Feb 182015
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Mother Earth Totem

Enjoy this exquisite wood carving by Veronica (Ronnie) Sexton. I see it as a totem calling us to the Healing of Gaea.

Here are the words of the artist.

“Mother Earth-Gaia, She who has given us every meal that we have eaten, the air that we breath the water that we drink. In ancient times we knew this and we worshipped and honoured Her. We knew Her rhythms and Her cycles. The leaves set in resin represent Autumn one of the four seasons. Just as there are days in the week, seasons in the year, we are now living in the age of Kali Yuga the last of the quarter of a larger cycle. We are living in a time of great change and destruction on this planet. The rocks that sit in drops are the tears of sadness for the rape and abuse caused to Mother Earth-Gaia almost to the point of Her complete destruction.

“The sculpture Mother Earth is carved as a reminder of the never ending love She has for us Her children. We have free will, so it is time to choose. Remain sleeping in this dream and illusion, or wakeup change our ways and remember once again who we are and evolve. The image of the Goddess in a upward dance represents this awakening. We are living in a unique time, a time never before known on this planet as humans we have the opportunity to ascend. It is an opportunity, but it our free whether we choose to do.”

Now enjoy the experience:


For more information, visit: http://woodhengecarvings.com/home/the-sculptures/mother-earth/



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