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Sep 242013
Your hands are NOT empty

Reading Time: 4 minutes Are you poor? Do you feel poor? Are you suffering financial lack? Are you frustrated because you can’t go beyond certain financial set point? I’ve been so poor that I had to shower with a drip. I’ve been homeless. I’ve lost everything I’ve had. But none of these circumstances made me poor. What made me poor was looking at my hands and seeing them empty. Click To Tweet True poverty comes with the loss of hope and the inability to believe that you or your circumstances could improve or that you can change what is happening to you. True poverty is not knowing your value and how it can enrich the world. Click To Tweet When you grow up in a financially disadvantaged family or neighborhood, or in a working class household were there was constant money struggle, one of two things can happen: This challenge strengthens your capacity to generate income, persist and take risks, becoming the foundation to your wealth; or This limitation creates a fenced reality that, no matter how much you struggle, work and practice the [Read more.]

Jul 222013
Power Up for Profits!

Reading Time: 4 minutes Book Review by Maria Mar Book: Power up for Profits Author: Kathleen Gage Recommended for: Dreampreneurs, authors, healers and other experts who want to start-up, profit-up or upgrade their purpose-based business so that it generates profits. I’ve been a fan of Kathleen Gage for years, and this book reminds me why. In “Power up for Profits” Kathleen once again shows her gift to help entrepreneurs make money by placing one foot in front of the other instead of running ourselves into the ground. For business starters, it’s a primer on how to build a profitable foundation for your business, and the book is full of ideas that you can immediately implement. For those dreampreneurs, spiritpreneurs or fempreneurs who have been working for a while and have gained some visibility and clients, it’s a system-check up that will allow you to see what aspects of your business are not generating income, why and how to course-correct for profitability and how to grow from there. Kathleen’s core message is that you can build a spiritually-founded, value-anchored and purpose-based business that makes you [Read more.]

Oct 092012
Launch your out-of-the-box Success NOW with the help of 20 experts

Reading Time: 5 minutes Launch your out-of-the-box success with the help of 20 success experts in this free full-color inspirational flip-page magazine. The Success Alchemy takes you through the four steps of authentic success for spiritual, creative women. Enjoy this powerful transformation and get free tools from the experts.

May 022012
Go from Blocked to Brilliant

Reading Time: < 1 minute Go from blocked to brilliant is a transformation designed for spiritual, creative women who are seeking to fulfill their purpose, passion or dreams but find themselves stuck in certain areas. If you feel that there is a low ceiling that keeps you from moving past certain set point in your success, healing or happiness, then you need to give yourself this transformation. If there’s an area of your life, like money, love or career, that’s stuck; then you definitely need to give yourself this transformation. Created especially for women, this home study course includes storytelling, creative activities and shamanic secrets to transmute your limitations into your secret tools for mastery. Find out what hidden interference is stopping you from having and being what you want, and set yourself free to fly. Go from blocked to brilliant. To find out more or purchase the premium versions: Go from Blocked to Brilliant Home Study Course Get the Basic Home Study Course right now Includes the story book and the workbook. Click the Add-to-cart button to buy now. [dpd-atc product=”37363″] Immediately Downloadable Get [Read more.]

Aug 302011
The Endless Ink

Reading Time: 5 minutes Inspirational Story about Creating Abundance This is a true story. It is a story about the abundance that exists all around us. It is also a story about miracles and means. It is a story to help you place your attention in the cornucopia of plenty that exists in your life right now, even under the financial challenges you may be facing. This story tells you how to starve scarcity and and make abundance grow. The other alternative is to feed your places of scarcity until they grow, eating away your abundance. Which do you prefer? When things are tough Some time ago our black and white laser printer died. It was a good Panasonic printer, and I have relied on that brand for many of my electronics. It had printed our beautiful poems. It had carried our babies when they were crawling (I’m talking about our books, don’t be thinking we put the children in the printer!)): It had nurtured our dreams as we planned and strategized.  It had been a loyal printer. But it came to its final [Read more.]

Feb 102010
Walk out of your Family Karma and Step into your Dream

Reading Time: 6 minutes Walk out of your Family Karma and Step into your Dream Maria Mar Love is the air under our wings. It uplifts us. It frees us. It supports us. It makes it safe to explore and fly. It nests us when we return. Part 1 What is your Inheritance? When love is unconditional, it is the greatest ally to our dreams. It gives us the power to move mountains. Unfortunately, for many of us born to fly, love seems to be the chain around our talon and the weight crushing our wings. Many of us hold back from our true potential for fear of being rejected by those we love. Even more of us are held back from our dreams by the false beliefs and negative patterns secretly inherited from those we love. Love vs. Fear Love moves the world, but only when it is unconditional. Unfortunately, few of us practice unconditional love. There is secret war going on in many families right now. It is a war between freedom and love. To fly, love needs freedom. Fear, however creates [Read more.]

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