR PRICE  for consultation alone: $300 Now with two bonuses Sorry! 48-hour sale just ended! REGISTER NOW! Link not working? Click here: http://www.dreamalchemist.com/consultations-toxic-relationships.htm#buy   More Resources: Reserve your copy of the Toxic Relationships First-aid Kit. Here: http://toxicrelationships.eventbrite.com/ Send to Kindle

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