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Oct 152013
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Albert Einstein said:

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”


Yet, we all insist in following the guidance of that servant and ignoring our creative genius.

There is still a worse mistake. We insist in following our logical mind in spite of our heart’s wisdom.

The reason we ignore our creativity and imagination is because we do not believe that it is realistic; that what we imagine is possible.

Early on in our life we were invalidated in our creative genius by well-intentioned but ignorant and ill-informed parents, guardians, teachers who stole our creativity and installed instead an encyclopedia of second-hand knowledge. Some of this knowledge was good and useful. Lots of it was obsolete and limiting.

Because just as we were cursed with a carcass of borrowed knowledge, we were also cursed with a carcass of borrowed feelings. As adults, we now have two hearts.

As we grew up, a carcass of sentimentality, fear, learned emotions and soap opera dramas grew around our original heart. I call this the Second-hand Heart of the Soap Opera Heart. After a while, we start distrusting our heart because when we listen to our heart, it gets us into sentimental trouble.

Our original soul-heart has been called by Shamanic Lore the Sacred Heart. I also call it the Ancestral Heart.

If you learn to distinguish between your Second-hand Heart (the carcass) and dive deep into your Sacred Heart (the seat of your Soul), you will discover that it is the source of that tiny voice that guides you. You know the one. The one that tells you to take an umbrella because it’s going to rain, and you don’t do it because the forecast said it wouldn’t, and then you get soaking wet. LOL

I call that tiny voice the “Infinite Whisper. It is the voice of your Sacred Heart.

Your Sacred Heart is the most potent of all your human superpowers. Here’s why.

  • It knows through time and space. That’s how you know when someone you love is in trouble.

  • It communicates in EmoImages (emotional images) that can be transferred telepathically and across space or even dimensions. That’s how you can receive communications from other dimensions, like Angels.

  • The energy field of the heart, the Toroidal Energy Field, is 100X times more potent than your mental energy field.

  • Your Sacred Heart sends signals to all your cells and organs, including your brain, with a higher potency than your brain. That’s why great healers tap into their Sacred Heart do perform miraculous healing.

  • Your Sacred Heart is in touch with Oneness. It communes with other beings ~humans, animals or interdimensional~ and with Earth and the Universe itself.

  • Your Sacred Heart dances in the frequency of Earth Mother. Your heart pulsates with the heart of Earth.

It lest you know through its expressions of:

  • Joy and delight
  • Harmony and a sense of being fully aligned
  • Inner Peace
  • Fulfillment
  • Gratitude and appreciation

If you make a false move, your Sacred Heart lets you know through:

  • Sadness and a sense of meaninglessness and lack-luster
  • Disharmony, incongruence, incoherence
  • A sense of misalignment, that something is out of place
  • Inner Wars, frustration, insomnia, inability to relax into it
  • Something is lacking, there is a gap, an emptiness
  • You can’t fully receive or be in the situation

Now you know. Listen. Follow.

Your Sacred Heart brings you back home to your true self, your purpose and your best destination.



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