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May 022013
Passion and the Law of Attraction

Reading Time: 6 minutes Passion and the Law of Attraction Passion is the key that opens the door of the Law of Attraction. Find out how passion allows you to muster the forces of the universe to activate the Law of Attraction towards the fulfillment of your Dream, living your Life purpose or delivering your message. What is the connection between passion and the Law of Attraction? Passion is a creative emotional force deeply connected to the human soul, to the Elemental Forces of nature and to our deep human needs and values. The power of passion is astounding. It can muster the forces of the universe towards its fulfillment. It can and has changed the course of history. The Yin and Yang of Passion As in everything in nature, there is a yin and yang, a Sacred Feminine or Shakti and a Sacred Masculine or Shiva in the movement of passion. You can see this as the Goddess and the God dancing in the halls of passion. The Shiva aspect of passion is connected to fire and air. The Shakti aspect of passion [Read more.]

Oct 092012
Launch your out-of-the-box Success NOW with the help of 20 experts

Reading Time: 5 minutes Launch your out-of-the-box success with the help of 20 success experts in this free full-color inspirational flip-page magazine. The Success Alchemy takes you through the four steps of authentic success for spiritual, creative women. Enjoy this powerful transformation and get free tools from the experts.

Sep 072011
Get the Key to the Door of your Dreams!

Reading Time: 13 minutes Are you unable to manifest what you want? Knock, knock! If the door to your Dreams is not opening… Get the Key! If you are finding it impossible to make what you want happen in your life, it may very well be that you are not available for it. Would you stay in the house of a hostess who has not made a loving space for you? I imagine you would not. I imagine that you would leave as soon as possible, feeling unwelcome. In the same way, the Universe cannot send the energy of what you desire if you do not open a space for it in yourself and in your life. The first Alchemical Key to open the flow of the Law of Attraction is availability. You cannot even begin to attract what you desire if you are not available for it. Why? What does it mean to be available to what you want? What is Availability? Let’s go back to our opening metaphor. You have been invited to this person’s home. She pleaded with you to please [Read more.]

Aug 302011
The Endless Ink

Reading Time: 5 minutes Inspirational Story about Creating Abundance This is a true story. It is a story about the abundance that exists all around us. It is also a story about miracles and means. It is a story to help you place your attention in the cornucopia of plenty that exists in your life right now, even under the financial challenges you may be facing. This story tells you how to starve scarcity and and make abundance grow. The other alternative is to feed your places of scarcity until they grow, eating away your abundance. Which do you prefer? When things are tough Some time ago our black and white laser printer died. It was a good Panasonic printer, and I have relied on that brand for many of my electronics. It had printed our beautiful poems. It had carried our babies when they were crawling (I’m talking about our books, don’t be thinking we put the children in the printer!)): It had nurtured our dreams as we planned and strategized.  It had been a loyal printer. But it came to its final [Read more.]

Jul 102009
Are you swimming an emotional marathon?

Reading Time: 6 minutes I posted this tip in my Dream Alchemist Daily Tips Section: “Do you feel exhausted after doing something emotionally challenging, like walking through fear or breaking a habit? The action might have been simple, like making a phone call. You may be thinking that it’s silly to be so tired. Be especially loving with yourself at this time. Rest and reward yourself. Swimming against the Emotional Undertow of old learned emotions uses more energy than swimming in a marathon.” I also posted it in my Facebook Update. Here are some of the answers I’ve gotten so far: “Thank you so much. I feel like you read my mind, it is very difficult to say no to people who have been using me for years, just the fear of saying no has been very difficult and exhausting, but after the storm I feel much better and respect myself much more.” “YES. This is so what I needed to read today. It’s hard to move on sometimes, past the bad habits.” This brings up a couple of questions about emotional breakthrough, and [Read more.]

Jun 262009
Shifting your World for instant manifestation

Reading Time: 7 minutes Shifting the World Beyond the Law of Attraction spins the Law of Alignment When you have a deep desire for something, but feel an equally strong sense of frustration at not having it, you are at a Dimensional Fork. The shaman sees you between two dimensions that open, like two roads, in front of you. This post gives you clear instructions on how to use this magical place of the Dimensional Fork to instantly manifest what you desire. It teaches you the practice of Shifting your World. For direct guidance and in-depth knowledge, pre-order the audio and ebook Shifting the Worlds or the Female Secrets in the Law of Attraction Audio Meditation Series.     As you stand in the Dimensional Fork, you see that in one dimension, the one that feels more real and solid right now, you lack what you desire (otherwise you would be enjoying it, not craving for it). Let’s call this the Dimension of Lack. In the other dimension, however, it already exists. You can’t see or experience this dimension yet because there is something [Read more.]

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