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Sep 192018
Shifting from Fear to Faith in the Midst of Adversity

Reading Time: 3 minutes Shifting from Fear to Faith in the Midst of Adversity In a private FB group to which I belong I was deeply moved by a woman going through so many problems compiled by environmental disasters and tipped by the troublesome political climate to the point that –even when she had great faith, a faith I could feel deep in her core—she was feeling desperate, fragmented and gripped by fear for herself, her family and her community. Let us call her Mary. If you are going through multiple problems while feeling the pressure of these scary, troubled times getting to you so that you are losing your center of serenity, this is for you with love. ~~~~ Beautiful Mary, I feel the fear in you and I feel the faith in you. I send a prayer for you to shift from fear to faith with ease and grace. As I hear you describing what is going on in your life –the adversity, disease, financial insecurity, compiled with environmental disasters in your region and overwhelming political transgressions to our democracy, I see [Read more.]

Jan 202015
The 12 Veils of Forgetfulness

Reading Time: 7 minutes The 12 Veils of Forgetfulness   This is the second article in a series of 2. Read the first article here: Soul Hatching Meditation.   The Veils of Forgetfulness are the mental, emotional and energetic interferences that keep your programming running, veiling and interfering with your conscious connection to your Soul. They were created during childhood and youth but can also be created in adulthood as the result of a trauma. Either through conditioning or conclusion, you create these veils as protections to your Soul, to your Essence. But once created, they become attached to your Primary Identity and become a mask that hides your Essence and pops up each time you want to connect to your Core Self. How the Veils of Forgetfulness are Created They are created in either of two ways: Someone —usually an adult (in childhood) or a person to whom you have conferred authority— convinces you to see yourself in certain way. This can be the way they see you or the way they believe you should see yourself in order to be good or [Read more.]

Jan 132015
Soul Hatching Meditation

Reading Time: 7 minutes My New Year’s Gift for you Soul Hatching Meditation   You have probably learned that it takes hard work to make your dream happen. You have come to believe that in order to fully embody the purpose for which you were born, you need to improve yourself in a variety of ways. As a result of this training every time you think of what you want to accomplish or who you want to be, a long list of to-dos and fix-me-ups runs through your mind. It may look something like this: First, I have to stop wasting time watching TV and use that time better. And I can’t go to sleep so late at night because I don’t have energy the next day. Once I do that… Oh, yes, and I must stop getting angry at every little frustration. I need to learn more patience. And how about my technophobia? Until I get better at using technology, I won’t really be able to do what I want. Not to mention my neediness. I must stand stronger and let go of [Read more.]

Nov 272014
My Gratitude Declaration

Reading Time: 3 minutes Today I am grateful for… My health. At my age I am flexible, strong and have the energy and stamina to do my work, live my purpose and serve my tribe. My alchemy. I have been trained in the subtle distillation of energy that allows me to transmute my wounds into medicines, my pain into power and my fears into freedom. I see how rare and precious this gift is and feel immensely thankful for this practical spiritual wisdom. My creativity and creative genius. There is so much fun and magic in my creative gifts! I have reclaimed my vast creative potential and feel so happy and delighted on the power of creativity to create my life and be the co-creator of this world. My magic. I love magic! Truly magic is the fiber of this world. It is deeply connected to Oneness and connects us to Divine Source. It empowers us to co-create our life with the universe and to shift our perception to change our world. I enjoy the magic that connects me to the heart and beauty [Read more.]

Jul 282014
What am I becoming?

Reading Time: < 1 minute Monday Meditation What am I becoming?   Every thought that you feed with your emotions, is a step in your Becoming. Every choice you make, directs the route of your Becoming. Every emotion you cradle and channel, flows to your Becoming. Every creation that you offer the world is your Becoming. Every new lesson you learn or refuse, is a point in the grid of your Becoming. Every single point of attention you hold consistently is a cell in your Becoming.   And thus you arrive at your adulthood, then at your maturity, then at your old age. And who you are at each stage is the direct consequence of your actions and creations. And you become that.   You are a frequency, an energy pattern vibrating as it moves, flows or congeals. And that pattern is created now… was created yesterday… is created every day. This is your Becoming.   Now ask yourself: What am I becoming? Click To Tweet   Send to Kindle

Jun 092014
Dream Evidence

Reading Time: < 1 minute Monday Meditation  Dream Evidence Your logical mind demands evidence that your dreams are possible. But the only evidence it will accept is the one in its archives. And that familiar cage is the very one you are trying to escape! Your creative mind needs no evidence. It can dream, imagine, envision and from that imagined, invisible conception it can create a new life; one that has no precedence. When your logical mind doubts your dream for lack of evidence; when your subconscious mind resists your dream for lack of evidence; show them all that you have created from nothing. That is plenty of evidence! Oh! I love this meditation for manifestation. Enjoy it at http://mariamar.com/2014/06/dream-evidence Click To Tweet ————————– Maria Mar (c)2014 New York June 3, 2014 This poem-meditation is copyright of Maria Mar©2014. It is protected by copyright law. You are welcome to share it with your friends using the share buttons in the post.   Resources If you like this poem, you may want to subscribe to my Life is Poetry monthly newsletter, featuring the poems in my [Read more.]

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