Jul 292014
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Tuesday Tip


A thing of quality


River-Rush Celebration, art by Maria Mar(c)2014, Digital Collage

A thing of quality is well planned.

It fits the environment like your glove fits your hand.

The details are well taken care of without breaking its flow.

It is created with ease and grace and it reflects this ease and grace as you see or interact with it.

Even when it is out-of-the-box, unusual, subverts the usual perception, rocks the boats or breaks the rules, it is presented with a kind of beauty that exalts the senses, opens the mind and pleases the imagination.

That is a thing of quality.

Are you creating things of quality?

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About Maria Mar

Maria Mar is a Sacred Storyteller and shaman who champions you to change your old limiting story to create the new story of your brilliance illuminating the world. She helps you awaken your magic, express your creative genius, embody your purpose and live your potential now.