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Sep 302013
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This is the third part. Use tabs above to read the series.

Addiction: the Predator

Addiction lies way past the point of habit. While habit is the trap, addiction is the predator that sets it. Addiction includes habits, but its source is deeper than the familiarity and fear that prompt Habit-choices.

Addiction comes from a deep hunger of the Soul. If you do not feed this hunger with self-love and the Free-choices that make you strong and fulfill the longing in your Soul, then this hunger grows into a predator. I call this predator The Shadowing because in time it overshadows you. It becomes you.

You know all those science-fiction movies in which aliens take over the body of the people and walk around as humans? That’s addiction.

You know those horror movies in which a monster enters your nightmares or your home at night and devours you? That’s addiction.

You know those horror movies in which an evil spirit possess the father, mother or kid and s/he eventually kills all her loved ones? That’s addiction.

Addiction is the hunger that finally devours you because you have ignored it for years.

Addiction is the black hole in your Soul that cries in your heart, like a neglected, hungry child, a child that is ignored because the mother abandoned it. That mother is your adult self. That child is the Orphanhood of the Soul.

Addiction is the hunger that fills your Soul when you deplete it of unconditional self-love and when your Unique Essence is crushed or depleted, so that you cannot access it. When you dive into yourself, you find no one.

The object is the object of your addiction. The subject is you. When the object becomes the subject, addiction has devoured you.

The shaman sees the object of addiction as being symbolic or metaphoric.

  • Alcohol: A metaphor for drowning the Soul in a sea of oblivion

  • Cigarettes: A metaphor for false prayers void of true faith that supplant the act of power of reaching out to the Universe with your Power Song

  • Drugs: Choosing to journey into a mirage instead of journeying to be real.

  • Sex: A metaphor for the desperate need to feel alive, touched, loved and for the courage to live your passion.

  • Food: A metaphor for the suppressed power of emotions, a cover up of the choices that poison your life, stuffing yourself to fill of substance or grounding yourself with weight  so that you can’t fly into the lightness of your being.

  • Relationships: A metaphor for connection and Oneness without responsibility for the Self.

  • Video games: A metaphor for the dream of being a hero, of living adventurously, of making a difference in the world or a release of pent-up anger, frustration and powerlessness by creating a parallel reality where you destroy your enemies.

  • Procrastination: A hide-out for cowardice and the feeling of insufficiency and being undeserving of having what you want.

The problem with addiction is that once it takes hold, it alters the chemistry of your being. From a shamanic perspective, you have substituted the chemistry of the real food your Soul needs and desires for the junk Soul food of the addiction, which is toxic.

You take the toxic, Soul junk-food and inject it into your own chemistry. You keep doing it until the substitute chemistry alters your chemistry. Now the junk-food is part of your chemistry. It’s becoming who you are. Eventually, it becomes all you are, and it devours everything else.

The Alchemy of Freedom: Healing Addiction

I’ve had many addictions and I have healed them. How?

I healed cigarette addiction, my primary addiction, by choosing fiercely to love myself and to live my purpose. I substituted smoking, an oral activity, with two other oral activities: singing love mantras for myself and deep breathing. My Acts of Power were two:

  1. I chose to live, and cigarettes were death. I would not be alive now if I had not chosen life then.
  2. I chose to take command of my own life, of refusing to give control over my being to a foreign substance.

This was the hardest addiction to heal because it created chemical dependency. My hands would sweat and tremble, I would become agitated and anxious and I would have killed for a cigarette. Breathing calmed me down, singing allow me to use my creativity to feed my soul hunger and feed my choice to live.

I healed food addiction with self-parenting, self-love and body-intimacy. I chose to be present in my body with love, to listen to its needs and to hear, love and heal the inner children within me who were hungry for love. I chose to listen to the hunger of my Soul, to find out what it really needed, and to give it. My Act of Power was to become real. I refused to give substitute or toxic food to my soul. When I truly listened to my Soul, the food it craved was love, joy and acceptance.That’s what I gave it! I put a notice in my fridge that said:

For this addiction, as I could not simply leave it, I sought help. I took an alternative course that helped me go to the core of the problem and gave me tools to address it.

I healed relationship addiction with impeccable self-love and self-attention. I refused to have any relationships until I could have a healthy relationship. I gathered all my gifts, love, joy and resources, and especially all my attention, and placed in in myself.

I refused to steal my own attention to give it to another person, depriving myself of my own life. I refused to kiss frogs in my need to have a prince because I deeply recognized that I was already the Queen. My Act of Power was to love myself as the Queen of my life.

How to change?

Changing a bad habit is difficult, but doable. You must keep choosing the right thing consistently. If you mess up one day, you don’t judge yourself and give up. You simply choose the right thing, the Free-choice the next day. The more you choose freely from a place of Personal Power, the easier it gets, until you are out of the Habit-choice and into the Free-choice.  See the Habit Section for specific instructions.

Changing an addiction is a BIG challenge. It’s very hard to do it alone. Get help. If the addiction has a strong chemical component, go to a program. You need to detox. You need to get that junk chemistry out of your beautiful self chemistry. Love, courage and self-determination are your allies.

Addictions, though they are much harder to heal, are part of your life lesson, the Sacred Blueprint of your Life Purpose. They are a passage to transmute your Breaking Points into your Power Points.  Once you heal an addiction, you have an amazing Personal Medicine to share with others and tons of energy and Personal Power to live your purpose. You become unstoppable!

It is never too late. Know deep within your Soul that you are a unique, beautiful being that was born into this world with great gifts and a special purpose. You are not a mistake. Nature does not make mistakes. You are here for a reason. Find and focus on that reason. God loves you.

Become the Alchemist of your Freedom.

Light and Love,

Maria Mar

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