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Sep 242013
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Are you poor? Do you feel poor? Are you suffering financial lack? Are you frustrated because you can’t go beyond certain financial set point?

I’ve been so poor that I had to shower with a drip. I’ve been homeless. I’ve lost everything I’ve had. But none of these circumstances made me poor.

True poverty comes with the loss of hope and the inability to believe that you or your circumstances could improve or that you can change what is happening to you.

When you grow up in a financially disadvantaged family or neighborhood, or in a working class household were there was constant money struggle, one of two things can happen:

  • This challenge strengthens your capacity to generate income, persist and take risks, becoming the foundation to your wealth; or
  • This limitation creates a fenced reality that, no matter how much you struggle, work and practice the Law of Attraction, does not let you move from the poverty mindset you inherited.

All things being equal, and you being active in creating your progress, learning and working, what is the other factor, the hidden key that makes the difference between these two outcomes?

The beliefs that perpetuate poverty are generated not by poverty itself; at least not financial poverty. They are generated by the poverty of hopelessness, helplessness and ignorance.

Hopelessness is an attitude, and it is usually learned and transmitted from one generation to the other. Healing from it means detaching from our learned despair and negativity.

Helplessness is a response learned from our family of origin, but also from our community and from what is expected from us. When you are a poor child and have to go with your mom to welfare or pay with food stamps in the supermarket , what does mom say and do?

If you get a sense that this is a temporary setback and that you’ve paid for this service with taxes, you will probably develop a strong response of “I can overcome.”

On the other hand, if your mother feels helpless and trapped and you get the sense that this is your destiny, what you deserve, and you are less than others; then you may inherit the helplessness response.

You grow up, become a college professor, and author, a scientist or an entrepreneur. And you set out to progress. You are doing well, but then you hit a ceiling.

That ceiling is the set point established in your childhood, through the messages that overtly or covertly let you know that “you can’t afford it.”

To go past that set point, you must overcome the poverty or helplessness response with deep personal growth and emotional work to remove those imprints from your psyche.

You must educate yourself emotionally as well as financially so that you can release the learned set point that holds you back from financial progress and keeps you always in lack or in a tight spot. And that has nothing to do with how smart you are, what you consciously think or know, the skills or education you have or anything else in your circumstances, though you may be convinced that if you take another training, upgrade to the next level of certification or try the next get-rich-quick scheme, all your problems will be solved.

The education you need to release what holds you back is not rational or formal.

In this sense, I’m not talking only of lack of education when I speak of ignorance. It is about not knowing how money is made, how money grows, how you can use your unique gifts to make money and above all, not knowing the value you bring to this world.

To move from the poverty mindset, we need support; preferably early on ~but at any time in which we put our hearts to it. We need help from coaches, mentors, teachers, friends, peers. That help is readily available right now to you, if you open your hands and see it moving towards you.

I call you to rise above your learned limitations when you address a money situation that seems lacking. If you are in a tight spot, know that you can overcome it. If you find someone who is going through financial crisis, help them see how they can overcome it.

Your hands are full of all the unique gifts, skills and experiences you need to serve the world and receive sustenance from this service. Even your financial crisis right now is part of the life blueprint that makes you perfect for your purpose. It’s just a lesson. It’s also a gift. It may even be the exact tool you need to tap into your treasures.

The shift of perception that empowers you is to shift from seeing your hands as empty to seeing the infinite riches they hold.


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I also recommend Carol Tutle’s post about how to answer your kids when they ask for something that you may not be able to provide at that moment. Carol and her daughter talk about an experience when Ann wanted something when she was about 7, and Carol was struggling with money at the time, but when she opened her mouth to say “We can afford it,” her spiritual guides gave her a healthier answer that empowered her daughter. Enjoy mother and daughter talking about this here: http://thecarolblog.com/what-not-to-say-to-kids-about-money/


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Maria Mar is a Sacred Storyteller and shaman who champions you to change your old limiting story to create the new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. She helps you awaken your magic, express your creative genius, embody your purpose and live your potential now.

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