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Sep 122023
"I Have no Time!" How to Handle Anxiety During Crisis

Reading Time: 8 minutes “I have no time to eat… to rest… to take a nap…. to relax…. to take it slow…”… STOP! Read this post to reclaim your time and your peace. This is voice inside us that pushes us into rush, perfectionism and to-do-ism in the name of efficiency during a crisis is just a learned defensive self running scared. It is not reality and we need to detach from its panicky voice to reclaim our time and peace. This voice belongs to an archetypal Inner Self that I call the Rush Whip. It pushes us beyond what is healthy or even possible for us right now. It paints a chaotic picture of the crisis, but it is lying. And we need to step back and recognize its lie so that we can regain authorship of our situation. This is the voice of your egoic mind –which is afraid of the Unknown and therefore tries to control it. It does so by trying to use your logical mind to make lists, take actions and create plans. But because it is doing so [Read more.]

Mar 172015
6 Elements of Stressful Living-Day 4: Judgment

Reading Time: 4 minutes 6 Elements of Stressful Living And how to Live and Work Stress Free: Day 4: Judgment This is a series of six articles. Get Day 1: Pushing here. Get Day 2: Rushing here. Get Day 3: Dutifying here.   Judgment is the cousin of guilt and shame. It is the aunt of resistance and control addiction. It is sister to the dutifying of life. Judgment once came from your elders or culture. Now you internalized those voices, and you are constantly judging yourself and feeling inadequate or declaring yourself guilty. You add injury to this inadequacy by trying to control your results, your work or your life in order to make it look like you think it should be —which is usually the same as what you think that others think that it should be. The result is cheer misery. If there is one thing you should abolish in your life to be free, this thing is judgment. Stop judging yourself and you will soon stop judging others. Judgment is unnecessary and inefficient. It alienates but it does not explain, [Read more.]

Aug 312014
The Dreamer’s Prayer

Reading Time: < 1 minute Sunday Prayer The Dreamer’s Prayer   May I believe that I am dreaming my reality. May I dream my reality to express my highest dreams. May I be real in my expression, so that my spirit colors my world. May I express my Sacred Self, so that I grow into my Divinity.     ================================== Maria Mar©2014 New York, NY August 27, 2014     Send to Kindle

Nov 272013
Gratitude: A human superpower

Reading Time: 4 minutes You have many human superpowers. They allow you to master your creative genius so that you can co-create life on earth and become the master artist of your own unique Masterpiece Life. Gratitude is one of these superpowers, far more powerful than most people see at first sight. Gratitude has five virtues that can activate the magic of your creator power, enriching and deepening your existence. Gratitude is a power of the heart. The human heart is a mysterious, magical organ. Shamans have, for centuries and throughout cultures, alluded to its power. Here are three of these powers that can free, direct and empower you. The Frequency of Gratitude The human heart emits the strongest electromagnetic field in our body. The heart’s electromagnetic field is five thousand times stronger than the brain’s electromagnetic field. This electromagnetic field envelops the entire body extending out in all directions, and it can be measured up to several feet outside of the body. Research shows that as we consciously focus on feeling a positive emotion it has a beneficial effect on our own health [Read more.]

May 142013
Joyfully assert your right to happiness

Reading Time: 4 minutes Joyfully assert your right to happiness This spring, joyfully, lovingly and creatively assert your right to be happy as a woman and in so doing, you will help your loved ones to value the Sacred feminine and reconnect to Earth. This is part of a three-part series. Read the first here. Read the second here. Your right to happiness is like laughter. It can be contagious. It is healing. But women have been embedded with the belief that when we are happy we are selfish, that when we do what we want, we are somehow stealing from our loved ones. The opposite is true. Your happiness is the best gift you can give others. Here are five rights that you can nurture in your life right now. The Right to be Be. You don’t have to work that hard. Everything you have to give to the world is contained in your presence, like fragrance in perfume. Click To Tweet The Sacred Feminine teaches that your gifts are embedded in your presence. Breathe deeply. Align with your heart and listen to [Read more.]

Jun 252012
First step to peace

Reading Time: < 1 minute Daily Words of Wisdom: The First step to peace The first step to peace is shifting from fear to love. This leads to another shift, from blaming to self-responsibility. This leads to another shift, from projecting our Shadows onto others, to owning and re-casting our Shadows. This leads to another shift, from seeing those who are different as enemies to seeing them as mirrors and allies to our growth. These steps work at a deeply personal level to create our collective peace frequency. Are you game?   RESOURCES: Join the 2012 Peace Shift at: https://www.facebook.com/2012peaceshift       Send to Kindle

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